The beauty of the rose is an energetic passage way home. The rose can fill us with a euphoric sense of well-being as it willingly supplies us with our own special navigation system. It is the key to the kingdom. It opens up all the layers of our true vibration. The more we invite roses into our lives, the more readily our lives will reflect their beauty back to us. There is no limit to the healing power of the rose. In Atlantis both the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose used the rose for healing purposes, for its symbology and for its purity.

We just need to acknowledge the beauty and potency of the rose and, as we do we need to observe that the ROSE, in her own right, is a living entity.

This is a time of unprecedented energetic expansion. It is also a time when individuals may find themselves in unusual circumstances as they experience this immense change. At such a time it can be beneficial to use our long-standing friend, the Rose Cloak. Before wearing the Rose Cloak please ask if the energetic threats are real or imagined – we are now so sensitive as we move further and further into the energy of expansion that we may pick up the energy of others in a blink. If we have other people’s energy imprinted in our energy field it is important to cleanse ourselves thoroughly – and then we are ready to wear our new fashion statement.

The new form of the Rose Cloak in its more expansive form is now available for you to use.

The Rose Cloak is usually created from rainbow roses which change their colours and move gently as if they are blowing in the wind, often in a most unexpected fashion; however you may imagine the Cloak in an entirely different way.
One recent development has been that the roses may sing quietly to you if you decide to wear the Rose Cloak to assist with a deeper sleep. The singing is in the form of a gentle lullaby which will help soothe you and bring you into a level of profound rest. The scent that the roses release is so powerful that it creates a blanket of relaxation in its own right.

The Rose Cloak is particularly effective when worn in the Rose Healing Fields of Heaven – a place where we journey together every Sunday night at 9p.m. wherever you happen to be in the world. Please join us – choose a special tent for yourself or others – and find inside the greatest healers in the universe who will help in whatever way you require.

When I visited Beryl, our Rose Mother, in Adelaide I used the Rose Cloak on her behalf to assist her through her hospital experience.


You have heard about this Cloak before, however, as the energy of the rose is expanding, so too is the energy of its artefacts. Experiment with the Cloak and make it your own – you are only limited by the extent of your creativity and imagination.

Enjoy the energy of the Rose Cloak and please write to me and tell me how it works for you.

In a recent development the Rose Cloak has been represented as part of the Rose Sisters Oracle designed by one of the Sisters of the Rose, Leslina Fanelli – and this glorious card is reproduced below.
Should you be interested in finding out more about the cards please contact Leslina via our Facebook page – the Rose Generation –

Leslina is fresh from hosting a special Rose event in Bundaberg where the cards were launched much to the delight of the participants.

Representatives of Leslina’s vibrant oracle are included in Book Three of the Rose Trilogy Rose Ceremonies – a journey into consciousness. This book brings together in one volume the previously secret initiations of the Sisterhood of the Rose – their vibrancy is now available to enable all of us to add this expanded energy to our daily lives.


They are also a special part of Book 4 entitled The Rose Revolution – the journey of the sisterhood of the rose from secrecy to serenity – this is my definitive book of the secrets of the rose energy, the Sisterhood of the Rose and our journey into Rose Consciousness.
And yes, I believe it is a revolution – it is time that the divine feminine was brought back into our daily lives – it is time that we reclaimed our intrinsic selves with the help of the rose – it is time for us all to stand up and be counted – and at last to make our unique contribution to the rose energy. What information about the rose have you carried from Sirius via Atlantis? What is your contribution to be?

Read this book and be changed forever – it too is available through

The Rose Revolution is currently on Amazon for close to $70.00 USD – – it is 10’ x 8’ and nearly 400 pages long whilst the illustrations are in full colour – I have resisted black and white and a less expensive version because the energy of the rose is enhanced by the colour illustrations and the books vibrate in their own right – particularly this one – the one that will satisfy your soul and bring us all closer together as we remember who we really are!


The Rose series also includes A Rose a Day: a book of rose prayers – AND – Rose Alchemy both of which are available for purchase via my web site

On the Rose Resonance site you will find the direct links to two Facebook pages as well as a new U-tube presentation on the Rose Revolution.

I am honoured to be with you on the rose journey!


The Mystery School of the Sisterhood of the Rose was begun some years ago and focused on both the coursework and initiation exercises

Many of you will remember that the Mystery School aspect of the Rose energy was primarily embodied in the coursework available through For some time the Mystery School has worked silently only expressed through the coursework and passed gently from woman to woman as appropriate.

Change is in the air – and we know now that the books – the Rose books – are the new basis for the Mystery School of the Sisterhood of the Rose – I am also going to change the name and simply call our learning enterprise – the Rose Mystery School – and this will take effect from 1st January 2015.

Why the books? Recently I received information about my role at Ephesus with Mother Mary post crucifixion. It was here that I wrote the Rose Manuscripts so many centuries ago. The Rose Manuscripts and the Rose series of books are one and the same – and so the change will manife5555st in a way that will no doubt surprise and delight all of us – it will bring together the rose energy in a way that will facilitate the next part of our journey into Rose Consciousness.

Are you willing to be part of this change? What is your contribution to the rose to be? Do you remember now? Are you ready to change the landscape of your existence?

Cris Henderson