Mother Mary’s Mystery School has been in existence on the inner planes for centuries.  It has now re-opened. Open your heart as part of the large universal space within you – expand the light and infinite possibilities with every breath and watch and participate in the joyous opening.


The Symbol of the Mystery School – the Amber Rose – from Noelene – marks the opening of the Rose Archives to reveal centuries of formerly hidden wisdom and knowledge.

The Mystery School opens today – 21st September 2023 – and is dedicated to coincide with the 80th birthday of an eminent sister of the rose – Noelene.

Accept the gift of life from Mother Mary’s Mystery School – the return to love – the opening of your cosmic soul journey.  By traversing the offerings from the School you receive the gift of the Rose I Am and the Rose Codes enabling you to recognise your true identity once again.

Mother Mary’s Living Library is open now – please enjoy your selections.


Please contact me if you have any questions.


The Cosmic Rose embodies the essence of the sacred rose, the love of the cosmic heart, the vibration of the stars and the energy of Mother Mary’s blue rose into one vibrant being.  The Cosmic Rose is the missing link of the universe. 

I created a Cosmic Rose Retreat around my search for this rose which I would love to share with you.

The Divine Mother, the Mother of the Universe, is standing close to us all – she is looking for our attention – she has been appearing on Mother Earth as part of her divine plan.  She has been trying to reach us for a very long time. She asks us to notice her now.

My journey to finding the Cosmic Rose Mother, the cosmic form of divine Mother Mary, takes place on her sacred sites and begins at Knock where Mary appeared.  I was fortunate enough to journey to Knock and I have stood in the exact place where Mary materialised feeling her pure vibration roll through my body.

During this esoteric retreat we stay at Knock for three days to explore this sacred site and to bring in the essence of Mother Mary.  We then travel to other sacred sites over seven days each day journeying more deeply into our own personal interiors.

When the retreat finished the cosmic roses combined to form one cosmic key. I walked through this keyhole into a place of extraordinary beauty where my dreams were enhanced. My body was healing in her own way but it was my soul who had scattered on the four winds – my soul who now needed all the help she could get – I knew that the cosmic cure would help to reform her and so I continued.

I arrived in the central point of heaven and moved into a great vortex of light.  All the cosmic roses were in attendance celebrating this shift.  They journeyed with me to find this new landscape.

As I turned the corner the magical castle of Gerry the Gentle Green Giant from Galway last seen in my book ‘Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop’ appeared.  Upon my arrival a parade began and in the dark waters below the castle the merpeople of all descriptions together with whales, dolphins, seals and water angels swam as one.  The goddesses including the Great God Mary stood on the balcony.  I was in time for the grand finale.

As the triple phoenix, the sacred sign of rose consciousness, dipped and dived over the balcony my heart exploded out of my chest and I received my missing soul fragments. At last I experienced a feeling of total completion.  At last I had come home to my essential self. 

I am the magic of who I am and now I am receiving what is within me. 

Please join me on the Rose Retreat which can be experienced at any time in any place.  To receive a copy ask Vanessa – and I am happy to answer any questions.

The Cosmic Rose Retreat will take you further into the energy of Mother Mary – it can be done at any time and in any way that the individual finds suitable.

The cost of the Rose Retreat is $55.00.  Please download it here and begin your initiations and your special journey.


This page opens you to access the Rose Portal of the Mystery School.

The Rose Portal contains the latest downloads and writings and wisdom from Mother Mary as Source.

Explorers looking for the wisdom and miracles of the rose, the rose particle and the rose codes will find their answers within the items that follow.

Should you need help on your rose journey please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mother Mary’s Mystery School is now open.

The living library that is the wisdom and knowledge that has been carried down through the centuries on behalf of Mother Mary is open.  In the first instance should you be interested please simply read the free material which will open your memories of what you know and what you may have carried on her behalf.

Then choose from the Infinite menu and work through at your own leisure in your own time the revelations that have been placed here for you.  We begin with the other kingdoms who work in concert with the Divine Feminine – the Fairy Doctors.

Fairy Doctors devote themselves to keeping – and restoring – the balance of nature. They dissipate any elements of the energy around victims which can be subtle and carefully hidden in our bodies.  They work at a soul level and generate soul healing.  They act as links between the Fairy Realm and the Realm of the Humans. Fairy doctors can open all portals within the Fairy World or summon fairies to aid us in any situation. It is also possible to seek the direct help of the Fairy Doctors if you know how to contact them.  This is how I contact them.

To enter the Kingdom I use these poems – they open the gates – and there are a series of three different gates all with different keys in order to gain access to the Heart of the Fairy Kingdom where the Fairy Doctors are found.


As I thank the Rose Council for appearing in all its beauty and power, I ignite my luminous body from the acceptance of my divinity.  From within the vastness of my inner Sun, I birth potential worlds.  My personal Tree of Life glistens with anticipation, love and unadulterated power.

My roses blossom into rainbows and reach out into the sky. Within the foundation of my human form I awaken my star essence, touching gently all worlds and all beings.  Feathers caress my inner and outer being. My inner Sun blazes with unconditional love.   I feel the radiance of my embodied Moon. I sanctify the radiance of my embodied Sun. I taste their brilliance. At last I have come home to them and to Her – my Universal Rose.

I express my gratitude to the Universal Rose and to her Council for holding the energy so that I can activate change.  I express my vulnerability as the change for which I have been waiting comes to me. The time is now. I Am the Rose Miracle!

Dr. Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist

Sometimes we are asked to make a vow of secrecy and sometime not as very few people penetrate to this area of the Kingdom.  Once the vow is made the keys appear. There are three.


The question is asked
The answer given strongly
I stand with the Great God Mary I say
Side by side unmoveable
In Mary’s Meadow
At the point of Source
And now the witnesses arrive
Great angels, gigantic beings
Generating godliness
Gather around
Wings unfurled uplifted
Fluttering in the breeze
Gladdening hearts
Opening eyes
Stretching energy fields
Morphing into the light
And the brightness of the dawn

Once through the triple portal you are there in the centre of the Kingdom.  A road opens before you – it is curved and seems empty of life of any kind except that it is covered in roses. 

You begin to walk on this road as you actually have nowhere else to go. 

After what seems like a long walk you enter a village and there are houses on both sides of the road.  They too seem deserted.

On the left hand side of the road there is a particular shop that stands out.  It has a sign on it that just reads – Alchemy.

You enter the shop and it too is deserted.  You feel lost for a moment and then you decide to sit and wait and see what happens.

All of a sudden you are aware of a presence within the shop.  It is Mahariti the President of the Rose Council who enters the room.  Mahariti is Merlin the Magician so you feel happy and at home when he arrives.

You are able to put your questions to Mahariti/Merlin and you find yourself really opening up to him about your need to find the Fairy Doctors.  After listening to you speak he grants you permission and you know that you are now in for the experience of a lifetime – you are going to meet the Fairy Doctors.

Mahariti grants your wish and within a few minutes three Fairy Doctors enter the room.  They are not as you would have imagined – in fact they are quite different – and of course they may introduce themselves in unusual ways so that you recognise them and perhaps recall that you have worked with them before possibly in Atlantis.

The fairy doctors draw your attention to another shop in the street where you are which is shown as a bookshop – you choose to move into the bookshop for discussions and enlightenment.  Within the bookshop are some of the greatest tomes of fairy wisdom and you can find the answer to anything here – anything at all.  It is in this environment that the fairy doctors will teach you and help you.

I leave you in their care.