Welcome all rose friends to a brand New Year filled with the light and strength of the Rose. We begin with some exciting news about the new Rose Pods™ and about the release and downloading of the Rose Codes™. [i]A new Rose Pod has begun in Finland – this is the first Rose Pod in the new design – a design that connects directly with the infinite wisdom of the Sacred Rose. Part of my Rose Vision is to assist in the birth and then to facilitate the links between Rose Pods all over the world with the clear intention of raising the vibration of Mother Earth. And to see the first Rose Pod begin is simply wonderful in my Rose World. In addition Rita’s bio has been posted on my web site as she is the first in this new phase of Rose Alchemy trainers.
Congratulations Rita


There is information about the Rose Pods on my website which will give you the background of the Pods. Since that piece was written the concept of the Rose Pods has begun to open to more infinite and expansive possibilities.

Can you imagine the beauty of the Rose Pods linking in and cleansing the Rose Lines of Light internationally?

Can you imagine the uplifting energy of the rose buzzing all around the world – and reminding us of who we really are? Can you imagine the Rose Pods working with the Rose Codes to open us all to Rose Consciousness? The power of the collective rose is what we are seeking through the design and implantation of the Rose Pods – and as it marries with the power of intention – it brings its special form of Rose Radiance with it. And then the merger continues….

We are joining another group which is doing the same thing in a different way – this we know already – and it is in all the literature on the Rose Pods. The Rose Gatherings – a gathering that I regard as the Mother Ship – is experiential. I refer to the Rose Gatherings run by Linda in Nottingham who is willing to give the Rose Pod individual creators the benefit of her expertise.

Please contact Linda for further information on this sacred gathering – or on how to organise a Rose Pod –

And please contact me with you general Rose Pod questions.

Linda’s website is . Her blog is always inspirational.

Linda does ask that her contribution and her web site be acknowledged – and this is a point well mentioned as this is required for us all under copyright regulations. It is so easy to make the acknowledgement, so easy to write to the original creators and ask their permission to use a term of theirs – or an idea – and yet many people seem to want to take the ideas of others without this courtesy – and remember in making this acknowledgement the person concerned is involved in recognising the grace of the rose herself with the immense gratitude that she deserves for the guidance and love that she is bestowing on us.

To use the terms and ideas without proper acknowledgement means a discourtesy to the divine energy of the sacred rose.


Just as an aside at the moment there is also an increasing trend to artificial claims concerning the rose – they seem to be multiplying at this time – it is no use resisting these claims – we have known since the time that Mother Mary’s Rose Manuscripts were released publicly that this would happen – and the Internet simply facilitates this.

What is asked of you is that you remain aware of this trend and know that it comes from those who may not fully understand the intricacies and levels of the rose – awareness is the key – please avoid linking into any situations where you feel unsure at all costs. And also please avoid being in a situation where the full understanding of the rose energy is clearly not present. I am sure that no harm is meant – however the rose is an intricate, exquisite and expansive vibration – and she will respond in her own right.

In addition some may have misunderstood the nature and form of the Rose Pods – they have suggested that Rose Pods already exist in other ways included in various meditation groups – such meditation groups are powerful and expansive in their own right and they do wonderful work – however no – it has not been done in this format – of this I can assure you – so this blog will try to explain the energy around and inside the Rose Pod – and the links with the Rose Codes – really it is important for an individual to feel rather than to describe the energy – however as it is part of my Rose Vision I feel that I should at least try to expand on it. These terms are my copyright – so please if you do decide you would like to use them be aware of this and ask permission.

Many of you have been meditating in groups for years now – myself included – and well you may ask – what is the Rose Pod and how is it different? Well it is the shared intention that makes the difference – it is the way in which the energy rises and expands in terms of the facilitation of the Sacred Rose on a worldwide basis – this intention is beyond what has happened from the rose point of view previously – it began with the work some of us did on Europe – and now it is time to expand it – in the past we have certainly all done our bit – we have all incorporated both new and ancient energies including the energy of the rose. We have all been part of all sorts of meditation groups. However for a long time now many of us have worked as individuals linking perhaps intermittently or as appropriate with the sacred rose –

My Rose Pod vision includes a more deliberate linkage which brings with it the opening of the Rose Lines. Once the Rose Lines are clear operating flawlessly the external form of the Rose Codes will flow through them in a delightful and really unorthodox way.

And so the sacred marriage between all these disparate elements, particularly the outward and inward Rose Codes, will raise the vibration of Mother Earth as well as our intrinsic selves.

I am so grateful that I had that extraordinary vision of Mother Mary in the hospital in Sydney all those years ago. To think that I almost did not pay attention sometimes amazes me. If I could have that time over again and see Mother Mary again in this life – not just as a vision – as a real person – well I would be so privileged. As it is this one deliberate and amazing encounter as you all know changed my life irrevocably. It reminded me of my true origins, my purpose and showed me how my essence was missing – and how empty a life chasing the corporate dollar could be. It gave me the opportunity to make a sacred promise to Mother Mary to release over time her Rose Manuscripts.

The Rose Pods are part of this revelation – they are an integral part of the flow of divine rose energy into the world.

And so the Rose Pods bring with them the cleansing of the rose lines of light all over the world, purifying them with our combined energy – and therefore making the amazing connections that are necessary at this particular time in our history; we were not ready before this time – we had not released the Rose Covenant or cleansed the Rose Wound – it was not feasible to make the collective links or clear all of the lines – although many sisters have been doing this on an individual basis for some time now – travelling and cleansing the lines – particularly the amazing Robyn Adams author of the book ‘The Sisterhood of the Rose.’ Robyn does this work as part of her daily round – she travels and clears and writes – and then she travels again.

Take heart because this raising of the vibration will finally and irrevocably subdue and change the Velvet Rose vibration forever. Many of you have written to me recently about your experiences and I am always moved that you take the time to share these with me – I am able to help with the Rose energy and to ask the Rose Council to visit you as necessary. This is something I am happy to do as part of my Rose Role. However the resurgence of the Velvets has been of special concern, especially as they are working with others who are pulling their strings. You can find the story of the Velvet Rose on my web site under Rose Legends – please download it if you have an interest – and this may reveal to you a special pattern that may be holding back your full rose development.

The outline of how to begin to work on yourself in relation to the Rose Codes is also here – under Rose Legends.

What we are experiencing now – well this really is the last gasp, the Atlantean echo, it is the finale. So take heart if you are in the midst of an upsetting time – become even more aware of who you are – work hard to release the Rose Wound – and make sure you have dissipated that last links with the ubiquitous Rose Covenant.

Read the ‘Rose Revolution’ from cover to cover to take you out of this vibration and into the next stage – it is all there – in the book – however it is up to you to do the work yourself – and there is work to do – it needs to be approached in a methodical way – and please believe me when I say there are no shortcuts. So if you feel yourself being inundated with problems that are taking you off the main rose game – please be aware that this is deliberate – the forces that opposed us in Atlantis are here again ready to stop us at any and every opportunity – there is no holding back now – this is the time – this is our time – this is the time of the sacred rose.

This is one of the biggest moments and movements in human history – it is an underground movement that is going on in different phases and different forms all over the world – and we are part of the Rose Underground whether we know it or not – therefore I urge you to take over your own well-being – to clear the path for the download of the Rose Codes and do the preparatory work – please remember without the preparatory work you will not receive the full essence of your personal Rose Codes – and what is the purpose of that I ask you? You will only have to do it all again!


We can no longer live as impaired members of the Sisterhood or Brotherhood of the Rose – or even as impaired humans. We must reform and repair right now – there is no time left. Do you realise this – there is no time left – you must make the change now – right now.

There is even more information in my brand new book, the last in this Rose series ‘The Rose Miracle.’ Yes, the book is finished and at present it is being edited and will be posted on within the next four weeks. Here is the gorgeous cover!


And so gradually aware individuals will gather to form Rose Pods – as I have written before these Rose Pods are energetically new – yet well versed in memories of the ancient sacred rose wisdom. The Rose Pods open the energy to remind us of the sacred rose within. A Rose Pod can consist of one person holding the power of intention or many more. Opening the rose brings us into the vibration of Rose Consciousness. The Rose Pods will be an integral component of the facilitation of this amazing change collectively – as you will individually. And the Rose Pods and the Rose Codes will work one with the other until we begin to feel the full effects of the new energies in all their harmonious delight.

For more information on Rose Pods and how to link in please look at the piece on the Rose Resonance website to give you additional ideas.

Best wishes for your rose journey




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