This blog is dedicated to my dear friend Maira who died several years ago. She was a special part of my life – whilst I was teaching her Reiki and Seichim – well, she was really teaching me! I miss you Maira.

The Rose Unicorns are calling you – calling you back home – can you hear them? Will you respond?

The secrets are revealed – the energy moves gently yet surely through the landscape of power that is exposed as we stand together, the Sisters of the Rose, reunited in this age in order to distribute the information and knowledge of the sacred rose that has been kept concealed for centuries.


The rose unicorn stands at the gate as we approach. It looks deeply into my eyes and it knows that I have been seen to reject it. In this life I know of its family pain and I have done little or nothing about it. The eyes of the unicorn shine in a beautiful way – this is Rosie – her friend is Arthur – Rosie is the gatekeeper of the Rose Nunnery – she forgives me – and I continue to take the remedy, the amazing Rose Unicorn.

The feedback about the Rose Unicorn has been inspiring – feedback both from the essence and from the blog.


From my friend Lyn came this interesting snippet.

Just read the blog and must tell you what happened last night.
I did my usual healing then meditation focussing on the Divine Mother and heart energy. I picked an angel card that spoke of “your Power animal”.

As I was lying in bed trying to sleep (as it was a full moon, sleep doesn’t come easily), I asked to meet my power animal, or animal guide. So clearly I saw a unicorn, I could feel the gentleness and wisdom of this amazing creature. It was a translucent white with an amazing golden horn that emanated a gentle light. I was really surprised with this vision as I haven’t had a lot to do with unicorns at all. This unicorn could also fly.

So I had to share with you about this as the blog I just read mentioned the unicorn……..and last night was a full moon!

As Rosie’s eyes bore into mine I feel my Rose Wound open and I am so surprised. This is the one in my heart – the pin prick that I am so good at closing over. Rosie made it open again. There are several aspects about Rosie that I did not understand until today. I did not know that Rosie would be the catalyst. As she looked at me without reproach I remembered an interaction I had with a good friend last week. I heard that there is an abattoir less than an hour away from my Rose House – here I am told at least 500 horses per month are being slaughtered – and in a terrible way which makes them suffer. As the individual horses are killed other horses waiting their fate are forced to look on – and this is supposed to be alright and acceptable – why do we allow a situation like this to continue? The level of my distress that this knowledge produces is extraordinary.

Even without the unicorn connection it is wrong that these noble animals are being slaughtered in my own area – this is not happening hundreds of miles away – it is not overseas – it is here, here in my own backyard. Later when I recognised the unicorn links and the shared memories of these fine animals and friends I wondered how such obvious cruelty can be going on so close to my home and I ask myself why I seem to have chosen to do nothing about it. Writing this piece certainly opened my Rose Wound – so if you are working with the energy of the Rose Unicorn, and/or with the essence itself, it will show up in different ways – it may affect you without your realising what is happening – it may indeed open your own Rose Wound.


Rosie guards the home base of the Sisterhood’s Inner Sanctum. The spiritual home of the Rose Unicorn has always been the Rose Nunnery in Tibet.

This has always been a secret place and one where the sisters gather in the etheric for all sorts of special reasons. It is the spiritual base of the Inner Sanctum of the Sisterhood of the Rose. It is the home of the Rose Unicorn. It is the etheric location of the Rose Academy. It is the centre of the rose lines – they come together here after traversing the world – this is the spot – the power spot where they unite. It is the heart of the journey into Rose Consciousness and the Rose Energy itself. It is accessible to those who vibrate in a certain way so they themselves form the key to gain entrance. There is no doubt that the Rose Unicorn essence facilitates the new form of rose vibration which does exacerbate access to this new level of rose energy!

And it is here in this sacred place that the work of the Inner Sanctum continues – it is here that many sisters travel when they first come home – it is like a place of inner restoration which they visit to find themselves again. Its original work cannot be duplicated or re-created. There is more about the opening of the potent rose knowledge and our move into Rose Consciousness on my web site (

Recently access has been gained to this Inner Sanctum through some of the Rose Readings which is a new departure – in fact it has only occurred in the last three months.

I received an image of the recipient of the reading sitting with a group of other women in long rose coloured robes which each had individual roses emblazoned on them. It is not proper for anything from the reading to be repeated here except to say that access brought with it a view of this place long forgotten in my consciousness – and I could, once more, smell the fragrance of the roses that consumed the site – and I mean consumed it – they were alive, they were living, they had their own consciousness and they welcomed our visit with great delight. Imagine then how extraordinary it is to know that this place is still here in this vibration and we can visit it as happened recently.

Here is the photo that appears on my web site and I am truly grateful for permission to publish it here and on my web site as well as in the Rose Revolution book.


The journey along the Rose Road to the sacred rose within remains a testing one. It is not easy to be a Rose. It is not to be taken lightly. It usually requires many years of discipline and training coupled with inner and outer action. However I can tell you that once you embark on the Rose Road and take the journey it will change your life for the better forever.

NOTE: Thank you to all those who have given me feedback and support as I prepare for the operation – union of the bones in my upper left arm, the journey into union itself. Interestingly I had thought the date would be 4th March and today I found that the date has been changed – it has been brought forward to 25th February – this means that the energy changes on which we have all been working are definitely speeding up. Watch this space!

The generative energy of the rose continues to expand taking
us along the road to Rose Consciousness.

As most of you know I have been working with the Rose Energy ever since my vision of Mother Mary at a major Sydney hospital as I prepared for surgery there almost 30 years ago. This is the last time that I was in hospital so who knows what may happen when I enter the hospital scene once again! I am very grateful that this sojourn has given me the marvellous opportunity to heal my relationship with the medical profession. I have always walked alone and separate from it – and, of course, we all know that everything is connected. For me even though I knew and deeply understood this concept, it was hard for me to heal this aspect of my essential self. I seemed to always remember the lives when I was tortured for the rose knowledge and when the prowess of the medical profession was used against me. So now I acknowledge their role and my links with them, the medical profession – yes I do, really and I know that I will be in an authentic partnership with my surgeon and for this I am truly grateful.

Many of you will laugh when you read this – knowing my inner thoughts on doctors etc. so I will tell you how it happened. It was the opening of the Rose Wound to a further level that finally did it. And it was actually a film that helped me make the final step into acknowledging the role of the medical – I was watching The Water Diviner with Russell Crowe which I found to be a truly wonderful movie. The reconciliation aspects of the movie hit me right in the heart – and I mean hit me. The way in which he began to work with the Turks to find his son – well it made an impact and as I sat in the theatre I could feel my own inner behavior changing – so there you have it – thank you Russell Crowe – with the Rose Energy anything is possible!

On another topic I have been delighted to mentor many of you on your own rose journeys and to watch and applaud as your personal and professional rose expands. I have felt very honoured at the sincere way many of you have chosen to acknowledge my work in the rose field. Of course some have made a different choice and do not respect my intellectual property and the copyright laws covering my web site, my rose series of books and my writings generally. That is your choice so it will be interesting to see whether the rose will flourish in such sad circumstances or whether she will choose to simply remain quietly unnoticed. It is the Rose who will make this choice. She is the one that knows the truth.


Robyn Adams is the author of the book – ‘The Sisterhood of the Rose’ (available from either Amazon or Fishpond Press and a definite must for all those who love the Rose Energy.) Robyn has been in touch recently and we spoke of the reforming of the Rose Circles. I have called them ‘Rose Pods.’ This energy is speeding up, for as Robyn writes we are realising that there is increasing power and growth in pods or small groups, sometimes much greater than the individual journey.

She writes –

We remember the empowering journey we have taken together many times in the past when it was evolutionaryily much harder. Now that we are in a time of planetary consciousness evolution touching so many people it is much easier (and safer).

Just recently I received an e-mail from a Sister in Finland – this is the first time I have been able to connect with Scandinavia – so the Rose Web is expanding. She found my site by searching on the term ‘the Sisterhood of the Rose.’ Welcome Rita!!

My dear friend Linda in the UK is working to expand her Rose Circle. She has called it ‘The Gathering of the Roses.’

This is what she writes –

The Gathering of the Roses – is for all women and men who have heard the call and
who are ready for change – and to BE the change.

The Rose Gatherings and accompanying Ceremony are simply a reflection of the invitation you have given to yourself eons ago to answer and activate your souls calling to a higher purpose.

Opening the Sacred Rose within is to bring you into the vibration of Rose consciousness and stand in your own power and sovereignty of Love, Beauty, Wisdom and Freedom.

As she wrote I could sense the rustling of the roses just waiting for this opportunity to be together and to change the energy – there will be more from Linda in the next blog.

The rustling roses are gathering around the work of Leslina Fanelli too – the author of the Rose Oracle Cards – Leslina will be convening more workshops in Australia over the next few weeks and months – her cards are travelling the world now and taking Rose Consciousness into previously untouched places which is marvellous news – please contact her directly for further information.


In the last Blog I wrote about the chakras and the wonderful work of Cindy Ayton – well my friend Cindy Ayton does wonderful work – she is fully trained as a rose alchemist and beyond – however as some of you picked up – she did not write the book – Cindy Dale wrote it – by now some of you may have found the book anyway and seen what I meant about the opening of the chakras above the head. This led my friend Cindy Ayton and I – sorry about all the Cindy’s – to discuss this slip – it was a wonderful discussion – what we found was that to my delight Cindy will probably include more work on the chakras in her own teachings of Rose Alchemy – who would have thought such a wonderful result could have ensued!

Anna Voigt has also written a very interesting chakra playbook, in fact one of the best I have ever seen. It is based on the Buddhist philosophy as it comes from the ancient Indian practice of Tantra Yoga. This chakra playbook guides an individual step by step through the ancient wisdom so that one can learn which energetic characteristics each chakra represents and how one can awaken and harmonize energies through meditation, sound and yoga practice.

‘Reiki opened a door to a world of energy that I had never realised existed.’

Cris Henderson

Recently I had an interesting discussion about Reiki with someone from the UK. Reiki is a wonderful healing discipline. Reiki was a very early step along the way on my personal Rose Road. It opened up a brand new world and you have to remember at that time I knew nothing of this world. It was symbolically like a door. I originally went to learn Reiki as a stress release mechanism. Once I found it I wanted more. On there is quite a write up about Reiki and the Rose. And then there is the Reiki playbook itself which can be down-loaded from the site. In these publications the journey into Reiki that I took is explained in more detail.

My personal Reiki story is in Rose Alchemy. In fact the first half of the book is on Reiki so if you are interested in the Reiki rose connection please do have a look at it.

c5I have done so many initiations since then – including the Seichim Master’s initiation which really was memorable. Most enchanting of all were the Isis initiations which I did up and down the Nile with my Reiki/Seichim master, the amazing Mary Shaw – and there are photos of us on I guess travelling in Egypt with a like-minded group of people was the backdrop for some amazing changes.

There were a couple of special times that I can recall when I learnt Reiki 1 and Reiki II. I learnt these with a woman in Sydney who was a nursing sister at one of the major Sydney hospitals. I do remember that she told me at the time that when she was on shift and using her Reiki that the patients were always serene – and it was not just her saying this – other nurses noticed too. I remember thinking at the time how terrific that this has happened – and what a wonderful benefit it would be to those patients in casualty – as well as many others who could not benefit from this healing energy.

One night we came back to the nurse’s house for the final piece of Reiki 2 – I looked around and five adults were getting out of their cars – and each one of us was carrying a teddy bear – it was so great – we looked at one another and just laughed out loud. The bear of course was our surrogate for absent healing and so on.
I think that all of these energy modalities have their place; however when you find the one that is truly yours your heart sings. My heart began to sing with Seichim – as to me this represented the Divine Feminine – and when I realised that Reiki to my way of thinking represented the male energy and Seichim the female – well then all was revealed.
I found it hard to be limited by any one system and this is what seemed to happen to me with Reiki. And to be told where to place my hands and what to do – that was hard for me too – it seemed more that the Rose always guides the person without limiting them and without imposing too much structure on them.

And when Mother Mary appeared to me in the hospital in Sydney she was about vibration – not names – not systems – not lineages – it was that vibration that she emitted on that special day that was in itself was the initiation of a lifetime and one that I will certainly never forget.


A few reflections after viewing Labyrinth on the ABC.

In this movie Jessica Brown Findlay, John Hurt and Vanessa Kirby star in a thriller adapted from Kate Mosse’s bestselling novel which links the lives of two women, Alais and Alice, eight centuries apart.

It’s very interesting to me that this movie appears at this time when we are accessing more of the Rose records and becoming aware of their soul imprints. It brings the persecution of the Cathars in the south of France back to our attention and no doubt ignites powerful soul memories in many of us, even if at the subconscious level.

It’s also interesting to me that I spent thirty years as a nun in the Catholic Church in this lifetime after being persecuted by that Church back in the 1200s. And perhaps it explains my deep questioning of the church and my ambivalent feelings about it. What was heresy and punishable by death in the 1200s, in my experience was often still seen as ‘heresy’ this century and sanctioned in more subtle ways. While I was drawn to the mystical life both as a Cathar and as a nun, I have always resisted intrusive hierarchical authority.

This movie dramatically contrasts the rigid, authoritarian stance of the institutional church with the more free flowing divine connection the Cathars allowed (albeit in a dualistic system)…and of interest here, so many Catholics across the ages have experienced the direct mystical connection with the divine and were variously canonized as saints or judged as heretics. This movie also highlights the tremendous allure of the Holy Grail and features the fight to the death it can evoke. It seems to me that so much religious turmoil across the ages centres on the search for the Holy Grail and perhaps explains why so much horror, bloodshed and pain have been associated with something so precious to humanity.

Alais in the 1200s risked all to preserve the Holy books containing Grail secrets. Alice in the 21st century powerfully and mysteriously re-connects with Alais as she carries out an archaeological dig and unearths two bodies in a cave and retrieves a mysterious ring from one of those bodies. She is jolted into a state of terror as she senses the murderous evil in that cave and has some hazy understanding that a profound truth lies at the heart of the labyrinth featured on the ring. She finds herself in a parallel death threat – now as then – due to this find.

This movie clearly communicates that we carry our past in our bones and in our blood; that we can find it now in the stones and in the earth. All is intertwined.

To the Cathars, the Holy Grail is experienced as an inner alchemical chalice of light and truth. The official Church saw it more as a physical chalice from the Last Supper and the associated Grail books needed to be found at all costs to enhance its power over what was considered the most precious possession on earth.

As a point of interest, one of the Cathar understandings of the Grail seems to have involved the power to prolong life. Are we rediscovering this power now? Are its seemingly fanciful contents proving to be ‘normal’ in the context of multi-dimensional reality?

No matter what reviews this movie gets, I found the atmosphere created carried me seamlessly between the 13th and 21st centuries. I rejoice that such memories are powerfully re-emerging in our time through the media. I feel they add another piece of understanding to the jigsaw puzzle of who we truly are.

Noelene Kelly
Wentworth Falls

Thank you Noelene for these expansive thoughts – I cannot wait to sit and watch the series from beginning to end having read what you have written here!


Recently someone told me that they have a special tree essence that they take which really fascinated me as I know of the Tree Essences; however I have never used them.

If you happen to read this Blog please get in touch and tell me more!

At the same time as I was reflecting on tree essences I began to think about the decimation of the trees that is taking place on this sacred island on which I live. There was once a beautiful tree on the canal near my best friend’s home – this is how it looked.


And then came the tree choppers – and this is how it changed! It was reduced to nothingness in a matter of moments! Can you feel the pain of that tree when you look at these photos? My friend called it ‘Our Sacred Tree’ as she felt that it housed so much life. As a further insult the tree choppers were told – start early to avoid conflict! Enough said!


On the same afternoon my friend Diana saw the two Crows who used this beautiful tree frequently swooping around looking distressed. When she wandered into the park this is what she found …

…a Tiny Baby Crow hopping on the ground! How sad as they had their nests always in our sacred tree, I wrapped the tiny soul up and took him down to the Bribie Wildlife girl in Banskia he would be nursed to his full strength and released, the Parent Crows stayed around all week, it was so sad…

And this is how the park looks now!



We need to be more protective of the animals and the trees as well as of one another. We need to ensure that this sort of behaviour is stopped in its tracks – we need to stand up and say – no more!

When I was thinking about Tree Essences I also began to think about my friend Maira. Maira was a Rose Friend and she died several years ago. I was able to work with her and to initiate her into both Reiki , Seichim and Rose Alchemy which was a great privilege. I will never forget the day she arrived at my house with the biggest load of books you have ever seen – ‘Alright Crissie,’ she said as she marched in carrying them all ‘I know you can tell me a lot, so let’s get started. By the way I have read all of these!’ Well the rest is history. My friend tried so hard to live however she passed away about six months after this. She was very happy that day as the initiations proceeded and she did change her energy field for the better as a result.

The links I had with Maira were extraordinary. The last time I saw her I went to the hospital to see what I could do to help her. I waited and waited and then I realised that she was in the toilet. In fact she was stuck there – she was too weak to move – and no-one answered the bell. When I arrived she had been waiting there for over twenty minutes. I called out and went in. I saw her plight and rushed around the corridors looking for help – there was none. My husband was waiting outside and saw me rush by – he must have wondered what on earth I was doing until I got back to him to explain. I returned to the bathroom and sat beside her. So there we sat for twenty minutes more, so she was stuck there for a total of over forty minutes! We were sharing old stories and I held her hand – never before or since have I sat and held someone’s hand whilst they were on the toilet, however it was a very wonderful experience for us both, so much so that we were almost disappointed when finally a nurse appeared – and, it seemed to me as a looker-on, very reluctantly helped Maira back to bed. That same day she asked me – ‘Crissie, am I going home soon?’ I said ‘Well, dear friend it seems so!’ She replied – ‘Thank you – you are the only one who has told me the truth.’

When Maira died I was away and I could not attend her funeral. I was devastated so I decided to find some way of remembering her that was different. So I organised for a tree to be planted in the Daintree – A Tree Named Maira – I called it. Her tree was planted in the Australian Rainforest Foundation’s Forest of Life.

This is a memorial rainforest rehabilitation site in far North Queensland. I can go onto their website and look at her tree any time I like – and when I do I feel so connected to her.

It is probable that Maira is totally aware of and connected with her sacred tree.

Wishing all of you well on your journey with the beautiful Rose!


On another topic I have been delighted to mentor many of you on your own rose journeys and to watch and applaud as your personal and professional rose expands. I have felt very honoured at the sincere way many of you have chosen to acknowledge my work in the rose field.

Of course some have made a different choice and do not respect my intellectual property and the copyright laws covering my web site, my rose series of books, my rose readings, my rose prayers, my multimedia presentations, my rose courses, my rose blogs and my rose writings generally.

I ask that you please desist from this practice.

Having said all that I have been advised to take further precautions about the misuse of my work and so will be including expanded copyright notices on everything that I create from now on. From my point of view it is distressing to have to do this in order to protect my intellectual property. The simple copyright statement should have been enough. It was not. So it will be interesting to see whether the rose will flourish in work that fails to honour the copyright system or whether she will choose to simply remain quietly unnoticed. It is the Rose who will make this choice. She is the one that knows the truth.



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i. Photograph republished with permission from Jenny Norris 2014 who has been to the nunnery and seen it in this existence.

ii. To contact Leslina Fanelli about her beautiful Rose Sisters Oracle or about her rose gatherings please see or via e-mail

iii. The Chakra Playbook. 2004. Sydney, New Holland Publishers, 2004. ISBN: 1 74110 135 2