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The journey into creating my innovative body continues. Recently I activated my new hologram.  It is a wonderful feeling as everything is so pristine, so clean.  Most of the time when I am hologram building I am inside Mary’s Mountain in her Field of Dreams.  It is here that I can make anything happen.

Dr. Cris Henderson – Rose Alchemist

Over the past years I have had occasion to be hospitalised.  The stays have been challenging and yet productive.  On one occasion I was given steroids and my eyes and ears were so swollen I looked bizarre. 

Luckily I was able to escape to Mary’s Mountain.

Past lives emerged filled with torture and pain.  One was Auschwitz and I was back in the days of experimentation.  As I reviewed this lifetime the words ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’ echoed over and over in my mind bringing up my lack of trust of all things medical.

The experimentation affected my soul light – it was diminished and I had to work very hard to get it back. I did not move from standing unwaveringly with Mother Mary knowing whatever happened it was eventually going to be alright.  I asked for help to change the torture.  I asked why and she showed me how the old paradigm was leaving.

As a result of my adventuring some new rooms opened inside Mary’s Mountain.

First is the Golden Gallery of Grace and Gratitude.  It is here that I hang portraits of those for whom I have gratitude. 

In here is a portrait of my specialist. 

When I saw his portrait shining I knew that any tests would be in my favour – and they were.

There is a Corridor of Certainty which winds from the Gallery to Mary’s Music Room.  In Mary’s Music Room the music is activated by a simple thought message – there it is joy expressed through music – joy opening up my body to better experiences – joy integrating with my body, mind and spirit – joy changing my DNA.

Yes changing my DNA.  It is here that we can create a brand new universe.  Here we can begin our Dancing DNA.  Set to music no less.

My soul and my body cohabit.  Once we bring the soul into alignment then the exterior world changes and this is what happens on Mary’s Magical Mountain. It is what happened to me when I overcame the depth of sickness that had assailed me.

Mother Mary called me – she is calling you.

Enjoy the journey!


The Cosmic Rose Initiations are available to those who seek them on an individual basis.  Each recipient has the initiation specially attuned to their needs.

The opening of the Rose Prosperity Codes is one example of a Cosmic Rose Initiation.  The codes were originally held in trust by Mother Mary and under her protection they have been successfully secreted for centuries until the present moment.  They contain the expansive vibration of the sacred rose in all her brilliance yet in a form that is gentle and easy to absorb.  Currently they form part of the journey of the Blue Nuns. The book about the Blue Nuns is available for sale from this site.  The initiation is embedded in the words of the book and also available separately as an in-depth initiation.  The book follows the journey of a group of women who were originally members of the Sisterhood of the Rose in Atlantis. They reincarnated in the south of France in the sixteenth century. Their purpose was to bring together Mary’s artefacts and to contribute to the cosmic dimension paradigm which is now available for all of us to share. 

These Rose Prosperity Codes open the gate to the new paradigm. 

Whilst the integration of the Rose Codes is only one way of making an energetic shift this is a particularly potent journey which is guided directly by Mother Mary. 

The prosperity codes will catapult you up into higher consciousness.

They – the codes – will provide the recipient with a spiritual oasis of peace, tranquillity and energetic upgrade.  They will reawaken ancient memories.  You will be led through a unique guided meditation with Mother Mary which brings a special opening to the energies of the new dimension – this is a pathway that has never been opened before and to have it available now is simply wonderful. 

Each cosmic rose initiation is attuned to the recipient’s special needs at that time and also provides guidance to any pressing questions whether they be personal, global or cosmic – particularly those related to abundance, finance and prosperity. The Rose Prosperity Codes contribute to the initiation of the healing for which the world has prepared.  They open us to increased levels of self-awareness. They re-establish the energy of joy within us so that for the first time in centuries we are able to relax and embody the energy and love of the sacred cosmic rose.  Now is the time for us to remember these ancient ways of harmony and inner union.  Now is the time for us to bring this new vibration into lived reality so that it ripples out into the world around us. This is a powerful opportunity for true soul work, healing and transformation.  The Rose Prosperity Codes synthesise so much of what has gone before in relation to our journey with the Rose.  On request they can incorporate the energies of the Rose Readings as well as the Conversations with Mary into a powerful new life reading that will open the Rose Gates of Heaven. The Rose Prosperity Codes are only available on request from those who are serious participants in the energy of the sacred rose. 

Fairy Doctors and Fairy Dentists

Fairy Doctors and Fairy Dentists devote themselves to restoring the balance of nature. They are links between the Fairy Realm and the Realm of the Humans. Fairy doctors and dentists open portals to the Fairy World and summon fairies to our aid. They are great healers. It is possible to seek the healing help of the Fairy Doctors and the Fairy Dentists.  However the access points are quite specific.

We are asked to make a vow to find the gateway to this sacred space.  Once the vow is made keys appear and the gate opens.


The question is asked
The answer given strongly
I stand with the Great God Mary I say
Side by side unmoveable
In Mary’s Meadow
At the point of Source
And now the witnesses arrive
Great angels, gigantic beings
Generating godliness
Gather around
Wings unfurled uplifted
Fluttering in the breeze
Gladdening hearts
Opening eyes
Stretching energy fields
Morphing into the light
And the brightness of the dawn.
Once through you are there in the Kingdom.  A road opens – it is curved and empty of life except that it is covered in roses. 
You begin to walk this road. 

You enter a village and there are houses on both sides of the road.  They seem deserted.

On the left hand side there is a shop that stands out.  It has a sign on it that reads – Alchemy.

You enter the shop.  You feel lost and you decide to wait and see what happens.

You become aware of a presence within the shop.  It is Mahariti the President of the Rose Council who enters.  Mahariti is Merlin the Magician so you feel at home when he arrives. You put your questions and find yourself opening up to him about finding the Fairy Doctors.  After listening he grants permission and you are now in for the experience of a lifetime – you are going to meet the Fairy Doctors.

Within a few minutes three Fairy Doctors enter.  They are not as you would have imagined – they may introduce themselves in unusual ways so that you recognise them.

The fairy doctors draw your attention to another shop in the street which is a bookshop – move into the bookshop.  Within the bookshop are the greatest tomes of fairy wisdom. You can find the answer to anything here.  In this environment the fairy doctors will teach and help you.

Choose the book from which you wish to learn.  Open it and find the answers to your long-lost questions. 

As you do the Fairy Doctors gather around you to love and support you. Visit them in your dreams.

I leave you in their care.


Recently I made this holy water for the first time although I had dreamt about it previously.  I used the water to sprinkle on roses and told the roses how much I loved them.  The roses were still blooming more than two weeks later. 

Now is the time when we can with Great God Gaia – create the most sacred of all waters – God’s Holy Elixir!  We are in God’s Universe.  We bring our attention to our pineal gland – we breathe in to that space – we create an awareness beyond anything we have known – there is a huge burst of light and then a reset – never before has this been possible. 

It is possible now.

The ceremony begins.

Open, open and extend and extend.  More light, more light.

The gathering of the gods and goddesses is occurring around the bowl in which we have placed spring water. 

You say – I declare alternate realities and diverse dimensions open and accessible.  I declare that divine beings from these dimensions are contributing to the creation of God’s Water.

As you meditate with the water all that is known and unknown, seen and unseen, perceived and not perceived, everything that is forgiven and unforgivable, everything that is hidden and open comes in – it flows into the bowl – into the perfect peace that is God’s sacred water.

I now invite all of the high magic in my physical body to activate in my being as I create this bowl of sacred water.  The water is stirring – it is beginning to move and change and now it is a colour – whatever colour you see in the bowl is the right colour for its creation.

I am served by source in the highest together with this God water. Source accepts and embodies this truth by rippling gently across the bowl as part of the process of creation.

It is already done – yes it is done.

A song begins to bubble below the water. 

I choose the Living Bridge

I am the Living Bridge

I give thanks

Because I have become the Living Bridge

So be it.  It is done and so it is.

We have created an exciting realm shift. We are living the mystical truth that what is in the One is in the Whole. The God Water provides clarity of choice points for our starry evolution. We are walking a road of mystical purity. We are dancing in the cosmos of choice.

You have the power of manifestation at your fingertips now. Command the synchronicity and the true elements of the magical enterprise with which you are incorporated to manifest in the here and now in the physical world thus –

 I command all my manifestations be moved into star mode from this point.  I merge with God’s water so that we are all One on our journey of light.

 Say to yourself

I hereby integrate and balance my new light body in all its manifold and glorious aspects bringing it back to the One.






We are now thinking, dreaming and being through the agency of our hearts. 

We have come on a long journey through the shadows to access higher frequencies.  We have worked on our triggers, our upsets and our perceived failures. Our core wounds have been healed and as we sit in the Giants’ Circle we relax until it is time for us to take the next part of our journey. We may have more shadows but here in the Giants’ Circle we realise that we no longer need to pursue them – we focus on the light – we watch and wait, see what shadows turn up – and illuminate them. As we sit together resting we greet our unique blueprint code and with it the formula for making the most of this life.  We see all of this with fresh purified eyes  linked seamlessly to our open heart.

We stand together with our giants and dream in a new reality.

As we linger longer in the circle of light we look down and see that our hands are illuminated.  They are shining in the half light – brightly, strongly, infinitely – our hands of light glow together in one glorious showcase of light.  We sit quietly beyond words beyond thought in a place beyond anything we have previously experienced.

As the sky begins to show the faintest glimmer of light we are aware that we are surrounded by friendly visitors.  Hundreds of crows surround us and sing to us and then fly into the heavens to applaud our efforts.

I recognise the leader of the crows.  He is Cawfield Crow – my personal crow – the one who follows me everywhere in my own home garden.

We follow the crows.  They become our guides on the journey we now take into the centre of Mother Earth. 

A circle of stone stairs appears in front of us and we begin to walk down them slowly and carefully as the way is steep. 

Our guides do not desert us – they fly above us singing all the way.

As we dive deeper and deeper into Mother Earth we are slowly transformed in body, mind and spirit.

We reach the bottom of the stairs only to be confronted by another gate – this one of iron bars – this one looking as if no-one or nothing could ever penetrate it. 

This gate has a hidden guardian and in order to pass through to our destination which is the middle of Mother Earth we must find the guardian.  We wander in our dreams and seemingly in our nightmares searching always searching, running again and hiding – there are some angels down, some cannot take the strain anymore and fall only to be taken in loving arms back to the Hill for special recuperation. Those of us remaining call for more and more love – more and more light – more and more joy – and our prayers are answered. 

In front of us now appears the Queen of the Fairy Kingdom because it is she together with her animal guardians and the crow kingdom who is the guardian of the final gate.


This editorial is dedicated to Rikka Zimmerman – without Rikka and the magic of Life Transformed it would never have been written. Thank you Rikka.

Suggested music – The Sound of Angry Men from Les Miserables.

Recently I led an angelic revolution on Angel Hill – the centre point of Mary’s Meadow. For the first time 250,000 of Mary’s angels stopped work until their grievances with the Council of Light were addressed.  After seven days the issue of support to Mary’s angelic kingdom was solved and we have returned to Angel Hill to take the next steps of our mission to enlighten the planet[i].

We are looking through angel eyes now that we have received Mother Mary’s hidden cosmic codes.  We are all her angels who have returned to their natural heavenly state.  We return density to its origin – we release old frequencies and dead vibrations – we are no longer closed –we are open. 

We commune with our bodies.

Body, we say, we are now safe to continue our earthly adventure together. We breathe the earth energy and align with source.

We walk the magical streets of Heaven.

As my body opens it releases all earthly patterns of pain.  It senses this beautiful bubble of heavenly frequency around it – it can no longer be hurt, injured or speared by outside sources. 

The angelic frequency has overcome everything. 

You look into one particular angel’s eyes – you ask – are you willing to bring through God’s heavenly light? 

The answer is an unhesitating ‘yes’.

As you look you too receive the light of heaven – open your angelic heart wider as you notice all the angels – all 250,000 of them are now bringing through the light of heaven simultaneously. 

We ask that God’s heavenly light shine through us and through every cell in our bodies so that they are filled with magic and effortlessness.

Remember living in the light of heaven – recognise that glorious light – we are held in the bubble so each cell opens like a rainbow prism – nothing can resist this light. 

This light is a heavy hitter.  This light is free and angelic – it bursts through density free and dissolving every blockage with luminosity. 

Nothing can stand against it. 

Once this light is with us earthly matters diminish. The angels are creating heavenly frequency and vibration on our behalf – they are literally pouring heavenly light into us as we move into our new frequency together.

We ask that the space within our consciousness that knows the light of heaven and God and knows how living in that light feels – we ask that this now reaches in to our awareness and is received with delight.  It is already done.


Run, run, run!  Hide, hide, hide! Keep running as fast as you can!  A fierce wind blows your hair into your face and you stumble and almost fall. The end is coming.  Atlantis is falling. Then as now we are witnessing the grand finale. 

We stand together to face this disintegration.  We know this breakdown is also occurring within our bodies. Such experiences must be overcome.  We will not wait until we are delivered a final blow. Such a blow would crumble our bones. It would invade our eyes. It would affect the beating of our hearts. It would create suffering. We have the power to change this scenario. We have found the source to take us into transformation.

Dr. Cris Henderson
Rose Alchemist

Deep down we are excited – there is an essence of pure gentle change afoot. 

First we must seek shelter.

We have decided to save ourselves. We choose to go home to Sirius through the golden tunnel of light. We enter near Poseidon’s Gate in Atlantis. As the Kingdom died a key was embedded into a doorway which is a component of Poseidon’s undersea palace.  It is near Poseidon’s statue where he rides the waves. We enter the portal. We are through and traversing the golden tunnel. 

We walk in a golden haze towards Sirius. Absorb the energy of the gold. See golden roses embedded in the walls and ceilings and the floor of the tunnel.

You are walking on light energy and you feel this beauty penetrating your body through the delicate arches of your feet.  If your feet have been painful as they waited for this journey – now that you are here they are forever healed.

We keep walking through the Rose Link.

The light remains utterly golden.  

Our chakra system illuminates as we walk. We open the universal healing codes formed from a merger with the star and rose codes and including the magical water codes. We make them available to everyone.

Not long after this we arrive in Sirius.

We enter a rose-filled room where a meeting of the Rose Council is underway.   

Introductions have been made to allow your presence and access to this field of rose and star expansion.  You receive thoughts and inspiration about your current role as a member of the Rose family on Mother Earth.

Members of the other kingdoms will now be able to access Mother Earth to save us.  

You have not run for nothing.

We return through the tunnel noticing the gems in the ceiling and the clouds floating before us that embody the essence of the rose.

We take off any obstacles that have been inlaid into the tunnel to prevent full access to Sirius. 

Members of the Rose family have forged easy access through to the stars.

Now we know our way home we can be saved.


Suggested music – One moment in Time – Whitney Houston

Once upon a time there was a little girl of four who saw a green man – a live fairy – in the vegetable garden of her Queensland home.  She excitedly told her father who threatened her if she said any more.  And so she successfully shut down.  She closed over.  She never spoke of her friend and what he had told her again.  She grew up and went on hurting and saying nothing of her beautiful visions and deep understandings for many years until at age 50 she began to mention some small aspects of this knowing.  In the meantime she suffered and hurt and became increasingly sick – she almost died several times and still she did not really know why. 

It took her until her 79th year to understand that keeping all the knowledge and love locked up within her was killing her. 

So only then in her 79th year did she begin to tell the truth.

We have come to a place known as the Gateway of the Infinite travelling on from Angel Hill where the angels are preparing for their entry to Earth to this place – a venue never visited before.  The ground has been stony and our feet are lacerated, bruised and sore – I stumble and fall only to be lifted by a gentle giant and carried on his shoulders.

We have no idea of where we are headed. 

We only know that a group of gentle giants has surrounded us and filled us with their grace and love.

My personal inner journey intensified in order for me to take this journey as now there were other dimensions involved and I was, even if I did not yet know it, looking for ways to bring in more light to myself and to the planet. I am restored to walking independently now. My earthly body receives the message that I can walk again and the healing begins.  In this other time the mist itself as we stride along is bright green and covers our bodies as if we are wearing a sacred cloak. 

There are eight giants with us and they exude a feeling of gentleness and support.  Their giantness activates the giantness within our essential selves.  We walk through the Stargate that appears before us and as we do our bodies stretch, swell and then shatter.

The gate within us is huge and double-sided. 

We have had this gate within us all along but we did not recognise its presence – we were unaware of our own potential and power until the giants took us in hand – we have, it would seem, suffered needlessly.

We would have been unable to open this internal gate without the help of the giants.  The giants are our guardians and guides on this part of our journey.

The pathway to access higher influences is through the shadows and through the shadows we have come with our new friends carrying us where necessary. The pain and agony is at last over – the giants have seen to that – they have blown through anything that dares to impede our progress. 

It simply is no longer allowed.

Silence inside the mist which followed us through the gate was almost total.  Our nerves began to vibrate as we did not understand where we were or what we were doing.  We find we are walking in what seems like a tunnel of mist. 

We are on an inter-dimensional trail and changing dimensions.

Suddenly it was as if the giants punched my body, releasing and opening the gate – once this happened I was through and the giants were holding me in a loving embrace and restoring my vibration which was shattered and torn. 

It is time to say goodbye to my old life and to begin again just as it is time for you to say goodbye to your old life in order to begin again.

They – the giants –  hold me under a waterfall of golden light which changes my perspective, my body and my mind – the sacred waters restore my soul which was lost – earthly life and the punishment of the pharmaceuticals I had ingested for a better life had reduced my flower of life, my soul to nothingness.  My soul withered almost completely and without the gentle giants it would have been lost for all times.

We set off again with great love and joy to connect our flow of light to bring in the light of Christ. 

We connect with the element of Water both inside and outside ourselves.  Our water is the connection point to ancient wisdom now made known to us.  This sacred flow connects us to other planets, water nations and different lifetimes.  The water flows in through the now open star gates, both internal and external only to flood our bodies with healing.  It turns outward and connects with the waters of Mother Earth – the beauty of her seas, rivers, lakes, creeks, harbours and waterfalls all over the world rise up for recognition. 

The waters inside and outside of us gradually form one enormous sea – all connected. We can now bring out of it any dark remnants of pollution – the dark energy rises into a black tower. 

The tower rises out of ourselves and out of the world’s waters.  This is a time of spiritual metamorphoses.

The giants stand in a circle around the tower and combine their breath.  With one mighty heave they blow the tower away – it is gone for all time now – we are free of the darkness.

We travel through the atmosphere until we are back on Mother Earth.  We are at the circle of giants and we cry tears of gentle release into the fabric of Gaia – we re-weave her as we have ourselves been re-woven.

This phase of our journey is complete.

We give thanks to our gentle giants, our darling companions as we rest together and contemplate our newness.  We have begun a new life-cycle.  It is already done – yes it is done.



The current manipulation of the energies with the introduction of increasing toxic stories means that we need to counteract and expand our rose stories to work with the subtle energies of transformation. It is worthwhile recreating the story of the rose in her varied formats. This helps us to step into our authentic power.  And believe me when I tell you there is no more time for playing small!

The white rose helps no matter the external circumstances.

Diana’s Rose

The time we are living through has been called the most significant passage in the history of civilization.

We are reshaping our religions, myths and legends, our thoughts and feelings – we are being rewired and many are finding this hard. 

We need to be looking inside for everything now and working from the inside out.  Once we see the reflection in our outer lives we take the outside in – in a wonderful circular flow.

Some friends have been telling me that they feel as if they are in mortal combat with the energy.  It is a natural response and one we have to change if we are to thrive.

The rose can help.  This is her gift – to take us into the world and enhance our experience, enliven it, bring joy instead of being thrust into the melee of experiences that generate only rough change. 

I looked through my rose photos to find which rose would be the one that would enhance our current journey more than any other. 

It was Diana’s white rose.

This beautiful rose sent a message of love and support and gentle change. 

We are in the transit lounge – rose consciousness is near. 

We have been on a quest to create pathways to the Divine. The Rose Initiations ease the passage.



3-  AVALON                      





The energy moves gently through the landscape of power that is revealed as we stand together, the Sisters of the Rose. These initiations are available through my web site.

They bring the energy of the female and male together creating a sense of loving ease.


Now that you are playing in the energy field of Mother Mary’s Mystery School you will find that more and more energetic possibilities open before you.  To be there and to be part of this all that is necessary is that you tune in to the energy and learn to play with her.  If you do this the most magnificent support will come your way.  So let us now play with the energy of the Rose Wind.

The Rose Wind contains the energy of God.  It is sent in loving understanding of its inestimable power and strength – in its ability to change everything in the lives of those who receive it in ways that are totally unpredictable – and with the blessing of the Great God Mary.  Once sent the Rose Wind cannot be unsent.  It is there with the person forever.  It will rework and reorganise the life of the person in their best interests – it knows no boundaries.

The magic of the rose wind lies in her ability to lift our spirits and expand our potential so that we may decide that things are not hopeless after all – that healing is possible – and that a new body indeed a new life can be born for the recipient.

So please begin by expanding your vibration, opening your heart and extending your feet into the centre of Mother Earth until you touch the great crystal that lives there and breathes and manifests healing energies from her exact centre – from her core.

Then release your energy and begin to climb into the sky to fly – fly high, fly strong, fly into the wind that is bringing you joy and hope and strength.  This is the magical Rose Wind – if you believe in her enough – if you release your doubt and the vagaries of your mind – if you know your own strength, power and potential you can rise above the ordinary – you can take the journey of the Rose Wind and change everything either for yourself, for someone else or for both together.

You can fly on the Rose Wind.

If you are using this energy to help another please feel the wind whistle down the highways and byways of heaven – feel her lifting you and the person intended for healing up into an embrace like no other – feel her taking you on a healing journey – you can accompany – or you can receive the healing simply for yourself – it is entirely a matter of personal choice. If you are involved in a distressing situation fly on the Rose Wind and look down and observe what is happening from the heights.  The Rose Wind will help you to view your circumstances more easily – it will help you to rise above the ordinary. Or perhaps you need some time away from your current circumstances – if this is the case then you can take a vacation with the help of the Rose Wind.  The Rose Wind will transport you to secret kingdoms that are not accessible in any other way.  You are only limited by the power of your imagination.

Whatever your choice you will have many magical adventures if you choose to fly on the Rose Wind.



Today we spoke
In hushed tones
The first real communication
We have ever had
In all these days
In all these years
And in all these centuries
I asked your advice
Please Body, I said,
Will you give me the inspiration
To let go
Of how I think you should look
Of what I think you should do
And how I think
You should present to the world!?
Will you please help me
Stop being punished
By my current circumstances
Will you help me stop
Trying to hide from the world
Because of my pain
Because of my grief
Because of my sadness
Will you help me
To really understand
The ins and outs of you
The highways and byways
The trapdoors and portals
The hidden magic
The ever-present hum
Of you
And how you can currently
Support me
Your scent, your uniqueness,
Your divine integrity
Will you please help me
Be strong and brave
In my current circumstances
Will you love me unconditionally
Dear Body
Whilst I go through the fire
Of initiation and change
Whilst I weather this current storm
I am sometimes unsure I admit
Of where you will willingly
Take me
Of how much I can ask you to do
Of whether I can still climb and walk
Stand for long moments
Step down
Step out fearlessly
Striding into the next brilliance of me
And so dear Body
I ask you
Will you dance with me again
Dear Body
Will you move and stretch
Will you walk and run
As I stand tall and do not waver

Will you help me
Be flexible
As well as being me
I am so so sorry
Dear Body
I have neglected you
For so long
As I have fought this fight of mine
And now in these different days
I turn from the mirror
Where I see myself so different
To what I was

I abandon my disappointment
I let it go now forever
And I look to the stars
For inspiration and guidance
As you dear one
Unite with the stars.

I promise you some things now
Dear Body
And these I really mean
I will always respect you
I will always ask you what you wish to do
I will always rest and relax you
I will always nurture
And support you
I will always open the trapdoors
And release the emotions
Sitting there fermenting
I will be yours always
As I, dear Body,
I just ask you to be mine!

Originally written for one body and then opened to others to bring in their own Rose Energy in Mary’s Meadow – Mary’s Quantum Field.