Conversations With Roses

As a new phase of energy opens I am delighted to be able to bring to you a new rose series entitled ‘Conversations with Roses.’™

The symbol of this series is Mother Mary’s Blue Rose. The Blue Rose is the symbol of love – she is the icon of the Holy Grail – she helps us to open to the grail transformation – she reveals to those who love her the extraordinary energy of infinity – she embodies the rose artefacts of our soul.

The first in the Conversation series is:-

Conversations with Mary – Learning To Love

Mother Mary is our Universal Mother. Contact with Mary is an experience like no other – not only is Mary the Universal Mother – she also embodies all other goddesses from all cultures into one divine being– she brings them all together into one extraordinary vibration. This is the pure vibration of the Divine Feminine which incorporates the energy of fresh beginnings and opens participants to a brand new universe, a universe filled entirely with love.

Please see further information on these conversations attached.

Cost: $125.00

Mary, Queen of Earth, Heaven and the Universe

What if the rose experience was really only about one thing -and that one thing was simple and easy?

What if you could tap into the energy of the enigmatic rose to select the door to a new and brilliant future in the midst of chaos and confusion?

What if your personal Book of Roses[i] was revealed once that door was opened?

What if you were able to recognise who you used to be in the past and transform that being into a wonder filled shaman today?

What if today is the time for you to take a step into your new world?

What if absolute joy was an accepted part of every single day?

What if you were able to truly love again?

My ‘Conversations with Mary’™ have opened an enhanced Blue Door to the Infinite enabling me to offer a newly designed rose experience – one that comes in time for you to gift it to yourself and others as the energies continue to intensify – one that opens the ‘Blue Door beyond Time’ to take all of us outside any of our previous rose experiences and into the stars.

Mary has been present in my life since she appeared in person to me in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney many years ago – she told me then that I was going to turn my whole life around and work with her.  I did not believe her.  I certainly believe her now.

Mother Mary brings with her in all our conversations the extraordinary energy of the divine feminine – she energises and embodies all forms of the Goddess and catapults her into One – she has special individual messages for all of us now to show us how to ride out the energies that are swooping into our Planet and intensifying day by day. She cares deeply about the welfare of the Rose Family.

 I am privileged indeed to have been gifted this special access to her and her divine wisdom.

If you would like to have your personal ‘Conversation with Mary’™ please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Will you come with me into a new beautiful world of adventure? Will you take the step?

Dr. Cris Henderson
Rose Alchemist

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Each session is $125.00 and can be paid by PayPal – once you decide to say ‘yes’, then the connection is made. The information comes through as a written story which is sent to you via e-mail and discussed in full as the impact and import of your connection is revealed.

[1] The Book of Roses is your book of life in relation to the story of the sacred rose.  It is not part of the Akashic Records – it is quite different – it is a book of pure possibility and infinite expansion which is part of your rose inheritance when you choose to listen to the words of the sacred rose.

Conversations with Giants

Once upon a time there was a gentle giant whose name was Gerry.  He lived in an amazing castle in Galway, Ireland and wandered the earth helping to generate a new infinite universe.

Gerry was an essential part of a consortium of otherworldly beings whose headquarters were based in a bookshop in London called ‘Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop.’ Mr. Paddy himself was the organiser of the network. Their special mission was to activate the Rose Lines of Light once they were identified and reawakened.

Mr. Paddy

Gerry’s specific mission was to act as a trailblazer for the Rose Lines of Light – he rode the winds of Mother Earth helping to anchor the Rose Lines wherever they were placed by members of the Bookshop team. He and his friends reinforced their luminosity.  They gave the Rose Lines of Light permanence. As part of his amazing mission Gerry gifted to Mother Earth the energy of the stars.  As a mighty star being in giant form he had access to energies that were just waiting their turn to unfold on Mother Earth.

GERRY the gentle GIANT

Gerry and his friends have arrived on Mother Earth again – they are reinforcing the Rose Lines of Light that were reignited during early 2020.  They are once again beginning both individually and collectively to generate powerful and power-filled force fields of light and love on Mother Earth.

They are happy to talk with us now and to explain their role and their presence here. Should you feel this generative connection with the members of the giant kingdom then please request a ‘Conversation with the Giants’.  Cost $125.00

Conversations with Crow

Do you have a crow watching your every move as you go about your daily business?  Is his squawking cry often present in your life?  Does he chase you as you walk in your garden in a friendly way and seem to be looking for food? Is he really looking for food or has he got a more specific agenda? Is he bringing the magic of the rose wind into your life? Is he helping you to choose?

The crow is a master of magic – he vibrates with the energy of the mystery of creation – he has many important messages to bring to you if you will listen to his wise advice.  He is Merlin the Magician.  He brings in the mighty Rose Wind.

The magic of the rose wind lies in her ability to lift our spirits and expand our potential so that we decide that anything is possible after all. Crow personally brings us the magic of the rose wind. He and his cousin the Raven are harbingers of change. They teach us audacity. They show us the magic of being mischievous.

So please begin by expanding your vibration, opening your heart and extending your feet into the centre of Mother Earth until you touch the great crystal that lives there and breathes and manifests healing energies from her exact centre – from her core.

Then release your energy and begin to climb into the sky to fly – fly high, fly strong, fly into the wind that is bringing you joy and hope and strength.  This is the magical Rose Wind – and crow will be flying with you. If you believe in the magic embodied in crow enough – if you release your doubt and the vagaries of your mind – if you call on Merlin the Magician – if you know your own strength, power and potential you can rise above the ordinary – you can take the journey of the Rose Wind and change everything either for yourself, for someone else or for both of you together.

You too can fly with Crow on the Rose Wind. Crow’s flight helps us to dance delightedly between dimensions.  Cost $125.00

Conversations with Cats

The cat in her many forms as big cat, little cat, domestic cat and wild cat has many of the answers you seek. All cats show us how to be source every minute of every day.  They have the techniques, the knowledge, the wisdom and the ability to simply be.  They do not waste energy – they harbour it and spend it wisely on themselves and sometimes on others.

Cats possess the techniques, the knowledge, the wisdom and the ability to simply be.  They do not waste energy – they harness it – they conserve it – and they spend it wisely on themselves and on others.

Cats are symbolic of resurrection – of the rebirth of the soul. They are totally independent and bring with them all the elements of spiritual enlightenment. They are often present in our field without our knowing – often accompanying us as faithful friends and guides and mentors on our soul journey.

The cats open access to the human soul once you engage with their amber eyes.  They guide you on a journey to heal your soul, to find any pieces of your soul that may be missing, to polish your soul and to bring your soul into a wholeness that creates infinite possibilities – and an indefinable and quite wonderful opening to the energy of source.

The eyes mesmerise and enchant you as they bring in the energy of golden amber – nectar of the gods – and a golden portal to other dimensions.

So if you are drawn to domestic cats, to wild cats, to the energy of cats and would like to link in with them for a conversation to find out how they can help you to reach through the amber light and into the star realm – then please do get in contact.

Cost $125.00

Please ask for further information on any one of the Conversation Series listed above. There is one for each type of Conversation in the same format as the Conversations with Mary which is posted here for your information.
Enjoy the amazing journeys! Expand your reach into the sacred geography of heaven itself!

Note:  Illustrations from my book Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop are by Maggie Coombs.