The Infinite Rose is a metaphor for the journey inward to find the sacred rose within our own hearts.  The Rose signals alternative and infinite possibilities.  She helps recipients to find their unique life purpose.  In communing with the Rose we are able to enter into the world of rose myths and legends where we can overcome the terms of the legendary Rose Covenant and heal the Rose Wound.

In this rapidly changing world many are searching for a depth of meaning and a clarification of life purpose.  The Rose Journey provides a different way of perceiving life, a way which is filled with joy, purpose and harmony.

There are numerous ways to search and to find the rose within.

The exploration of the rose legends, which includes the unique civilization of Atlantis and its mystery schools, is an ideal way to begin the search. Seekers often proceed to learn Rose Alchemy as a potent melding of the ancient alchemy of Rose Reiki and Rose Seichim. They may choose rose sacred journeys to visit the Rose Healing Fields – decide to create Rose Elixirs and Essences or they may join the Rose Pods to bring the image of the Rose back to enliven all aspects of Mother Earth.

Perhaps the path of the Rose is for you ? 

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Testimonial from Noelene Kelly, M.A., Dip.Ed.

Dr Cris Henderson – The Mystical Rose

Do you know anyone who can actually open the doors of heaven to you? The doors to mystical experiences that awaken your very soul? That send your soul senses buzzing; your kundalini awakening?

Mother Mary, great earth goddess, has chosen Cris Henderson, a seasoned business woman, stopped her in her tracks  and taken her inside heaven’s sacred places to guide her and indeed show her many hidden secrets that, until now, have been lost to humanity’s consciousness.

It is time now! Earth and her peoples are conscious enough to be taken inside heaven’s doors for these secrets to be revealed and embodied! Offered once again!  The lost HOLY GRAIL is being restored!! As with the challenges in finding the Grail myths, Cris has been prepared to stake her ALL on Mary’s monumental offer.

The one powerful gift of Mary’s at the heart of every book, every inspired piece of Cris’s writing, is the ROSE, sacred living talisman that resides in the very Heart of the Divine. The same Mother Mary Rose that was there in Atlantis, in Auschwitz, in Mother Mary’s Mystery School, among the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose, indeed in every piece of Cris’s writing emerges now, stronger than ever as the Cosmic Rose, spiralling around the multiverse, around the very HEART of LIFE itself, IN the Heart of the Living God.

Whatever your path, there is a piece of Cris’s writing that can touch your soul and lead you to the centre of your own mystical Rose Heart. If you are unsure where to start perhaps you could contact Cris, give her a brief description of what you seek and she could direct you to the most appropriate Rose reading. She is a high level seer, guided by Mother Mary herself to her innermost Rose Heart, for you.


Noelene Kelly, M.A., Dip.Ed..