The change we have all been seeking is here. We are at the gateway to Rose Consciousness and we are about to step through. The Rose World™ we will find there offers hope, encouragement and nurturing to those who are connected with its energy. The rose journey has taken me from non-union to reunion – and now to rose union. The time is now.

Cris Henderson

The generative energy of the rose is playing with my core as I am sure it is with yours – otherwise you would not be here reading this. It is activating memories that are so deep I need to write about them as I bring them to the surface. This is what I did all through 2014 when four rose books came tumbling out one after one. And this is really what I am still doing now.

Well what is it? What is this rose energy™ about which I am so passionate?

The new rose energy is magnanimous – she is filled with the vibrancy and joy that we lost a long time ago – centuries ago in fact – when we were drained of our essence as we signed the ubiquitous Rose Covenant. She is nurturing – she is taking us into a new phase, a new vibration of what I call ‘Rose Consciousness’. The term ‘Rose Consciousness’ is not yet fully understood – so if you are working with someone on this topic please be certain that they are fully conversant with the subject and what it means – and that they have permission to use this term. Ask the questions.

The journey into Rose Consciousness has not been an easy one. The thorns along the way have been sometimes cruel and unusual in their forcefulness. When the thorns come my way I always think – someone or something does not want me to walk this path – and then it just makes me even more determined to merge with the sanctity of the Rose and to continue my journey. So much so that then I am often able to thank the thorn giver because the pain they have inflicted has taken me to places within myself and without that I might never have been able to reach without the prick of the thorn.

Having said that there is no need for the thorns to be present in our lives any more. They are now banned from interfering with the Rose Sisters and our sacred journey. We are at the sacred Rose Door, and ‘Rose Consciousness’ – is almost upon us in the form of the new ‘Rose Paradigm’. ™

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The rose essence of Mother Mary may well be a constant part of our lives as she helps us to remember the times of yesteryear – and to take the next step into the rose – whether these are dreams, figments of our imagination, longings or memories – well I don’t know – do you? For me they seem to be memories and I know I could not have come to this point on the road without her constant presence in my life – she is just there – I cannot explain it – I just feel her presence in a glorious way.

I wrote of Mother Mary in my book the Rose Revolution, as I feel that the Mary that I perceive is far different from the one often presented to us.

Mary’s depiction as quiet and dignified almost passive is so wrong it is almost laughable. I often wish now that I had realised exactly who she was when she came into the hospital to see me – … – suffice to say now that I wish I had paid more attention to her visit – and that I had not been so wrapped up in myself.

This is the image of her that came to me in meditation.

I was with Mary and Magdalene and other rose women further along the road that He walked – initially I had been on my own – all this changed when Simon came out of the crowd to pick up the cross. I rushed in Simon’s direction. I am not sure what I thought I was going to do when I got to him. He was my brother and I could not believe that he was doing this. I don’t think I wanted to stop him – I just wanted to reach him. On my relentless path forward I saw the two Mary’s in front of me and I dived through the crowd to reach them. I saw the fury of the Magdalene as she was right in front of me. However I was totally unprepared for the depths of a mother’s anger and sorrow. Mother Mary was ferocious, heroic and physically courageous. She goaded the soldiers who surrounded her son – she broke through the crowd and penetrated their ranks. It was only the pain and pleading in His eyes that made her come back to where I was trying to hold onto the Magdalene and stop her also from a full frontal charge.

Perhaps I should explain how Mother Mary came into my life. Again this is from the Rose Revolution.

I was in hospital waiting for surgery and very ill. I had just checked in to the hospital and was lying in my bed… I was in a half sleep when I sensed someone at the side of the bed. I woke up and saw the most beautiful woman in blue standing there observing me. She was a real person and today her image is still imprinted onto my mind. She spoke to me and said that the surgery, which was to take place the next day, would be longer than expected however it would be successful. She said that when I recovered I would be given information about a group of women known as the Sisterhood of the Rose.

My role, she suggested gently, was to help the remembrance of our true rose origins. …. I said to the woman –‘’Who are you?” I answered my own question – “some sort of imposter no doubt! Well, please go away,” …With that the person vanished. One moment she was there and the next she had gone, completely gone. By this time I was so upset that I could not settle down at all. In fact I was still very angry. I rang my bell in short sharp bursts. My energy felt astonishing and the fact that the woman had also told me that my operation would be successful helped to mitigate at least some of my insecurities…..If only I had taken this amazing opportunity to ask Mary some pertinent questions – the wonderful Blue Mary – as that is how she presented herself.

In the meantime when the bell was answered I asked to see the Head Nun. I was not in the mood to be trifled with. I demanded, when the aged and stooped nun came to my bedside, to know why strangers were allowed in to see people who were ill and waiting for operations – why had such a stranger been allowed in to see me – this is what I asked and in no uncertain terms. The aged nun sat with me then and took my hand. She asked me to describe my experience in detail. I did so and when I had finished she simply sat there nodding and looking at me. Finally she spoke. This is not unusual in this place with those who are facing what you are facing. You have been blessed. Make the most of your visit. As I looked at her I realised who had come to see me. The sacred personage who had visited me had a special message and I needed to remember what she had said. I knew that my life would never be the same. I knew that I would follow her direction for the rest of my life. When I woke up from the operation I was not at all surprised to know that everything that I had been told had happened. When I felt the presence of Mary at my bedside it was real yet seemed out of context. I left the hospital and began a new life. It was Mary with her wisdom who led and reminded me of the true circumstance of my life – the sacred rose. Who knows I may see her again one day – I certainly see her in my dreams and journeys and meditations – however it has to be said that seeing her as flesh and blood was incredible. Perhaps I was not ready to see more – perhaps I had to wait – perhaps we all have to wait to see the real Mary.

From that time onwards I began my search for the understanding that Mary was trying to convey to me when first we met. I visited Marian shrines all over the world and absorbed the energy into my hungry searching soul.


One of the most sacred places I have visited is the holy site of Knock in Ireland, where the Virgin Mary appeared together with St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist on 21st August 1879.


For you perhaps you will have a different guide – may be it will be Isis that extraordinary being who ‘takes no prisoners.’ It will be someone that you know and trust, because, above all, this next step – the one that now takes us ‘over the border’ so to speak – will be one of trust.

Or perhaps your guide might be Mother Teresa. The other day a friend gave me a photo of her that filled my heart with joy. The energy vibrating from her image is beautiful. This is the photo.


It is said that one day Mother Teresa gave a rose to a cancer sufferer in Calcutta. The person was immediately healed – such is the power of the sacred rose held in such faith and with such hope.

The sisters in Calcutta send beautiful healing help – this is their address should you need it at any time.

When I was in Singapore early last year I walked around the corner into the hotel shopping centre and there was this painting – again Mother Teresa had found me.


So be with your friend now – your guide, your mentor – whoever he or she may be – and get to know them in more depth than ever before – because this is the guide that will take you into the new Rose Paradigm.


One of the other places visited where Mary has been seen is Lourdes. As we stood outside the cavern where Mary appeared and watched the people going inside a rainbow came out of nowhere – its light came down and touched us – other people looked at us in amazement. I really think we were so in awe that we did not realise what had actually happened.

Since that time I have often been in touch with Lourdes where it is possible to have a petition sent into the holy space. Sometimes on the amazing Internet you can actually see a video of that petition being carried in there – I have seen this and I have and am still asking for a miracle for a close friend of mine who is suffering dreadfully – I know the prayers will be answered – perhaps in a most unexpected way.


And the wonder of the rose continues to spread. Claire Elizabeth Terry found me on the Internet and told me of her book ‘I Draw Roses’ which I hastened to find and to read. It is pure delight. I asked Mariana Trapera to write a short piece about it for us all to share and this is what she wrote.

I DRAW ROSES: a Fable, is a short novel about six friends from all over the world whose lives are transformed when a rose is secretly drawn for each of these women. This book, and the author, Claire Elizabeth Terry, found their way into my life a while ago because of my love of roses and my sacred feminine path. “I DRAW ROSES is a story about love, friendship, and how we’re all connected, no matter where we are in the world or what stage we’re at in our lives”, says Claire.

I am enjoying my friendship with Claire, loved reading this fable, and eagerly await the release of the movie that is planned!

Mariana Trapera.
(awakening to your heart and soul at

Thank you Mariana.


Claire has also kindly posted an article of mine on her website. Here is the direct link.



And from Finland has come our first Rose Connection with that wonderful country – welcome Rita. Rita has this beautiful rose on the wall of her home – what an inspiration to see this every morning!

And so the Rose Lines continue to expand.


The Rose World offers hope, encouragement and nurturing to those who are connected with its energy. You are, once the connection is made, in the position where you can bridge all gaps. In other words once the next step is taken – the one into Rose Union – then you will be changed irrevocably and forever.

I am grateful to all those who have offered the healing light for my surgery on 25th this month when I will take the step into Rose Union having at last come from non-union of the bone in my arm, to reunion and now to the glorious stage of union. My journey has been instructive – it has required reserves of courage to continue – however many have had tougher times – I remain so grateful to the Rose, and to all of you, for all that has been taught to me and for your generous healing support. I have just had the time of the operation confirmed – it will be about 11a.m. on the morning of the 25th – this coming Wednesday. Who knows who might appear to me in the hospital this time!!

The spectrum of light that has reached you since last I wrote has probably been intense – light is radiant energy. Many bands of light exist beyond the visible spectrum. Your role is to bridge them all. You are a seed of divine potential – an emissary of the Rose. Be very aware that the Rose Road™ may push us to draw on our courage – to be graceful under fire – and to be grateful no matter what happens. The Rose Road is not for the faint hearted, for those who wish to simply make money from it, or for the undeclared. It involves expressing, experiencing and embodying. It involves having and expressing raw courage. Your rose purpose is programmed into every cell of your body and every fibre of your being. The gifts supporting your purpose are encoded within you as well. These are spiritually oriented gifts – those that feed your spiritual purpose – and these are available to you for the asking.

Rose blessings

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Creativity Consultant in the field of human potential who will assist you on your own personal journey. Her credits include books and articles in the area of life skills such as self-management and training and personal courage. She has published in the area of women’s education, history and universal healing energies and her series of Rose books now number four and they are available on or via

Cris Henderson is available to teach the rose energy in its different forms including ‘Rose’ Alchemy by distance education through the Rose Academy. She develops individual programs for people interested in creativity and change in their personal and professional lives. Her course entitled the ‘Rose Revolution’ which facilitates rose consciousness is taught in Australia and overseas. Cris develops sacred poetry for individuals on request or facilitates a reading of extracts of an individual’s own personal ‘Rose Records’. Her essences in the ‘River of Life’ series are available at $50.00 per stock bottle plus postage and packing to any part of the world.

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