The Brotherhood of The Rose

Are you drawn to the sacred energy of the rose?  Do you feel a stirring within indicating the awakening of your own Rose Consciousness? Activating an understanding of your rose lineage gives you a real possibility of stepping up to your full potency.  In this time of unprecedented energetic expansion the new paradigm of the rose can act as your guide, your mentor and your best friend.

What is the rose energy?  It is a sublime symbolic energy based on the nature, form and scent of the rose flower.  The rose is a living entity in her own right. Whilst the energy of the rose is closely linked with the divine feminine we should in no way neglect her masculine equivalent – the Brotherhood of the Rose.

There is a special body of ancient esoteric wisdom which secures and protects the energy of the rose.  To understand its mystery is to comprehend the quintessence of the universe.  When I began to learn about the rose energy I dreamt about roses and their associated meanings.  I learnt to meditate and then began to share my sacred journeying with others.  Over a thirty year period I researched and received in-depth information about two special mystery schools which had their beginnings in ancient Atlantis – the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose. 

In Atlantis these two mystery schools worked co-operatively however nearer to the time of the Fall of Atlantis this relationship took on a different more competitive and combative pattern.  The major point of conflict was the contractual arrangement made on Sirius, the Blue planet, prior to the Atlantean embodiment. 

This contract was called the Rose Covenant.

To understand the terms and conditions of the Rose Covenant it is important to read my book ‘The Rose Revolution’ which contains all the information on this topic.  Suffice to say that the members of these esoteric groups were influenced by the need to survive which was strong and exacerbated a growing rivalry, even dissension, between the two groups.

Members of the Brotherhood taught ‘Rose’ Reiki whilst it was the Sisterhood who trained initiates in ‘Rose’ Seichim.  It is now time to bring these two aspects together in one harmonious whole – this is how the concept of ‘Rose’ Alchemy was born as this is the divine combination – the integration of the two. 

What follows is information on the infinite possibilities expressed through this magical path to integrate the two aspects of ourselves – the male and female – into one glorious combination – the divine masculine and the divine feminine – melding together to create the basis – the platform – for our journey into Rose Consciousness itself. 

Should you take the time to enjoy the rose energy you may find that a number of subtle, sometimes barely perceived shifts, have occurred in your consciousness and that you have travelled a long way on your journey through the world of imagination and creativity. Working in this way brings out a sense of inner trust and wonder bypassing the rational mind and helping one to journey to the absolute central core of one’s essential self. 

This is the true home of the rose.

This information is amongst the most recent to be received on the nature and form of the rose energy so I am pleased to answer any questions that you may have.

I would also remind you that the work on this site is copyright.
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Enjoy the journey!

Dr. Cris Henderson
Rose Alchemist