During the night of Wednesday 4th November 2015 into the early morning hours of Thursday 5th November there was a huge rally in my bedroom around midnight. I had been suffering from a fever since my return from a wonderful trip to Papua New Guinea however now on reflection I realise that I might not have seen such an extraordinary scenario without the contribution that the fever made. The energy continues to strain and stretch us as it, in turn, strains and stretches. And now we have the 11.11.11!
Cris Henderson

My dream was filled with the brightest white light I have ever experienced. All of a sudden a knight like figure I think he was a Templar rode into the room on a huge horse with a sword of light – he vanquished the foe so to speak and he was reduced to a speck of rubble within an instant. I recognised this figure – a voice said it was Richard the Lionheart – I had been re-reading Robyn Adams – the original Rose Sister – her book on the sisterhood – and he is a figure in there. I remember thinking I had to tell Robyn I have seen the levels now at which her book is written – it is very beautiful.

I definitely recognised this man – he had curly darkish hair – not black – and the bluest of eyes – he turned on his horse and looked at me and I thought his eyes were going to pierce me right through – well they did really. I definitely know him although I have not dreamt him or seen him in this life before as far as I know.

After that there were huge numbers of new arrivals all coming into my room – at this time I was half awake and half asleep however I was never in any doubt that it was happening. I cannot remember exactly what the rose sisters were doing – I do remember thinking – oh my goodness – this is it – this is the change in the DNA – this is the download of the finale of the Rose Codes – this is the piece – I think most of them had swords of light too and I remember thinking – the Rose Warriors are here. One of them had helped enable this activation as she built a bridge from her heart to mine –this certainly generated a force field that brought in this extraordinary light – the bridge of living angels – heart to heart and this seemed to open the energy to a completely different level. I have seen a lot of unusual things in my time, however nothing quite like this!

There was a profound sense of joy in the room as well – not simply light – it was extraordinary – I had some profound realizations – firstly I realised I was cured – just had to rest to integrate what has been an extraordinary movement something like an initiation it sounded as if this word was said quite a bit – initiation – so I guess that is what it has been – in fact it would appear that it has been appearing on many levels – so the trip to PNG opened up a new vein of clearing that had to be done before the Rose Codes were finally in place.

One of the Rose Sisters from Nottingham flew in on a unicorn to join the get-together – it was so exciting to see everyone as I have met very few in this incarnation.

During all this time I could hear the sound of the sea and I felt as if the blue and green I used to see in the ship’s wake on the sea was coming right in my window!

I was asked to ask Rose Sister Alex to take a white rose and walk the labyrinth in Sydney – she was to think in her mind of the activation and when she reached the centre she was to place a representative white rose …This image came back and back as if to make quite sure that I understood what had to be done.

When the images began to fade I put on my music and began to fly with the group – I know I heard ‘The Rose’ being played – and that happened on and off until the early morning. When I woke up I could hardly believe what had happened and things have continued to unfurl since that time in the most beautiful and gentle way.

And so the Rose Codes were unfurled – please read on……[i]


For more than twenty years I have been privileged to work on the Sacred Rose Codes ™, the SRC’s as I often playfully call them. These special codes were given to me in the early stages of my work on the rose. At that time I was told to keep them in abeyance until the time was right to release them publicly. Never forget the work that we have done to preserve the secrets of the Rose and the need we have had to protect her over many centuries – those strictures have applied until only quite recently – they are being lifted and the energy is opening – however this must be done carefully and with a true understanding of the nature and form of the sacred rose.

In the meantime I embedded them, the SRC’s, into all my Rose Work, most particularly into the Rose Series and into the teaching and initiations of Rose Alchemy. This meant that the codes were gradually and subtly being returned to those who knew of them, nurtured and supported them as they waited for the right time in the evolution of Rose Consciousness™.

And wonder of wonders that time has come. We are on the cusp now of Rose Consciousness and the time for the release and re-generation of the sacred codes has arrived now. At a sacred ceremony in Sydney recently (November 2015) one of the Rose Sisters took special roses to a labyrinth and walked the labyrinth as the finale in this release and activation process.

Here are the roses that were placed in this sacred place on behalf of the Rose by Rose Sister Alex to mark the release of the Rose Codes.




In asking to receive the Rose Codes come certain rights and responsibilities and there are definite ethical considerations surrounding their release. Firstly there are some fascinating imitations out there surfacing and carousing around the Internet and whilst I am sure the people involved are extremely well-intentioned they are actually playing with fire. There needs to be proper preparation to receive the codes, an understanding of what to do with them and a commitment to use them responsibly.

Should you be drawn to a celebration of the integration of the Rose Codes into your vibration then there needs to be a proper background and understanding of the rose and your particular part in its sacred history. And there is a need for the person concerned to have removed the Rose Covenant from their vibration – not having gone through these processes – well in my view the Rose Codes won’t be activated anyway.

And of course the members of the Velvet Rose at this time are busily taking what they can of the rose, bastardising it and selling it to the unsuspecting. This is a sad state of affairs, however it is in many ways natural. With any great change comes the possibility of money making enterprises hanging on and misrepresenting the sacred truth.


This is a short extract from my book about the Rose Miracle – just a short piece so that you are able to know the general idea of the importance of the rose codes…..and what they may mean to you on your special journey.


In Amsterdam before the Second World War I was known as the Rose Voice – I embedded healing rose energies into my repertoire and I sang in some of the finest of the nightclubs or clubs there – even though I was under age. I always held a yellow rose as I sang. People came from miles around to hear me – the tunes were so extraordinary, they rhythm and cadence often bringing tears to the eyes of those who were listening. This time of my life is very vivid in my memory. At other times I bicycled around the city preparing the Rose Sisters for the coming invasion as we knew it was going to happen – we were all on the alert and we were preparing – the Rose Sisters were on full alert.

When the invasion came I still went on singing even though the nightclubs were now filled with visible enemies. No-one knew that I was able to sing rose codes into the songs and let people know whatever information was relevant to them …. This particular form of the rose codes filled the people who heard the song with courage and sheer grit. They prepared them for what had to be endured. When I was arrested no-one knew who I was – I was just some anonymous rather stupid girl riding around Amsterdam on her bike passing unimportant messages – however at the camp one of the velvet sisters pointed me out and so I was identified and used for experimentation. They knew if I was the Rose Voice I had the codes. Then my inquisitors decided to try to find where the codes were hidden in my body as I would not respond to torture – my thyroid was removed as a part of this process and, at the same time, the para thyroids were infected and hurt. They took my power – and I let this happen quite deliberately – perhaps I should have said they thought they took my power. The enemy posited that if they re-used the essence of the thyroid that would be enough to open the Rose Codes… It wasn’t. They never ever found the Rose Codes.

This thyroid attack has come down through the ages with me – until we come to the present day; during my healing rose journey I decided to return to Atlantis to see what had happened there as well – particularly as I knew I had agreed to the Rose Covenant – well some of the rose information was at that time placed into the thyroid gland as well as into other parts of my body – I had not known this before – I knew of other parts of my body – then I saw in my dreaming concerning this time many of the people whom I know in this lifetime – there were many just watching – the watchers – to see if the codes would be found under torture or not …

So if you feel it is your time to receive and open, nurture and support the Rose Codes please do contact me at your earliest opportunity.

With gentle rose wishes



To mark the release of the Rose Codes and their integration into our essence and vibration I have prepared another u-tube – playing this – or all of the u-tube presentations in sequence – will help with the integration in this next phase of our rose being.

Here is the link –


As mentioned earlier on the members of the Velvet Rose continue to pursue us – they have successfully come down the time-line from Atlantis and yes, they are around now. Being aware is one of the best ways to combat any intrusive energy, because believe me, we do not want anything intrusive right now as we make this magnificent change. Our bodies require the intensification of the light and to do this we cannot brook any interference. To help anyone who needs it to cope with the Velvet Rose or similar interference I have posted on the website a download under the heading Rose Legends – keep an eye on this part of the web site as it is here that I will post the very latest information and processes to help you with the issues that are emerging for us. Here is the link –


In case I have not mentioned it before just wanted to let you know about a really lovely rose book which is one of my favourites- – The Rose Labyrinth by Titania Hardie. I am re-reading it at the moment as I have been resting and contemplating many things since my return from the extraordinary journey I undertook to Papua New Guinea.

On page 317 she writes as follows –

She was considering the roses on Diana’s tea service, with a cup in her hands. ‘I’m beginning to understand those white roses. Sunflowers track the sun, but white roses come alive under the moonlight. Something different is going to happen, I think, when night is the real day, and a woman has power again – like Queen Elizabeth in John Dee’s time. Maybe now, while the second Elizabeth is Queen.’




Sacred rose revelations are given to those who seek information and wisdom concerning a specific condition in their lives. It means that a programme can be developed for the person asking – who may be asking on their own behalf or on behalf of someone else.

Firstly there is always a need to find the past life point of any condition that arises in life – so for the rose women – and for their friends and families – anything at all that arises in life is the connection to the past – and for many of us it begins in Atlantis – and the essence of Atlantis which has lodged within us because of the impact that it had on us is now coming up for healing and resolution. In the rose tradition it is important to find the source – and the source is often Atlantis –the energy often begins there and travels through other past life situations before finding this existence.

Secondly there is a need to lift the energy around the person or situation about which you are asking – the words we use are so strongly intentioned – particularly if you are a rose woman – that we need to almost guard them. We certainly need to notice them and alter them. Words contribute directly to the energetic field around the person whom you are discussing – so if you say they are sick – you are contributing to that thought form which will in turn influence their life. Negative mind sets are so damaging – and when you realise the impact of your words and you stand back – then you can actually hear the resonance of them. So in your head you think thoughts like – every day I see an improvement in my friend – you have to consciously determine this because the evidence in front of you may be showing you something quite different – you have to be very strong indeed to do this.

It is important to determine quite consciously that your intention is to change and amplify the energy around them – to do this you may need help – it is in this situation that you may need to contact world-wide healing and prayer lists – the prayers and thoughts of strength lift the energy around the person and negate the negativity that they may be receiving from the medical profession, friends and family. This is often a time when rose alchemy can be brought into the equation. Learning rose alchemy shows the participants many alternative ways to lift and change the energy. It also shows how to help people to reunify their souls as illness often comes as a direct result of a split soul system.

I have blended information together in one document which is available directly from me – the document is called – The Rose Lines of Light – a light-hearted guide to cracking the Rose Codes. It melds together into one straightforward plan for utilising and integrating the current energies.[i] Please contact me if you are interested in obtaining a copy of this document.



And now Jacqui Bushell has written an inspiring article for us all to enjoy …. Thank you Jacqui!

The Sweetness of the Briar
© Jacqui Bushell, 2015

Roses have always been a part of my life. One of my earliest photographs is of me as a baby, reaching for the petals and beaming. Roses have offered me my deepest experiences of Beloved.

I’ve been making flower essences for about 25 years, as a spirit journey to understand more of the really ‘big’ questions of life mysteries as well as supporting my own personal process. Each time I sit with a flower, it is first and foremost an offering of love, a green breath conjoining of my heart with the spirit of the plant, the land and sky. It is a moment of Grace in the acknowledgment of the perfection of nature, and the challenge of recognising that I too, am not excluded from this. It has been roses that have taught me of my own and other’s divinity.

Through rose, I feel my heart as one with Beloved

Through rose, I feel my heart as one with Beloved. The petals, the scent, their beautiful shape somehow unfold me, softening the boundaries of my humanness, and I rest on the edge of my own universe.

The energies of Mary Magdalene have been drawing me in for many years. She led me to the ‘Venus landscape temple’ in the Pyrenees of southern France. This beautiful, high energy area is bounded by five mountains, where she and other members of the holy family, lived and taught the Way of Love. Five is the number of petals in a ‘true’ rose, always equated with the Divine Feminine, and also representing the pentacle. Covering an area of approximately 30 miles, the energy lines of this sacred landscape form a pentagram, mirroring the trajectory of the planet Venus in the heavens. In the political upheaval following the resurrection, Magdalene and the others fled the Middle East to the Mediterranean coast of France. They followed the preceding paths of the Isis priestesses, the druids and laid the way for the Cathars, troubadours and Knights Templar. Such a great river of love, spanning centuries, teaching of divine union with Beloved.

Love continues to blossom within me, like a cherry tree in spring,
with endless abundance.

The Magdalene presence has called me to deepen even more into love. One day in meditation, I felt a question arise in my being; ‘to walk with me you must be prepared to touch the root of your being. Are you?’ Blithely, committed to a path of service, without a seconds pondering of what it might entail, I said ‘yes, of course’. Then, I began learning exactly what that simple question meant. Every part of my being and my life has been turned over and transformed. I have felt exposed, raw and intensely vulnerable and yet deeply held, like within a sacred chalice. Have you ever heard the Sufi prayer, ‘Break my heart, please break my heart, and break it again and again, so I can love even more’? It’s felt like that. Love continues to blossom within me, like a cherry tree in spring, with endless abundance.

It began quite simply, while wandering one early morning in Nebias forest, in the Aude region of France. This enchanted place of moss covered rocks forms a large, natural spiralling labyrinth that you can get lost in for hours. Coming out of the forest, I emerged unexpectedly into wild field of vibrant pink and white briar roses, clustering in bushy hedgerows. I love the sweet simplicity of briar roses, their delicate five petals cupping a radiant, golden heart.

What would happen if you trusted your divine expression?

Sitting with them, in that meadow of dew drenched wild flowers, another question was asked of me, ‘what would happen if you trust your divine expression?’ Years later, it still resonates through my being, with layers of unfolding meaning. I realised what could change immediately, if I really trusted my truth. Shame would have no power, low self-esteem couldn’t exist, we would never keep ourselves small, have angst ridden arguments in our mind about what someone might have meant, and on and on.. Over the next few months I was immersed in oceans of unresolved, deep held emotions and beliefs, guilt, rage, grief and habitual family patterns. If we absolutely trust our divine expression, then shame cannot exist, for the soul is forever whole and can never be less than radiant. Our wounding experiences limit how we perceive and express ourselves. They form a framework surrounding the brilliancy of our soul self, our divine blueprint of being. Much of my life journey has been an exploration of how to allow the personality to be a creative expression of soul, rather than a limitation.

Briar Rose essence teaches the purity of divine love, embodied in form. The five petals, the pentacle, represents the anchoring of our transcendent spirit, our divine origins in physical form. There can never be any separation from the Grace infusing your body and being. Briar Rose teaches you to trust what you really are, to come home and rest in your innate beauty.

Magdalene Rose Meditation

Breathe with your heart, Beloveds

Rest in your heart space and allow the blossoming of your radiant heart to unfold like the opening petals of the bud of the rose, in the warm sun. The heart petals unfold in the joy of being, in the celebration of life on our beautiful earth. Feel the warmth of the sun, the love of divine, on your being. You are filled, and you are filled, and you are filled again and again, with this pure love. You are always held and shone upon, with this radiant light. Let the light of the love of divine Grace unfold your petals to reveal even more of your beautiful abundant heart. Like the golden stamens of the rose, there is no limit to the abundance of your heart and the limitless love we have for you. Know your heart and know you are blessed and loved, infinitely.

Be loved
We are always with you


Jacqui Bushell is an international presenter, author, essence manufacturer, Transformational Healing and Quantum Hypnotherapy practitioner and passionate lover of our beautiful planet. Her focus is always for us to remember and embody our divine nature, to live joyfully as one within sacred presence. Jacqui facilitates many workshops and sacred spirit retreats in Outback Australia, Sydney, southern France and the United States. Upcoming is the Sacred Plant Spirit Retreat in southern France, May 2016.

Contact: 0414 837 558



I have found someone whom I love to read who writes with great clarity about the hold that the medical system has on our lives – no matter where we live.

I quote from his recent newsletter.

Robert Redfern Nutritionalist, Author & Broadcaster


I call it “The Medical Monopoly” because that is what it has become. Over hundreds of years, a battle raged between two distinct groups of physicians, the Natural Health Group and the Medical Group (my descriptions). Since both groups mainly used herbs and minerals (and a few toxic substances), it really was a battle for power and not ideology. Of course, they made up various reasons to denigrate and disparage the other group’s work and results, but none of this was based upon science.

I first came across the history of this battle when I read a huge book called The Cambridge Illustrated History of Medicine by Roy Sydney Porter. At the time, in the early ’90s, I was in the early phase of my research to understand why both of my parents had died young (my mother at 62 and my father a year later at 64). Roy Porter (1946-2002) was the historian at the Wellcome Trust in London when he wrote this book, and he is justifiably recognised as the most influential historian of medicine of his generation. In the book, he explains the battle that raged between the two groups of physicians in a surprisingly balanced way.

This did surprise me as I do include the Wellcome Trust as part of The Medical Monopoly. I justify this inclusion as it has the largest stash of tax-free cash at £16 billion and is the second largest private investor in the world of The Medical Monopoly, after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that has copied this tax-free trust model. We know that these two mega tax-free trusts are part of (or support) The Medical Monopoly.

Unfortunately, Roy Porter trusted the same doctor model that was supposed to look after the health of my parents, and he dropped dead at the even younger age of 58.
In the last 100 years or so, the group I have named, The Medical Monopoly, has all but won this battle. There are other books you can read such as my other favourite, Dirty Medicine by Martin Walker.

Walker is a journalist/writer who set out to write a book that would rubbish the Natural Health movement (he believed in doctors at that time) and ended up discovering the massive criminality and fraud of The Medical Monopoly. Martin Walker’s second book, Dirty Medicine: The Handbook, logs many of the politicians, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies involved in this fraud. Read also a book by UK physician/journalist Ben Goldacre, who, while not being convinced of the benefits of Natural Health, is also not a friend of Big Pharma. His book, Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients, documents the pharmaceutical industry, its relationship with the medical profession, and the extent to which it controls academic research into its own products.

Plenty of food for thought there!


As you all know during this year we lost the three ‘Rose Mothers.’ I am fortunate enough to know some amazing Rose women who helped during this period when I needed to support to do what was necessary to help them. In Sydney, for example, Alex continued to walk the labyrinth for our ailing rose elders. And from Janet in New Zealand came this beautiful piece which is reprinted with her permission.

I the shower this morning I remembered more of what happened last night – while sending Mona the “reiki” I was almost overwhelmed with compassion for you – even though we understand the process of earthly death and returning to our true selves, it’s still difficult to deal with the fact that we no longer share our earthly lives with those we hold dear. I felt I would find you in the Healing Fields and asked for a Rose to take me there.

I found you – you were with Mona who was leaning on you – I helped you to take her to a tent like no other – it was big and white – white from an incredible light inside it. There were roses running down in stripes from top to bottom. We lay Mona down – I saw a stream of light coming from the top of her head going up – thin at first but getting wider and stronger. I was aware of light and energy moving around – the light was alive and I realised they were very powerful beings and I needed to move away to let them do what they needed to. It was at that point that I became enveloped in this beautiful energy that I just didn’t want to leave –

There was a great learning in this for me from a practical perspective. I had linked or equated sacred journeying to meditation – it is not – I went to the Healing fields with intent and I knew I’d find you there. Seeing the red rose moving in front of me was also a moment of deep understanding – it hammered home that the Roses ARE alive. I had read the poetry about the roses moving and singing but had not experienced or felt it as tangibly as I did last night. I am still in awe of what I experienced.

On that beautiful note I will finish the Rose Blog for November/December 2015 with immense gratitude to you all for being such a wonderful part of my life. The next blog will cover some exciting developments in Italy where one of our rose sisters is currently residing and travelling.

Best of rose wishes to all

From Cris



I chose an unusual way to ground the rose codes. I attended a Fleetwood Mac concert – whilst I was there my body was pounded with an amazing sensation of light and sound – it received such an input of positive energy that I can hardly describe it. And over and over again I felt as I took in this magnificent spectacle that the rose codes entering my body and then entering Mother Earth.

Cris Henderson

Stevie Nicks was absolutely amazing at the concert – what an incredible woman. She made a little speech in the middle of the concert about living your dream – she said it is important to say to anyone standing in the way of your dream manifesting – hey – get out of the way! And then she talked about reaching up – grabbing a star – and bringing that star right down and making it yours – and then the dream would manifest! The pounding of the blood through my body continued all night and I thought of each and every one of you!

Around the same time a rose sister in Sydney was re-walking the labyrinth and grounding the rose codes for us all. I just want to remind everyone that each person may experience this in a different way – there is definitely no one size fits all – you may wish to do this process as part of an initiation, which is entirely possible – you may wish to take a sacred journey – you may wish to walk in nature – you may wish to learn rose alchemy and move into the download of the rose codes that way – everyone will be different – however you are welcome to talk to me about the process that suits you most. I also want to advise that I have created a Rose Code elixir – this will definitely help with the grounding of the codes – so, once again, should you be interested – please contact me.





This is what Alex wrote about her experience –

We arrived at Centennial Park at 1101 we drove in through the gates. We entered the labyrinth at 1111am on the 11/11.

…. It was pouring with rain which added to the experience in a magical way. It felt cleaning and calming.

A group of school children were running and playing in the rain, laughing and giggling. The energy was new, inspiring, up lifting.

Caryn and I walked on the labyrinth holding three long stemmed roses each. We sent an amazing intention of powerful energy, vibrational, shifts ….globally.

The noise of the children and the presence of our daughters made it PERFECT. The roses were laid at each petal of the centre of the Labyrinth Love, Joy, Peace, harmony were words that came to my mind.

I repeated intentions in the middle that mirrored my previous walk that activated the high amazing vibrations of the Rose essence. I feel so blessed to be part of this beautiful journey globally .I brought in the energy when in the centre with six rose petals of Rose Arch Angel Michael , Rose sister Theresa , Mary Magdalene, ISIS , Mother Mary and Quan Yin .

A total of six petals and six supporting energies for the rose energy. These are the same energies that supported my last walk of the labyrinth that we organised.

Love and Roses

Alex xxxx

As time is running away I am going to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas season – just in case I do not get the chance to write another blog in December. It is definitely all systems go to enable the sharing of the Rose Codes through my book – The Rose Miracle – coming soon!

Thank you for your extraordinary company during 2015, Happy Festive Season and welcome 2016!



The rose blog is not a substitute for the advice of a trained professional such as a medical doctor or a professional counsellor. It is essential to consult such a professional in the case of any symptoms, either mental or physical, or for the practical application of financial advice. The author expressly disclaims any liability for injuries or loss resulting from the use of the material contained in the rose blog.