Is your spirit more important than your body? I heard a recording recently that suggested that the spiritual community was so intrigued with the spirit that it saw the body as in need of control – and they placed the body as definitely lesser than the spirit. I was fascinated by this conversation as I felt the people who were engaged in this discussion were really out of touch with how the energies have changed, developed, expanded and potentised! And how our personal and collective awareness has changed and expanded too.

My feeling is that the more we remember the stories of the rose the more she teaches us that the body is equal in importance to the spirit and our darling companion as we walk the Rose Road. Tune in to your body now and ask her what she would like you to do for her and with her today.

You too may be as surprised with her answer as I have been in recent times. Perhaps increased levels of recognition of the physical and expanded understanding of our body’s equal role in our lives is part of the Rose Reunion – and perhaps it forms one component of the next phase of our exciting rose journey.

Cris Henderson
Rose Alchemist

It has been a long time since I have written a Rose Blog. Many of you know it is because I have been working with the other sisters of the Inner Sanctum to bring together a new website which is being launched on 31st January 2018. This date was chosen because it has been called the ‘super blue blood moon’ and it seemed most appropriate to launch our new venture. So what is this particular moon – it seems it is an enthralling combination of a blood moon, a total lunar eclipse, a super moon and a blue moon. So hang on to your hats!

Here are the details of the new site and my announcement.


The Rose Collective™ is pleased to announce that the Inner Sanctum of the Sisterhood of the Rose, the arcane mystery school born in Atlantis, has reconvened. We have come together to fulfil the ancient prophecies and to bring the sacred rose to the world. After many centuries of waiting of struggling and of hiding we are back together again – and nothing can take this away from us now – whatever happens in the future the link between us has been made – we have seen it through – we have committed – and now our links will open the vibrancy of the rose into other layers of both seen and unseen rose energy as we vibrate and pulse together.

On our new website each member has written about her knowledge and special experience with the healing energies of the rose. The web site that we bring to you contains a smorgasbord of rose memories and information which will no doubt help to activate your personal rose memories. Much of the information on the site is free of charge and all of it is all copyrighted to the author of the individual piece.

Once again, we have been called to reunite. So when you hear the call of the rose you may like to take your rose exploration further by linking in to We wish you well on your rose journey – and we are pleased to assist if you would care to contact any one of us for further information.

Cris Henderson Rose Alchemist
[i] Rose Photo supplied by Leslina Fanelli.

Recently I was fortunate enough to meet another sister who has touched my heart. She is April, the Priestess of the Bees and the Rose, and she brings together with the rose the ancient art of beekeeping. Since I met April I have been intrigued by the number of bees around me – as I swim in my pool I am constantly and consistently rescuing bees in great numbers. It must be part of my link with April.

I have exceptionally clear memories of April in Atlantis and in other places where we have been together as a group. Please follow this link and have a look at her beautiful and engaging website. April will be a contributor to the next round of our group website – that is Phase Two.
The Priestess of the Bees and the Rose

Have you felt the presence of angels in your energy field even more than usual of late? They are there intensifying energetically and bringing us help and healing and genuine support whenever we find we need it.

So call in the angels this way – simply speak this aloud and they will be there.


The subtle bliss of pure energy

Is generating now

Shimmering and lighting the way

The gentle ribbons undulating

As they fill the landscape

Before behind and around me

The energy changes from pure white

As it floats by like fluffy cumulus clouds

Then colours form gradually to each side of me

New colours that I have never seen before

Some I imagine are vaguely familiar

One looks like caramel another persimmon

And yet they are totally unknown

At first the white remains as if reluctant to disperse

And then it gives itself up to a new pulsing creation

Of these awesome colours

To the right a rich dark velvety colour forms

Awaiting my notice

And here is a yellow that is not really yellow at all!

Red and rose pink on the left undulating moving and simply there

Then they touch my body gently yet precisely

My feet certainly and my arms too

I wanted to stay and not return

The energy drew me into a new orbit

Rich and wonderful and full of infinite possibilities

And yet I did return

And here I am now

Waiting and hoping for more!

From Cris Henderson


Rose Consciousness may be defined as every aspect of how you experience and understand reality. It can encompass infinite, new frontiers or finite potential. It can hold the key to incredible human potential and new world frontiers.

The sacred art of Rose Alchemy brings with it the infinite possibilities of profound change on both a personal and a planetary level. This is so for all members of the Rose Family including most particularly the Rose Mothers and the Rose Fathers who have been denied their rights and are suffering in silence. Many of you know that I have been appalled at the way the aged in our community are being treated – elder abuse is on the rise – and very often it is such a tricky situation that it cannot even be reported let alone dealt with.

My way of changing the system was to create a new YouTube Channel – well my beautiful Rose Sister Rebecca created it for me – and as part of that I developed a Rose Blessing for someone who is very dear to me and who forms part of the community of Rose Mothers. Each time it is played the rose energy goes out to the Rose Mothers and Rose Fathers and gives them an increased sense of dignity.

As our combined rose intention for healing is expressed through the agency of these YouTube presentations the energy will expand and this situation too – the repression of our aged – will gradually and irrevocably change for the better.

The above is the YouTube for Rose Mother Phyllis which some of you have seen – please play it and send healing to the Rose Mothers and Fathers wherever they may be.

The Main Page for Cris Henderson PhD Rose Resonance YouTube is –


You will find the piece that follows about Versailles in one of the newsletters on the new site which are being prepared on a monthly basis by Rose Sister Janet with loving care and attention to detail – however I thought it worthwhile mentioning here the vivid nature of what I am seeing now in relation to our experiences together at other times. These memories are becoming increasingly vivid – and the colours are changing and becoming bolder – the figures more outspoken of who and what and why they are – and of their connection with the Sacred Rose.

Another example of this vivid memory recall that is happening for me is an initiation that I have recently written about the Ringmaster in Atlantis. If you are interested please contact me directly. Those that have taken this initiation have found some powerful and potent results. Its current cost until it is posted on my rose alchemy website is $75.00 and I support you throughout the process.

This price will change to $125.00 once the initiation is posted on the website.

So here is what I wrote about Versailles.



In this lifetime I have made two visits to Versailles – and on each visit I was quite overcome by the size and impact that Versailles had on me. At the time I did not realise that I had been present during the time of Marie Antoinette with some of the sisters – not all of us were there – although some certainly were – and some in recent times have approached me for Rose Record Readings which brought up the theme of Versailles – initially quite unexpectedly for me – so it has been my privilege and pleasure to open to the energy of Versailles, Marie Antoinette and the Sisters of the Rose and to be shown more about the characters that inhabited Versailles and the nature and form of the buildings themselves – the tapestries, the elaborate furnishings, the paintings and of course the impressive grounds – including its statues and of course Marie Antoinette’s fabulous rose garden.

When I do a Rose Record Reading it is remarkable – it is an experience for me as well as for the recipient. I access the Rose Library which as many of you are aware is on Sirius – and accessible through the Rose Portal from Atlantis – it is always an interesting journey for me as well as for the recipient!

It is often like a patchwork – or a jig saw puzzle –sometimes obtained from ancient manuscripts such as the above – and it is usually an enormous amount of work energetically. I cannot sit and link into the energy in one go – for a start it is too strong – too vibrant – too intense for my human body and for the recipient’s human body as well. And so the energy brings the information in a way that it thinks is best for us – it generates change as it does this and almost always the recipient receives the energy as it is being unloaded – and then for a long time following the link. Sometimes the recipients are aware of this – and sometimes they are not!! Sometimes they think the reading is not what they imagined it would be – and usually they are right – it is not! The readings are always confirmed by the Rose Council – so that is another part of the process that is normally not explained as it is not necessary really – suffice to say that the generative energy of the readings is profound. It sometimes continues to download months or even years later – the recipient suddenly receives information elsewhere and writes to me to say – guess what happened! To tell you the truth I am never surprised!

I think that the Versailles readings have been part of a suite of readings that have opened the energetic links with the rose – healing ensues – so what I am saying is that the reading was not only for one person – it was for one person who triggered something for all of us. Interestingly too in my books I have barely mentioned Versailles – whereas I have mentioned other lifetimes in detail – I have ‘seen’ us in those lives, for example the Blue Nuns come to mind – and so the detail in which I have seen this life in 16th century France is enormous – I just wish I could write one special book about the Blue Nuns experience alone as it is vivid and bright and with me all the time. However with Versailles it has been different. The vista has been brief and intermittent emerging now more clearly as time has gone by – and it has been dominated by symbols which have combined many of those that I already teach in Rose Alchemy into an amazing vista of symbols – for example – see the symbol outlined below.

The general patterns as you traverse Versailles are amazing – there are symbols embedded in the palace, outbuildings and grounds in the most amazing ways – and many of these – I think really all of them – well these symbols link into my teaching of Rose Alchemy – the fabled combination of Rose Reiki and Rose Seichim – the teaching tool of the rose.

In more recent times I have realised that the sacred architecture of Versailles links directly to the sacred architecture of Sirius – I do not know all of the ramifications of this linkage – I can just share it at this time through Janet’s sacred newsletter – to let you know that the link is there – the way is open – and the information and knowledge that is being unveiled to all of us now is absolutely incredible!

Enjoy the rose journey!


I wrote this piece as part of the introduction to the rose on the new website – I am repeating it here as you may enjoy reading it as a standalone piece on the nature and form of the beautiful rose as she increases her generative energy across the globe.


More and more of the stories of the rose are being remembered – and with these memories comes a rising excitement in my heart as the rose weaves increased levels of magic through us and throughout the world.

New energy streams have been activated which are raising the vibration of the rose as she works more and more of her magic in our everyday world. During the writing of my book ‘Radical Roses: the Rose in Action’[i] I was shown images of us as healers in the ancient tradition of the rose and these memories gradually became an everyday occurrence and a central part of my sacred journey.

Currently the Rose Collective is being re-born. Until this moment we have been like a sleeping giant. And now that we have awoken it seems that our collective is far greater than we imagined. United we stand – divided we fall – this old saying still has merit. There is so much more to our Rose Collective and to the sacred rose herself than we may have considered. Please breathe that possibility in for ten seconds. Experience that belief flowing to your heart, your mind and all through your body – and as it does begin your rose energetic expansion.

Knowing that everything in our dreams is now possible gives all of us the faith, hope, awareness and strength to carry on.

Any painful residue from our past lives – and indeed from this one – should be released and transformed now. There is no hurt possible from those quarters anymore and I am sure you find this as much of a genuine relief as I do. I can feel my body relax as she realises she no longer has to run and hide.

Nevertheless the current manipulation of the world energies and the introduction of increasing number of toxic stories mean that we need to expand our own rose stories to activate the subtle energies of transformation. In order to do this effectively it is worthwhile recreating the story of the rose in her many and varied formats – and this is what we have done as a Rose Collective – we have brought together the creations of the rose women working in their own unique way to provide an expansive rose story!

It is our collective intention that this expansive rose story will provide one path to Rose Consciousness for those who are seeking to enhance their energetic vibration.

There truly is something great about the rose. She has come into her own now. We no longer need to vibrate at the lowest common denominator – we no longer have to fit in – we no longer have to be afraid of being our full selves. We have done – all of us – a brilliant job of reaching this collective point. We need to accept our brilliance and be proud of it – we came through – we escaped the wrath of those who did not want us to succeed. We walked out of the shadow where our enemies had been lurking to limit our success and now we are fully in the light. And we did this virtually alone. The Rose Road is not one for the faint-hearted – it is often a road we have to walk unaccompanied through light and dark. Usually we cannot share our experiences with others as they are so unusual. One of the greatest of the spiritual teachings is that everything we have been through in our lives is something we had to experience in order to make it to this meeting place. We were meant to get to this point – we were meant to survive – and we were meant to re-meet now – contributors and readers alike.

It has been my great privilege to activate the reunion – something I promised that I would do a very long time ago. And now the reunion will take on its own persona, its own form as it gathers together its own incredible collection of roses. We will continue to seek out other roses until the Rose energy reaches a tipping point – that is when the new Rose Paradigm will be created as knowledge of the rose permeates previously bleak energy points to create her unique scenario.

The Rose will offer the world a different way.

Can you imagine it – what a sacred role we have – and now that the collective has been born the possibilities are even more radical. So I have not called my contribution ‘Radical Roses’ for nothing – we are part of a Rose Revolution – make no mistake about that. Wherever you are in your life right now you have done an amazing job to reach this point where you have either contributed to this reunion – or whether you have found the website and you are reading and integrating the content which it lovingly provides.

It will start with a trickle – however it will become a raging river.

The greatest gift you can give to the world is to be your authentic self. Our time has come – we have arrived – we are here – so join with me to experience what we have been waiting for now for many lifetimes – open your hearts to the rose and she will never desert you – be who you really are – and your life can change for the better in just one glorious instant.

Dr. Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist