Rose Alchemist


Do you feel a calling to a larger purpose in life?

The Infinite Rose is a metaphor for struggles and triumphs of people the world over and through time.  The Rose signals an alternative life.  It brings  recipients in touch with their unique life purpose. It enables us to overcome the terms of the mythical Rose Covenant.

In this changing age many are searching for a depth of meaning.  This path is not just different – it is defiant. It is a Rose Revolution. Our digital world often neglects the inner life, indeed may be disparaging of it.

All of us can sit quietly and feel the power of the Rose every day. As we do this a special link begins to change our lives for the better.

As we commune with the Rose we may expand the link by learning Rose Alchemy, a melding of Rose Reiki and Rose Seichim into one potent Rose Healing method, by enjoying Rose Readings and requesting a specially prepared  Rose Poem, by exploring the Rose Legends of the Sisterhood of the Rose, the Brotherhood of the Rose and the Velvet Rose, by visiting the Rose Healing Fields –  or by downloading your personal Rose Codes as part of your gentle move into Rose Consciousness.

Perhaps the path of the Rose is for you.

Should you decide to choose the Rose Adventure please contact me.

Cris Henderson

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