Rose Consciousness, Rose Energy and the Inner Sanctum

Rose Consciousness, Rose Energy and the Inner Sanctum

In my book the ‘Rose Revolution’ I speak of the presence of the well sisters at the Nunnery of the Mystic Rose in Tibet –

In the wilds of Tibet, the Nunnery of the Mystic Rose was a destination as well as a haven for those whose duty it was to learn about the importance of the sacred well. In their training all well guardians are taken to Tibet sometimes in the physical mostly on a spiritual level. The nunnery itself still exists in the physical and recently it was found again. Imagine my delight to receive this photo and to know that the Nunnery was still in its original spot and in recognisable form.

With special thanks to Jenny Norris who has visited this sacred place.

You can imagine the depth of this excitement – to find that what I had been seeing with my inner eye actually had retained its physical form and that the Nunnery is still present on the physical plane – and to receive a photo of it as well – how wonderful is that!

This has always been a secret place and one where the sisters gather in the etheric for all sorts of special reasons. It is the spiritual base of the Inner Sanctum of the Sisterhood of the Rose. It is the home of the Rose Unicorn. It is the home base of the Rose Academy. It is the heart of the journey into Rose Consciousness and the Rose Energy itself. It is the centre of the rose lines – they come together here after traversing the world – this is the spot – the power spot where they unite. It is from this sacred place that all my Rose Consciousness books have been written. It is accessible to those who vibrate in a certain way so this place and what it represents is not to be taken lightly.

Rose Consciousness and this rose power centre cannot be accessed by those who would misrepresent it, either knowingly or unknowingly in any form. And it is here in this sacred place that the work of the Inner Sanctum continues – it is to this spot in the etheric that many sisters travel when they first come home – it is like a place of inner restoration which they visit to find themselves again. Its work cannot be duplicated or re-created without permission. So you can imagine when I was guided to reveal the inner secrets of the Sacred Rose that I felt trepidation in enabling access to knowledge that is so ancient and so potent.

I worried about the use of the information by those who did not understand its ramifications. I was concerned about those who would take the rose knowledge and recreate it in a short form thus reducing its power to nothingness. I need not have worried. The Rose Council already had everything sorted out.

The Nunnery of the Mystic Rose contains the major secrets of the Rose Fraternity and it is here that they will exist forever. It is the catalyst for Rose Consciousness. It is the home of the Rose Energy. No-one can present these secrets without having done the inner work required to reach this level of the sacred rose teachings.

For example, it was one of the Inner Sanctum who first found and created the Rose Cloak that we all wear now with such joy and ease. Those of you who have read my copyrighted work will know that the Inner Sanctum of the Sisterhood of the Rose is the sacred governing body of the Rose – these are the twelve woman influential governing body of the Sisters. If you are a member of the Inner Sanctum you will know about it – you will not need to be told – and you certainly cannot join it. The body of the Sisterhood of the Rose is of course different – individuals come and go from within its ranks – remembering their sacred rose within – the sacred rose lies within their own personal inner sanctum as they remind themselves of who they really are and the strength and purpose of their inner rose. It seems that all who open their sacred rose within have some link with the Rose Fraternity – male or female – it does not matter – the journeys are similar and in the last almost thirty years now I have continued to celebrate our ability to help to open the sacred rose within and to connect with people all over the world for this purpose.

The journey along the Rose Road to the sacred rose remains a testing one. Sometimes the sacred rose within can only be accessed through the Rose Wound. So it is not easy to be a Rose. It requires many years of discipline and training coupled with inner and outer action. However I can tell you that once you embark on the Rose Road and take the journey it will change your life for the better forever.

Are you ready to make that change?

If you wish to journey into the Inner Sanctum of the Sisterhood please make contact in order to work out the way that would suit your individual needs best. The true Rose Road combines access to one’s personal Inner Sanctum via the Rose Wound together with the potent Rose Road of the Rose Family via the Rose Nunnery in Tibet. This combination can only be taught by a qualified Rose Alchemy instructor.

Cris Henderson


i. Photograph republished with permission from Jenny Norris 2014 who has been to the nunnery and seen it in this existence.

ii. I am happy to help with your own personal Rose Journeys and to assist you to marry your sacred rose within with the energy of the Nunnery of the Sacred Rose. When you do decide to go it alone please remember that my work in Rose Consciousness and with the Rose Energy is copyright. Acknowledgement for the use of the terms that are an integral part of my rose intellectual property is an absolute requirement. I am of course delighted to discuss with anyone who would like to use these terms in their own work the form of acknowledgement required. Wonderful partnerships and interactions are always possible – this is how the Rose Oracle Cards were birthed and they are now going out all over the world to assist in the journey into Rose Consciousness.

iii. To contact Leslina Fanelli about her beautiful Rose Sisters Oracle please see or via e-mail