Welcome to 2015 and a new vibrationary experience with the sacred Rose. During 2015 it is predicted that the rose energy will begin to expand across the globe and that it will influence individuals positively in their search for meaning.

The Rose Cloak is usually made up of rainbow roses which change and vibrate their glorious colours as the living roses move about in the most unexpected ways. The Cloak may also be highly scented – the roses may sing to you, the wearer, as well. You may receive the cloak initially as part of an initiation experience – however as there have been many requests from individuals for assistance I have decided to bring the Rose Cloak out of hiding and to tell you more about it and the range of possibilities it can bring into our lives. As the Rose Cloak generates stronger levels of rose energy you will find that it can be used for fortification and to enhance your individual and collective energetic rose vibration.

In itself and simply on its own the Rose Cloak can provide you with all you need to navigate the energies of these testing times.

In this expansive form it is possible to ask the Rose Archangels for the Rose Cloak of Consciousness to be available for a particular purpose, for example, for nurturing oneself or others, for invisibility, for expanding one’s vibration or to change the energy in any particular environment you choose.

Please do be aware of the enormous potency that it generates.

In more recent times the Cloak has been presenting itself as a multi-faceted cloak – there are diaphanous layers within layers – this is the first time that I have experienced the cloak in this extraordinary form. I wanted to let you know about the unrestrained form that the Rose Cloak is using – and the multiplicity of its benefits – so please let me know of your experience with the Rose Cloak and how it is working for you.

These are some of the comments I have received. Recently I had a lovely message from Janice who wrote to ask some questions about the last Blog. We talked and then she began to come to the Healing Fields and to use her Rose Cloak in an increasingly expansive way – this is what she said –
My pale pink Rose Cloak is exquisite, the fragrance intoxicating, the energy all encompassing … protecting, loving, magical, and it’s extent knows no boundaries.
Roses, roses, roses … not only on my cloak, but surrounding me too, offering the opportunity to open up new roadways … so the purest energy can be shared. What a wonderful gift!

Love Janice

And from Eileen came this beautiful piece –
The Rose- the intricate and elegant rose offers a glimpse into the presence of what is larger than life in our daily creations. As rose blossoms, the beauty within the layers of its petals reveals how spiritual wisdom unfolds in people’s lives. The strong and sweet scent of the rose represents the powerful sweetness of love, life and the mystery of living. Many miracles occur when the rose is in one’s life. For me, the rose symbolizes grace and serenity along with the power to heal and transform. A rose has a powerful energy field that vibrates at a high electrical frequency, the highest of any flower on Earth. Therefore, the angels are able to connect with us through the rose, sharing their love and support. The colour of the rose has significance: white is purity and holiness; red is passion and sacrifice; yellow is wisdom and joy; pink is gratitude and peace; purple/lavender is wonder, awe and change for the better. My connection with the rose has become stronger as a result of receiving the Rose Energy and will often be a part of my sessions with clients bringing peace and calm with their presence.

I envisioned a Red Cape shortly after the Rose Energy was downloaded through me. This cape represents a cloak for protection, for purity of love and peace, for hope and inspiration. It feels very ancient and full of wisdom with a touch of authority that has been passed down from a higher energy. There is power, strength and freedom in the essence of the cape, for I can feel it when envisioned wrapped around me. I am transformed into another realm in which the richness of its purpose is enhanced giving me the ability to bring forth all that is embedded in the fabric of the roses combined. I see the rose cape as a reminder of what happens when we choose to tap into our innate and spiritual powers bringing them to the surface for manifesting healing. The beauty of the rose cape is that I can adorn it at any time and the powers that lie within the roses woven throughout will assist me in ways that are for mine and my client’s highest good. I find wearing this rose cape changes my demeanour in ways that exude confidence, courage and the teachings of the ancients.

Eileen, Ordinary to Extraordinary Life

And again my dear friend Diana uses the cloak in a different way –
As I lay weary from my days happenings I find that I am unable to ‘sleep’,,,,
I know My Cloak is near, Within My inner self I reach out and gently wrap my Sacred Rose Cloak around my weary body, I am Uplifted to my Sacred Place of Peace, My Rose Cloak surges through me, I feel her Strength her Healing Power Energizing my entire self, I feel the Softness of Her Sacred Blossoms gently against my body my mind, She is Here She is Me…
Sacred and Secure Peace & Tranquility….Power of the Rose…

The Rose Wound is one of the major impediments that have held us back – the pain and intensity of journeying into the Rose Wound can be alleviated. What is the Rose Wound? It refers to an injury made to a person in an incarnation as a rose sister which reappears in present and future incarnations until it is finally cleared. It may manifest as illness or injury – so that we finally will address it – we just cannot ignore it and our journey then takes us into the heart of the wound. The most recent of the Rose Readings have traced the imprint of our Rose Wound through time and brought us to a situation where we can discuss the wound itself in more detail.

One of the most practical ways to alleviate the effect of the Rose Wound is by using living essences.

Information on the latest of my rose essence creations follows – I offer this essence to you now to enhance your energetic linkage with the New Year 2015 and to reinforce your individual life force. Once the life force is strong and positive we can deal with anything. This remedy will release the energy that is concealing your Rose Wound from you – it will bring the wound into the light so that at last it can be healed!

This remedy is dedicated with love and gratitude to my dear friend Annie
It is created with appreciation to Susan who supplied the Italian artefacts which brought the Rose Unicorn to life!

The Rose Unicorn, the first of a new rose series, the Rose Unicorn series, was created at the time of the Full Moon in December 2014. It is particularly useful for healing the memories and physical form of the Rose Wound.


The generative energy of the unicorn married with the energy of the sacred rose brings with it the divine union we all seek. We are searching for this harmonious union now within our own bodies as we enable the balance of our sometimes competitive energies to take place. The rose unicorn facilitates this perfect union and we rise now gently and easily into rose consciousness.



The rose unicorn was first seen in the wilderness of Tibet where he continues to live in the Rose Nunnery as an honoured guest. Those of the rose fraternity who visit this sacred space in their dreams and meditations often see him as they walk through the rose gardens or visit the Sacred Well of the Universe. His name is Arthur and sometimes he is known as the King’s Messenger. Contemplate the Nunnery as expressed in the following illustration and you too may see him.



The faith engendered by the Rose Unicorn brings heart-felt healing within and between the bones – and here in our own skeletal system is the answer to many of our questions. The skeletal system has its own sacred purpose and this special remedy acknowledges the power and purpose of the bones. It reminds us of the miracle of the skeletal system and the support that the bones supply to the physical and spiritual bodies. It shows us how our grief is often lodged in the bones – and gives us the ability to remove it with gentleness and grace. It acknowledges the hidden centre of the bones which hold the core of our personal secrets and our individual healing.
In my own case the bone had to be broken so that at last I would listen and search and remember this subtle yet penetrating energy. The break released knowledge that I had refused to remember. I was intent on my path failing to see some of the signs around me – and then I fell into the abyss – it is true that I did experience a concerted curse at this time – it was well and truly a pointing of the bone – the rose women have all been subjected to this type of energy recently – and I knew this at the moment of falling – however it has taken all of this year to remove the curse in all its layers, its nuances and its forms. Without the removal of this curse at all levels further healing in any form at all remained both impossible and impractical.

The beauty of the rose unicorn has lifted off those final layers and now I am free – and free to share this liberating form of the rose energy with you.

This remedy brings us to the point of re-birth. It embodies the ancient energies of Italy in all their glory and with this energy we acknowledge our past history and the mystery of the sacred rose. We acknowledge the Magdalene and Mary and St. Francis of Assisi and St Clare and we remember our time with them as we kept one another secure and hidden from danger. We acknowledge our sisters as we find them in all sorts of unusual situations and as we remember together. We acknowledge the energy of the sacred artefacts of Italy of which the following serve as a reminder.


For me this remedy is particularly potent for now I am free to seek the perfect union of my bones – I have gone from disunion, to non-union, to searching for re-union and now will come the perfect union right at the right moment. As this remedy works it brings us into the recognition of perfect timing – so if you are facing major life issues the veils will part with the use of this remedy and the secrets of your own healing will be revealed to you – the secrets are embedded in your bones – and you are the one who is the final arbiter of your own healing – only you can say what this is and how it works for you – so now your secret opens to you – the secret of your personal universe – with the help of Arthur, the Rose Unicorn, the Messenger of the King.

To be truthful I had never taken much notice of my bones prior to this experience – and now I do – I feel the energy of the rose unicorn nuzzling them and teaching them to be whole again – and I feel the energy of the rose uniting me internally – my heart and mind are becoming as one.

Thanks to my fall I can now feel the magic in the bones – and the rose unicorn may well remind us all of how this feels. After all Eve was created from Adam’s rib! Separation is when the mind is not where the heart is – there is a rift. The bones of a person represent the invisible soul – the link is obvious once it is spoken about – however to find it took me a long time and the powerful presence of the rose unicorn to help me in this sacred search which I share with you now.
This is how my bowl looked when I was working with the rose energy of the essence.


It is the skeletal system that reproduces the red blood cells and as this memory comes to the fore we remember the past life of the Sisterhood where we worked all together as Blue Nuns in the South of France – and where we used the magical remedies of Sister Angelina – it was Sister Angelina who created the remedies called the River of Life. She was very aware of the blood and its function – and she worked tirelessly to bring her remedies to those who needed them. Non-invasive and so gentle and supportive miracles happened with these remedies and wherever Sister Angelina and her company of nuns worked.

I am grateful for the opportunity to bring forward remedies in the tradition of Sister Angelina in this lifetime. I offer this soul gift to you and I honour your path.

With love from Cris


Dr. Cris Henderson is a Creativity Consultant in the field of human potential who will assist you on your own personal journey. Her credits include books and articles in the area of life skills such as self-management and training and personal courage. She has published in the area of women’s education, history and universal healing energies and her series of Rose books now number four and they are available on

Cris Henderson is available to teach the rose energy in its different forms including ‘Rose’ Alchemy by distance education through the Rose School. She develops individual programs for people interested in creativity and change in their personal and professional lives. Her course entitled the ‘Rose Revolution’ which facilitates rose consciousness is taught in Australia and overseas. Cris develops sacred poetry for individuals on request or facilitates a reading of extracts of an individual’s own personal ‘Rose Records’. Her essences in the ‘River of Life’ series are available at $50.00 per stock bottle plus postage and packing to any part of the world.
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