The ancient art of the Rose is linked definitively with the feminine energy. The feminine archetype is an integral component of all cultures across time. As part of my search for the Goddess I have worked with the myths, legends, images, songs and fairytales of many cultures. I have brought together the teachings of the Sacred Rose so that you, the individual reading this, can remember the glimmers of the real life that you have led and that you could be leading again.

Cris Henderson from ‘The Rose Miracle’ the most recent book currently being developed as part of the Rose Series.

Thank you to all those sisters and friends of the rose who have contacted me about the enormous change in the energy in 2015. There is a concerted move forward within the rose family to a greater and more expansive energetic vibration. Things are active now and passive no longer. External events on the international stage mirror our internal move to union – and this is something that is extraordinary in its extent and capacity.

This is it. This is the time. This is our time. This is all time.

Some of you will know that I have been working to reunify a fractured bone in my left arm – and that this has taken me on one of the deepest journeys within myself that I have ever experienced. My arm has been in a state of non-union – on the left side – the feminine side. And now that we are in a period of re-union – with the sisters finding one another again – in different places and in all sorts of different ways, the reunions continue and my arm is growing more and more bone. And it is more than the sisters finding one another – we are also finding those ‘friends of the rose’ with whom we have walked the Rose Road in earlier times. This is a sensational expansion in its own right.

My body is facilitating my healing and it is showing me the way in all of this; I have now chosen to unify my bones with the help of a surgeon on the 4th March. This is an extraordinary action for me to take as in the past I, along with many of you, have been the subject of experimentation by the medical profession and the memories of those lives do linger. However this is the time for unity and my body has spoken – so on the 4th March I will be making my contribution to the energy of union – the male and female balance, the expansion of the rose energy and a new way of living. I know the results will be simply amazing and very positive – and I am grateful for the lessons I have learnt on this journey inside my own body and beyond.

So yes, I find this year is already a very exciting one and the Rose Readings, the Rose Series, the Rose Healing Fields and the Rose Essences in particular have blossomed. Even though the discomfort in my arm has slowed me down and reduced the number of tangible hours I work, it has given me different insights into the rose. And so my work continues to open just like the rose flower does – and in its range and content my work is linking me with sisters and rose friends all over the world for which I am truly grateful – yes, the reunion phase of which I spoke earlier. There is a sense of pure joy in the air – a sense that no matter what happens we will answer it so that any problems that do emerge can be easily trounced – and how long have we waited for that!!

I also find I need plenty of quiet time – no jingle jangle of the TV sending bad news consistently and relentlessly into our rose home – rather time to be alone with the beautiful images that are reaching me through the Rose Portal on our land and our amazing Rose Window. Interestingly as I write this my computer sound has disappeared and has decided not to return. I tried everything I could to find it again and then I began to wonder why. The quiet in the mornings as I write the next in the rose series of books – ‘The Rose Miracle’ – is deep and it makes my spine tingle – and the words flow gently in without the restriction of background noise and outside interruptions.

In fact last year because of my injury I became almost hermit-like. Now when I look back I can see why. Without the quiet time buzzing and running and talking take over and I lose the glorious rose thread – I urge you all to take time for yourselves – this is the change we have waited for – for centuries now – it is not to be taken lightly – be aware of external events and what they mean – yet shirk the inane chatter of those who want to run around in circles all day as this approach well it is not for us. Leave your mobiles, leave the I pad, its apps and your Facebook page suspend Twitter and walk quietly and alone where others fear to go. Find the Sacred Rose within.

My friend Lyn who is an accomplished numerologist recently wrote this delightful piece which she has said I can share with you –
This year is interesting, I feel it’s a time that we are being led to “help each other” on the spiritual path. Being a number 8 year it is associated with infinity (the number 8 symbol), strength and leadership. So infinite strength and leadership are being sent to us this year to help not only ourselves but others.

11Lyn’s Rose

If we look at a rosebud we can see it as our heart, as it opens, we can see our heart is opening as well. The centre of the rose with the golden stamens can represent others united with us as like-minded people. The delicate fragrance of the rose unseen is the energy of the Divine Mother. The rose petals as they fall representative of sharing our beautiful heart energy with all we contact. As the breeze picks up the petals, this rose/heart energy and fragrance permeates all both physically and spiritually wherever they go.

Thank you for these beautiful insights Lyn.

As part of your rose search you may come across the highly respected God of Gates and Doors, Janus. You may remember he is depicted with two faces – one looking back over what is behind – and one looking forward into the future contemplating quietly what lies ahead. Janus is the Guardian of Exits and Entrances – he is also considered to be the god of Beginnings also known as the Porter of Heaven – he is a friend of the Brotherhood of the Rose and he represents new beginnings. He is linked closely with this month – the first month of the New Year – January. It is said that the Romans invoked him at the start of every new day. Talk with Janus if you are unsure where your life is taking you – he is an excellent friend to have at this time.

When you are able to read Book 5 – The Rose Miracle – Janus will reveal his role in helping you to access even more deeply the wonderful Healing Fields of Heaven!

Please let me know of your current experiences with Janus.


I received this wonderful feedback from Cindy which literally made my heart sing!! I intend to include it in Book 5 – The Rose Miracle – as an example of how our lives can change when we allow the beauty of the rose to transform all aspects of our essential selves.

My Rose Journey!

I have travelled many roads in my life, many!!!! All were somewhat fulfilling, but still I was left empty , everyone wanting one more piece of me , and me never feeling like I had found my heart and soul! Still after every course, every endeavor I needed more. Then one day in my 56th year I found the Rose teachings and Dr. Cris, I had a Rose reading and my journey began. I started with the Rose Revolution, then the Rose covenant, a Rose a day, Rose alchemy, Rose ceremonies, I could not get enough! Then came the Tapestry of Heaven- a Rose energy playbook! This work took the Rose energy to a new level, it completed me. But none of this would have made any difference without the love, the connection of Dr. Cris Henderson. Cris connected with me in a way that was so heart based and true, I knew I had found my way home. Cris is the true Rose Mother, and if this is your journey in this lifetime and has been many lifetimes past, this work is for you, and it will flow and grow with a life of its own. You will not be able to deny your destiny in the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Cynthia Sophia Karakalia Ayton

Can you imagine how wonderful I felt when I found the above in my in-box! Thank you Cindy – you have been willing to put in the time and the effort to make the rose your own. You have been willing to do the work to make the change! The Rose has found you – and you have found her – the best of all rose combinations!


Reversing the Rose Cloak happened when I was involved in a special rose healing recently. I found that by turning the Cloak inside out the roses now on the inside of the cloak, formerly vibrantly active on the Cloak’s exterior, penetrated into the physical cellular structure of the recipient.

It seemed from what I have observed so far that the penetration into the cellular structure is deep and lasting. I found the vibration of the rose lifting as I did this. The cells of the recipients gave off a special humming vibration which was simply so lovely.

So, if you would like to do so, please use your cloak in this way and see what happens – reactivate your physical body and energise it with the purity of the sacred rose.


Most of us are in the process of healing our personal Rose Wound. Agreement to use the healing of the Rose Wound (which arose in later incarnations because of the embodiment of the rose wisdom into the physical) was originally made in order to exacerbate personal transformational journeys, as a pathway of initiation and to heal not only oneself but the rose collective as well as one’s own blood family.

Over time the Rose Wound has become something of a friend to us and so we may be reluctant to let her go – she is familiar, she is there; she is part of our structural integrity. However the general energy is pushing hard at us now to let the Rose Wound go – to transform her – to think of all of this from a different point of view. We have reached a phase in our collective history when we can help one another to do just this.

I have recently found my own Rose Wound which is located in the middle of my heart structure – I can feel it there now that it has become so present. It is just like a small bullet hole – I have not worked with it myself yet however when I do I will write more about it.

When you do become more attuned to the nature and form of your Rose Wound, you may also become aware of your family’s wounds – the blood family in this lifetime – and this in itself can be a test or an initiation in its own right. It is natural for us to want things to be right with those whom we love – last year I went through a mammoth experience of this kind myself. I became increasingly aware as I did of the effect the land has on us – the land on which we live – and the land on which members of our blood family reside. Nothing new in that I hear you say, however, as you search for your Rose Wound or as you continue to heal it, please be aware of the nature and form of the land on which you live and please be aware of the land which houses your own blood family.

Should you wish to discuss this individually please get in touch with me – it is fascinating to see where a strong relationship with family land takes us!

One of the rose sisters recently sent me a series of gorgeous rose photos – and I include one here – we had been discussing the Amber Rose and the essence of amber is contained in her roses.


As I followed the Rose Road I came to a book which I recently recommended to one of the sisters – it is Cyndi Ayton’s Energetic Boundaries. Many of you will know Cyndi Ayton – she is a living breathing authority on the chakras – and she is the one person I know who can write with undisguised authority about the chakras above the head. She knows them, she works with them; she brings them to us with a depth of pure understanding that is simply worth its weight in gold. I went to her web site as I got to this point in the blog – I have read many of her books however I had never canvassed the website previously – you will laugh with me when I tell you what her daily energiser was on the day that I wrote this (8th January 2015). You guessed it – the Power of Silence!!

Back to the chakras – it would be worthwhile checking all chakras to see if there is a blockage of any kind – behind the blockage could be hidden a clue to the Rose Wound.

If you would like to experience Rose healing to help you to find your Rose Wound please contact me.


The Prayers and Poems of the Rose can help in the healing of the Rose Wound.

Legend has it that Rose Sacred Poetry as an art form and as a Declaration of Intention was first used by the members of the Sisterhood of the Rose in Atlantis.

I have written about this topic before and often described Rose Sacred Poetry/Prayers as ‘an intimate expression of personal religion’. In its revived form its purpose remains the same – to link individuals using it to a special rose ray of energy allied with an intensity of feeling. In this way the recipients remember their true origins and reclaim their immense potency. When this direct conjunction takes place the energy often changes for the better, particularly when the poems are used as special requests, for example, to help to reclaim all aspects of our essential selves – to heal the rose wound – or sometimes to reclaim even lost or scattered parts of our soul. The poems stir up old memories – memories of lives lived before or concurrently – memories of interactions carried out in a different time and space.

Sacred poetry is active affirmation and each person will react to it differently.

If you would like a special rose poem created for you or for another as a self contained unit of sacredness please contact me.

The energy of the rose poetry is alive and well and helping people who ask for assistance in ways that I did not imagine when I wrote about it originally.

For example this poem/prayer about the spine was written for Rose Mother Beryl originally and it has gone on to help many other people in its own special way.


Your spine tingles and vibrates
In anticipation
As you stretch it, moving gently
A door opens within it
A door to your imagination
You find yourself journeying
Inside your spine
You feel your spinal fluid
It flows like a river
And in one instant you decide
And so you jump in
You canoe along your spine
Up and down it


Looking into the crevices and commandeering
Its tidal flow, your River of Life
You access power sources
Previously closed to you
You journey relentlessly
Up and down, to and fro
On your River of Life
You see the form and structure
Of your spine begin to change


All damage is gradually reversed
You have chosen wholeness
You actualize your vital force
From your gentle spirit
And it emerges into your River of Life
Your body releases its pain
And you bring the energy
Of infinite possibility
Into your life!

Book 1 in the Rose Series. (Available from


Last year Susan, one of the well sisters, made a special journey to Italy – it was through her artefacts and the energy she brought here that I was able to create the incredible Rose Unicorn essence. It made me remember my own journeys to Italy and to want to see it all again.

I recalled the powerful Vatican treasures and artefacts in Rome and the unusual energy that they gave out. There was, however, a feeling of ancient wisdom present as I stood in the basement of St. Peter’s where the popes are buried, a feeling of a strong, united and watchful presence. In other parts of Rome I saw signs of the presence of the Black Madonna. At Santa Maria de Peoplo there was an eight pointed star as a centrepiece embedded in the parquet floor – always a sign of her presence. At the church at the top of the Spanish steps there was a Borghese chapel, which contained the sign of the Great Central Sun and at the Piazza Colonna, a huge Obelisk with a saint at the top. All of these emblems quickened my sense of anticipation as I moved into understanding the sacred rose at deeper and deeper levels.

Thank you, Susan, for reminding me of the Black Madonna’s soulful presence in Rome and our energetic linkages, particularly relevant at this time as we move into the changes being brought in by the movement in the rose ley lines.

Wishing all of you well on your journey with the beautiful Rose!



Dr. Cris Henderson is a Creativity Consultant in the field of human potential who will assist you on your own personal journey. Her credits include books and articles in the area of life skills such as self-management and training and personal courage. She has published in the area of women’s education, history and universal healing energies and her series of Rose books now number four and they are available on

Cris Henderson is available to teach the rose energy in its different forms including ‘Rose’ Alchemy by distance education through the Rose School. She develops individual programs for people interested in creativity and change in their personal and professional lives. Her course entitled the ‘Rose Revolution’ which facilitates rose consciousness is taught in Australia and overseas. Cris develops sacred poetry for individuals on request or facilitates a reading of extracts of an individual’s own personal ‘Rose Records’. Her essences in the ‘River of Life’ series are available at $50.00 per stock bottle plus postage and packing to any part of the world.

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