The unconscious mind is uncharted territory; its existence is understood but most of the time we only know a mere fraction of what goes on there. What we do know is that the greatest journey one can ever take is the journey to the very centre of one’s being. The journey to our personal sacred rose – well let it begin! Let it expand! We are ready!
Cris Henderson

As I write about the Rose in more depth and as I tuned in to the collective soul of the Rose – I became increasingly aware that there are so many more levels being made available to us – so much is opening up on a subtle level and, at times, it is hard to keep up – or to integrate the rose in an easy and gentle way into the physical body. One of the ways I do it myself is actually to listen to the u-tube every morning created with Trevor Foster’s amazing help ( of the Rose – once I see these images my internal rose seems to expand further and exhibit more blooms, more flowers, more scent – she emanates the Divine Mother!

In case you have not seen this U-Tube – the one I listen to every day is written to Bette Midler’s The Rose. The other one brings in the energy of the Rose Miracle – here are the links.

At the same time as I am integrating this new and expansive rose I began to write ‘The Rose Miracle’ which concerns the re-activation of our lost rose within – the miracle gene – yes it is the fifth in the Rose Series – it was going to wait until January and a New Year to begin – however the book had other ideas. Oh, how lucky we are to be able to work with such amazing rose energy – the trick is once activated we really do need to listen to it above all else – so part of the tenor of this Blog is – once you activate your Rose within – even partly – please remember to listen to her first before you listen to anyone else at all!

Transcription of the Rose Manuscripts – well as I mentioned in an earlier blog – the manuscripts were originally written at Ephesus with Mother Mary – and here and now the ancient manuscripts and memories are being brought into a modern world – the life with Mary at Ephesus is becoming clearer too – I can see myself writing the manuscripts now – some are dictated by Mary herself – some just come as huge revelations – some facets of the information is provided by Mother Earth herself – and as the energy of the writing of the manuscripts hit me like a huge wall the other day – it was pleasant yet insistent – it was totally determined that Book 5 could not delay.

So transcription of the rose manuscripts involves devotion, skill and love of the message – I am not saying I possess these attributes – nevertheless they are a necessary part of my personal rose mix – and something that I am working to achieve – however it is even more than this – the Rose Series bring inner illumination, light and joy, which are so much more evident in the printed copies than the e-books, come directly from Mother Mary – she is like a magnet – she activated this influx of knowledge and spiritual force that is coming to us all now – and it is my delight to be able to share this with you.


More information is coming through with the Rose Readings. Again the readings are becoming increasingly expansive – they are an initiation in themselves and also open access to new rose portals which the person can continue to work with following the reading – this is currently one of the most rewarding pieces of the rose work as I love to liaise with individuals and to be able to make rose connections on a worldwide basis is simply stunning. The vivid nature of the Readings is something that I find enlivens me as I work with the rose energy in this capacity. It seems a direct transmission of power, energy and rose wisdom is made available through the words of the Reading. This always was the case, however it was not such definitive energy – it was somehow more placid, quieter and not so excitable.

Well, can energy be excitable? I certainly find that the rose energy can be classed as excitable. What happens when a person decides to have a Rose Reading is confirmation of this to me. The energy begins this unusual whirl – it feels the excitement of finding another rose out there in the world – or a rose already known and being revisited – perhaps one who is not sure of who she really is – the rose ramps up and as it does I feel every speck of its energy. When the reading itself begins it can take up to six weeks to complete – this is sometimes hard to explain to the recipient as they may be wanting to have the information as soon as possible. This is the story of one aspect of the person’s life – and it is quite often written as a story. It is like a chapter in their Rose Book of Life – I so long to write the whole Life story and often I have to restrain myself when glimpses of other stories, other chapters in their history, come in from elsewhere.

In one of the readings recently I found that my sense of smell was even more heightened than it had been. I smelt the warmth of closely congested bodies, I saw them, felt them and then smelt them too – I walked through a scene picking up the changes in scent within the structure and then, when I went outside and visited the Rose Garden, the scents changed again and my body was almost assaulted by the purity of the generative rose which came almost as an antidote to the earlier experience.

In another of the readings my blood ran cold at the sight of a particular uniform – most of you will know which uniform it is! It truly still chills me – it brings back partly formed memories for me too that sit in my consciousness waiting to be heard. It also makes me remember the extraordinary bravery of the rose women that has echoed down through the ages. I have witnessed this bravery in many lifetimes and I am now privileged to witness it again sometimes through my rose dreaming and sometimes through the rose readings. We often forget what we have accomplished and what we have achieved – and how wonderfully well we have coped with all that has transpired in our rose lives.

And in other readings I have been fortunate to return to a life as a Blue Nun where I encountered the Mother of our Abbey, Mother Hilda. And recently I was able to experience a reunion with her in this lifetime. Mother Hilda is a very brave rose woman – and a Rose Mother – who has survived time in a concentration camp in this lifetime and lived to tell the tale. She brings with her wherever she goes the delight of her pure rose within.Here we are together recently

So please remember in whatever circumstances you find yourself pause for a moment and honour yourself – remember your bravery, remember how you fought to stay alive, remember how you protected the rose no matter what was done to you – remember please remember!

And once you have remembered then it is time to move on and to create the future not from the past which we certainly understand and revere –create your future from this present moment with no past impediments – and look and wonder at what an amazing creation that can be!

I also want to mention that I have had some interesting discussions with individuals, mainly those who have elected to come into deeper levels of the rose via the Rose Readings, about whether or not it is important to dissipate the whole of the energy of the Rose Covenant before moving on. Well, I believe that it is and of course there are different ways of doing this – one of the subtle energy tricks with the rose is the same as with many other disciplines – and that is one thinks that one has dissipated the energy around the Covenant – just as an example – and then back it comes in a different form to hinder one’s progress – so one of the reasons for writing ‘The Rose Revolution’ has been to give people a platform for change.

By simply and systematically working through this book the whole of the Rose Covenant in all its different aspects can be removed – and removed permanently. The work has to be done – it needs to be undertaken with verve and intention – and then the age old entwinements will be gone – and gone forever.
These words seem to roll glibly off the tongue – however if you sit with them for a while and really relate to them then you will know that all aspects of the Rose Covenant that impede your life at the moment, some obvious, some hidden, some secret agendas can all be removed – and removed permanently – and once they have been removed lives change, they improve, they are filled with joy, abundance flows as if from a sacred well – in other words lives are enhanced in every aspect.

There are still plenty of people looking for the rose as a more instant solution to problems. If this is your conception of the rose energy then please as you make the rose connection do remember that the rose energy is anything but a quick fix – it is a way of life, a calling, a remembering, a depth of honesty with yourself and others that is, in itself, part of the rose code which we are just about to open. It still needs commitment and courage – and this can make it a testing path. However we are moving into a new phase soon – so if you want to stay with the tests then you can choose to do so – or if you want to find an easier path then that is alright too – you are the one who has to make this decision – and all the rose people will help.

Once a Rose Reading is downloaded and received it has to be integrated into the physical. Some people find this part the hardest – they may want to integrate and think that they have integrated, however often there are strands that seem to float out there unattended linking the person to other pieces of the rose energy. To manage this download in itself is sometimes very testing. It is as if the initiation continues. And it does continue until the person listens to the rose energy with their full attention. Some recipients have also found it hard to realise that yes, the reading is about them, and yes, this is who they truly are. We have been so used to hiding, to being small and to emerging from our hiding places only when really necessary that the thought of teaching as our full selves, of writing as our full selves, of being in and part of the world as our full selves – well it is still too difficult for some to absorb. If this happens to you my recommendation is that you wait six weeks and record what happens to you during this time and then contact me again. I don’t mean be out of touch for this period of time either – just put the work in for the six weeks and see what transpires.

I suggest that during this particular six weeks the energy of the rose will literally have settled into your bones – it is in your bones that we find the Rose Code – and it is here that we need to go to transform your personal Rose Code so that you do believe in the beauty of who you really are. I have developed special techniques for this activation and if you are interested then you might like to contact me individually. And of course the Rose Code becomes increasingly available to us once we remove the restrictions of the Rose Covenant.
And then came the exciting news from the USA that the first of the Rose Revolution books had been sold – to a sister there – here she is holding the book!

Meanwhile the wonders of the Rose Cloak continue to open and to expand – and the miracles that the Cloak can generate are increasing too. Recently I had a lovely message from Janice who wrote to ask some questions about the last Blog. We talked and then she began to come to the Healing Fields and to use her Rose Cloak in an increasingly expansive way – this is what she said –

My pale pink Rose Cloak is exquisite, the fragrance intoxicating, the energy all encompassing … protecting, loving, magical, and it’s extent knows no boundaries.

Roses, roses, roses … not only on my cloak, but surrounding me too, offering the opportunity to open up new pathways … so the purest energy can be shared. What a wonderful gift!

Love Janice

Today the sisters are finding one another gradually and without pressure. Reunions are sometimes purely personal and often not publicly shared. One sister finds another and links are formed or reformed. Or sometimes the links are more public – here are three rose sisters at the Bundaberg reunion that launched Leslina Fanelli’s Rose Oracle Cards earlier this year. Robyn on the left is an original Rose Sister and the author of a beautiful book entitled – yes – you have guessed it – ‘The Sisterhood of the Rose.’

Here is Robyn with Vivienne and Leslina at the very successful reunion/gathering.


Another day is being planned for the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia on Valentine’s Day 2015 – please connect with Leslina’s Facebook page for details.

So now we are in the throes of releasing ourselves from the confinement of contextual reality – in fact the rose is facilitating this approach – she is intent on this aspect – she is guiding us on this sacred path – and so we are aware that the rose journey is about changing ourselves – it is about opening our personal sacred rose within – our rose soul if you like – and as we open our own rose we touch the rose of all those whom we meet – because everyone has a rose whether they are members of the rose family or not – their rose is sitting quietly inside them waiting to be noticed, longing to be useful, filled with the ability to generate new aspects of a joy-filled life – so if you come along and have successfully opened your own rose – just imagine the wonderful effect you will have on others! It is in this way that we will change the world – we will be able to transmute and transform with ease just by standing in a room, walking through a supermarket, visiting a friend in hospital, riding on a bus – we can do it now – can you see it my friend, can you feel it – we are so close now we can taste it – do not give up – make the choice to commit to the more in-depth work of the rose, keep on with your beautiful work and join me in the Healing Fields of Heaven every Sunday night at 9.00p.m. to witness the rose miracles at work.

The rose and the lily are the two highest frequency flowers on the planet. The rose continues to remind us of perfect love, bliss and high aspirations…. and as she does may I take this opportunity to wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year – and to thank you for the wonderful interactions I have shared with you during 2014. May the rose adore you in 2015 in all her aspects!


Cris Henderson