Rose Legends A – Z

The rose energy is changing in the lead up to our move into Rose Consciousness. So much is happening so quickly that it might be of assistance to you to download appropriate processes from this menu entitled ‘Rose Legends’

The titles of each work are self-explanatory and each process can stand alone in its own rose energy for your use and implementation.


As the Rose Healers of Atlantis we knew all there was to know about water – and now we are re-learning and remembering it all.  The guardians of the sacred wells form one branch of the Sisters of the Rose. After the fall of Atlantis groups of Sisters settled in different corners of the globe.  Some went to Egypt, some to Avalon and some to South America and some to Asia.  In the wilds of Tibet, the Nunnery of the Mystic Rose was a haven for those whose duty it was to learn about the importance of the sacred well. Legend has it that the nuns in this nunnery were responsible for securing and protecting much of the information and knowledge relating to the Sacred Rose.

How To Enter The Rose Healing Fields of Heaven – free companion to “The Sacred Rose Well”


Our journey with the Velvet Rose has been one of chaos and sometimes even of despair.  It appears as if there is a recent resurgence of the Velvet Rose energy in our present lives.  This legend will reveal more information on the nature and form and origins of the Velvet Rose – from Atlantis to the present day. It will help to release any strictures imposed by the Velvet Rose which may be surfacing. To discover new and interesting ways of changing the energy of the Velvet Rose in your life today please download this story now.


Atlantis is the ultimate source of all mythologies and all religions. It is generally understood to be a legendary lost continent where a fabulous utopian civilization existed.  It was also the home of a mystery school called ‘The Sisterhood of the Rose.’ Atlantis has been the major influence on what has happened to the Sisterhood since that time.  Our group arrived from Sirius where we had individually and as a group vowed to come to earth with very specific contracts.  Now please read on.


One way of achieving greater independence – even though we will always be co-operatively linked with our own rose community – is by opening our energy to embody the Rose Codes.  I have redeveloped the original link with Sirius – opened the Rose Portal – and travelled through it to pave the way for all of us to enter that divine space.

The Rose Lines of Light enables an activation of your Rose Codes.