It has been a long time between blogs however here I am at last!  And I promise it won’t be so long next time.  During the time that I have not been talking to my rose friends as a whole there have been so many earth changes, so many ecological imbalances – Mother Earth is moving and changing as we ourselves move and change.  The question is are we able to move and flow with these incredible changes?  Or are we still in resistance? 

Added to the natural changes there is a strong sometimes dark manipulative energy which is forcing change of a different nature.

The current manipulation of the world energies with the introduction of increasing number of toxic stories means that we need to counteract and expand our own rose stories to work with the subtle energies of transformation. In order to do this effectively it is certainly worthwhile representing and recreating the story of the rose in her many and varied formats. This will help us to step into our own authentic power – and to expand it.  And believe me when I tell you – there is no more time for playing small!

The white rose will help on all levels no matter what the external circumstances.

Diana’s Beautiful Rose

The time we are living through right now has been called the most significant passage in the history of our civilization – and that is not an overstatement. I know this has been said before – in the time of wars and famine and plague and famine – times of obsolescence when one age overcame another – human suffering has been rife so people have been saying this before – and at the time they have certainly been quite correct.

However now we have everything under review – everything is being realigned, rethought, and reshaped. 

We are reshaping our religions, our own myths and legends, our own thoughts and feelings – we are being rewired, changed and redeveloped and many of us are finding this so hard to bear – this reshaping this reorganisation that is taking place all around us.  Everything we know about our reality is upside down.  So everything we know or think we know has to be turned upside down or inside out.

We need to be looking inside for absolutely everything now and working from the inside out at all times.  And once we see the reflection in our outer lives we take the outside in – in a wonderful circular flow.

Also you are not fooling yourself when you feel as if you are being more sensitive than usual.  Some people that I know are really having trouble being out in the world – their sensitivity is enhanced and they are easily unbalanced.  This means that we all need more quiet time.  We need to be more aware of the influence that others can exert upon us – and not just people – I mean places too – we are transitioning after all – we are on the most magnificent journey it is possible to take.  And so now it is time to stop fighting and start living.  Some of my friends have been telling me that they feel from time to time as if they are in mortal combat with the energy.  However it is a natural response and one we really have to change if we are to survive and thrive.

Let’s have some fun and more joy in our lives!

The rose can help us.  This is her gift to us – to take us into the world and enhance our experience, enliven it, bring joy to it instead of being thrust into the melee of experiences that generate only the elements of rough change.  And so I looked through all my rose photos to find which rose would be the one that would enhance our current journey more than any other. 

It was Diana’s white rose (see below). This beautiful rose sent me a message of love and support and gentle change whilst in the world yet not of it. 


We are all in the transit lounge now – rose consciousness is near.  Here in this space we have the chance to go within.  Here we have the chance to be quiet and to see what we sense and what we really know.  Even more importantly we know who we really are and that we are transitioning to an even more expansive energy.  It is hard sometimes however it does not have to be.  So stay in the transit lounge with me for a while whilst we see what else is happening and whilst I bring you some suggestions as to how we can expand on the next stage of our rose journey.

We have been on an amazing quest to create new pathways to the Divine – and here are some of the rose pathways which I have been developing to enhance and enable our rose journey.

First of all here is a reminder in case you have forgotten the initial series of initiations which opened to us the energy and wisdom of the Sisterhood of the Rose.


The secrets are revealed – the energy moves gently yet surely through the landscape of power that is revealed as we stand together, the Sisters of the Rose, reunited in this age in order to distribute the information and knowledge of the group that has been kept elitist and separate for centuries.

Should you be interested in the initiations they are available through my web site – for the very first time they are available to everyone equally.



                         PART 2 – ACTION IN ATLANTIS

                         PART 3 – ATLANTIS FALLING


                        PART 1 – ARRIVAL IN AVALON

                        PART 2 – THE ROSE COUNCIL

                        PART 3 – THE CURTAIN OF LIQUID LILAC FIRE







To move into the vibration of the Advanced Rose Initiations is possible without completing the sacred journeys listed above.  However together they bring the energy of both the female and male into our lives together with a sense of ease and balance.


The first of these developments is a new series of advanced rose initiations which take us into the realm of strength and commitment and activate the divine masculine energy. Here we are helped to balance and reform our essential selves with the benefit of this divine help.

This is a short summary of what you can experience should you decide to take some or all of these sacred journeys of rose initiation. (Please see below).

This beautiful rose was sent to me by Lyn.



We are wired to be simply extraordinary.  We are wired to operate ‘out of the box’. We are wired to bring the full potency of our essential selves into being in our daily world here on Mother Earth.  Do we do it?  Well not quite!  Not yet!  However we are on our way and one method to facilitate this remarkable trend is to awaken the divine masculine within oneself – and to do this absolutely consciously.

The Brotherhood of the Rose is an ancient esoteric order – a mystery school – which originated in Atlantis.  The Brotherhood’s ancient wisdom has recently been opened up and as part of this box of treasures a series of advanced initiations has been revealed.  These initiations take us on a series of journeys to a point when rose recalibration becomes a distinct possibility.  Rose recalibration is the term I use to describe a complete make-over of our physical bodies in a balanced combination with our esoteric. Rose recalibration occurs through the agency of the human heart and it changes our DNA and prepares us for ascension – or expansion – or the new world – however you wish to describe it.

Our heart is so powerful.  It is the most well-known organ in our body and perhaps the least understood. It is struggling for liberation.  Liberation is an essential component of our gateway to Rose Consciousness.  This is why it is so important for open heartedness within our daily lives.  How can we be open-hearted if the heart has been closed against invasion for centuries?  How can we be open-hearted if we have been hiding knowledge in our heart for the purposes of protection? How can we be open-hearted if we cannot let the expanded possibilities flow in?  How can we remove the fear that lingers in our amazing hearts? Now is the time to clear, cleanse and clarify all of what has been stored within our beautiful angelic yet physical hearts. 

Further information about the available initiations is available on request – you may take all of the initiations – or just one or two – follow your guidance – however if you intend to take all of the initiations it is better to take them in sequence.  So let me know if you are interested.

Happy journeying.

Another Diana Rose

These initiations help to heal the past and to bring us into a more nurturing and balanced relationship with ourselves in the here and now.  Old patterns may surface during these journeys – however this give us an ideal platform to transform, transmute and release all of these patterns now and leave the space for the new.

Following the advanced rose initiations as outlined above I moved into a different space and time. I began to look at the energy of my own home in a special way and this is what I discovered – a new pathway into heaven – a new calibration of the sacred geometry of heaven lay before me and I explored it with relish.  The series is available as a set of initiations raising the energy even more and clarifying it into a more expansive yet settled vibration – and as an e-book which I have just posted.  Look for it on my website.

Or contact me for further information.


Many people live in their homes completely unaware that it is possible to open a vital link between their own home and heaven.  No pre-requisites are needed except the ability to journey with me in a concentrated meditation. This link opens a new pathway previously untrodden to those who wish to shift every cell in their bodies from dis-ease to ease.  These journeys contain the link to take you beyond the stereotype. This pathway takes us along a route that gradually implements a change in the DNA together with the genes of our own homes.

Access to this road amplifies our own innate resources for a greater sense of pure freedom and more lightness and vitality in our lives.  It gives us a new alternative to living life in the sameold patterns.  It introduces a stream of light that enhances daily living in sometimes the most unusual ways.

Should you decide to take this journey it will be the adventure of a life-time.  It will bring you to the vibration of rose consciousness.  It will help you to access other dimensions and kingdoms in the rose way.

This is the pre-word to the book which uses the keys to heaven and is entitled ‘The Roses Speak’ which is written by my dear rose sister Noelene Kelly.



In her radically original works, Dr. Cris Henderson has already opened doorways between heaven and earth for us. She has tapped into ancient wisdom and has located tantalising clues as to how these realms – above and below – have always being connected and how we can access their energies to expand our consciousness at this powerful turning time.

In this ground breaking work, The Roses Speak, Cris opens pathways that take us to the heart of the Universe, and shows us how our very own homes can become portals for this truly amazing adventure.  She takes us on a treasure hunt to find the artefacts or missing aspects for our souls in the Rose tradition.  Over the centuries many have searched for these jewels, have gathered clues but to date the mystery has eluded all seekers.  The time is ripe now, the vibration is high enough and Cris has cracked the code for finding the artefacts that will assist us reactivate and amplify our soul energies as well as illuminate our 12 strands of DNA.   We follow Cris as she uncovers clue by clue the dazzling artefacts that will unerringly lead us home to ourselves; indeed she locates the very key for finding our lost treasure.   A magical journey from our earth home to our cosmic home and back again!!

Noelene Kelly. M.A., Dip.Ed.

The contents of this book are also available as individual initiations and sacred journeys under my special guidance.  These are the journeys – they are parallel to the book content however obviously taking them one by one in this way opens the seeker to an even more profound series of possibilities and expansive vibrations.



ONE:  A special key to heaven: I am that I Am:  the creation of a rose portal within your home.

TWO: The Rose Portal – the Consecration and the Confirmation.

THREE:  Crossing the Threshold – Angelic Wings and Accessing the Cosmic Hearth of Consciousness.

FOUR: Heaven is burning – a star is born – The Rose Portal

FIVE: The Missing Link – the activation of the Miracle Gene

SIX: Your Soul Speaks – Becoming Phenomenal

SEVEN: The Roses Speak – The Rose World is Born again – Take Massive Action

Each of these initiations is $165.00 including my personal activation and follow-up.

These initiations take us on the journey to find the sacred rose artefacts which were hidden originally in Atlantis.  They are the sacred illuminating soul gems that we have sought for so long.


I am pleased to announce two new rose books – limited signed editions – available in hard copy directly from me within Australia as well as on line as e-books.

This is the third of the new pathways which I have been designing.



A network of magical beings is intent on saving London from the influence of unadulterated evil.  Behind closed doors in Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop the Spellbinders, disguised as toy Teddy Bears create light-filled maps of London. Their form as Teddy Bears enables them to sit in shops and stores all over London without causing comment. Overcoming evil will change London city into a beacon of light.   Dark forces are working relentlessly to halt this project. They are determined to win and focus their malintent on Pippa Rose Robbins who is responsible for placing the completed light maps in London’s major museums and galleries.

Pippa is kidnapped by an evil group the mastermind of which is Lady Alicia Allways and subsequently escapes. The Spellbinders and Mr. Paddy are of one mind and agree that Pippa must have more protection in order to fulfil her role. Her new bodyguard, Nigel Patrick Moloney, is part elf, part human. Together Pippa and Nigel draw the dark forces into the open by appearing unprotected at a society event. Their plan to seduce their enemies into revealing themselves succeeds. Behind the scenes Mr. Paddy, the former owner of the famous London bookshop, ensures that the light project continues unabated.  Each of the teddy bears weaves the codes of the rose into the sacred maps – after all it is the last place that anyone would look for anything important – in a bookshop filled with toy teddy bears.

Adventuring together Pippa and Nigel become better friends than a fairy being and an elf have ever been as they resoundingly defeat their enemies. A colourful party at Gerry’s castle in Ireland is the finale that brings all the varied participants in this outstanding success together.  They reveal their true origins as they dance and sing into the night and make plans for their next grand joint venture.



I just love Mr. Paddy.  He is truly a being of magic although his talents in Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop are understated.  In his role as the manager of a secret rose light mapping project which is bringing rose lines of light to the city of London he absolutely excels.  My feelings about him run very deep as I can often feel his actual presence so I am guessing however I feel this means that there is a closer relationship with the leprechaun kingdom well under way.  With the rose lights project – well in simple terms the dark parts of the city will become over time pure light.  A group of trick teddy bears are working on the maps in a secret back room of the bookshop.  They are Spellbinders from another place and time – from another dimension.  In their true form they are glorious elongated silver beings.  Their disguise as teddy bears is ideal – bears are part of the everyday scenery – they can pop up anywhere.  There will be another Mr. Paddy book – perhaps in the next one he will show more of his true self.

Happy reading!


A new book in the Rose Series

Our bodies love us. They watch for ways to remind us to make different choices, to take another route or to be at ease. 

A twinge here or a pain there – all part of the language the body uses to generate change. There are infinite possibilities available to re-invent our bodies harmoniously.  If we heed the messages we can make the changes in time to save us from suffering down the track.

This page turner activates our potency.  It takes us on the journey of a lifetime – we swing through our bodies in a way we have never seen before – we enter places we have never imagined before. 

The joyful potency of the rose shines through every word. 

Book Review

“My Body Loves Me – the art of receiving your own body wisdom” by Dr. Cris Henderson PhD

This book is beautifully written. It conveys “a different point of view to each and every important part of our bodies – each organ, each muscle, each vein and each part of this marvellous orchestra which constitutes our physical body.” It is written with a view to create “a sense of embodying magic into our bodies to change everything that hasn’t seemed possible before”. Dr. Cris has an amazing ability to create wonderful poetry, and this book contains many prose and verses representing our various organs and body parts.

Dr. Cris writes from the point of view that our bodies have a language of love that they use to set us straight, such as a twinge, a pain or a shiver to remind us to make different choices.

This journey through the body begins with the mind and then to the hair, as it continues to take us further on a journey through the body. It is as if the body parts are speaking to you so you will listen and have the opportunity to change your ways where necessary. It contains beautiful colour photos of roses.

This book is available at :

 Solara Zwaneveld




Solara is a channel for toning and singing sounds to awaken your inner Soul Song. This is your Soul’s personal resonance from which you began your existence.

Solara is a spiritual healer who works intuitively with vibrational healing energies including flower essence remedies. She prepares her own essences, including within them the energies of gem elixirs. She began her journey of personal transformation in 1989 whilst living in the Blue Mountains National Park where many of her essences were prepared. Some were prepared on Sacred Sites.

Vibrational voice toning is used during the preparation of flower essences as well as during healing sessions, to uplift and enhance the healing energies. Solara also uses toning with Earth healing projects for the planet’s upliftment

About Flower Essences

Flower essences are vibrational medicines which are non-physical in nature and are therefore non-toxic.

Your external pains and difficulties are always mirrors of your inner pain and fears, and to heal the body we first must heal the deep-seated feelings that cause disturbances. Physical health depends greatly on the energy generated by thoughts and feelings.

As Flower Essences are ingested they are assimilated into the circulatory system, and then into the nervous system where they connect with the life-force and consciousness of the subtle bodies, chakras and cellular structure of the physical body.

Taken orally, Nature’s Flowers of Life™ Flower Essence Remedies provide an opportunity to address your daily challenges such as stress, anger, grief, self-worth, abundance, and relationships. They stimulate your core essence, bringing about positive, effective changes within every aspect of daily life – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They assist with releasing repressed cellular memories held within your body from past experiences, and those passed down through your ancestors.

Flower Essences stimulate your body’s innate capacity to harmonize, balance and align the emotional and mental bodies in order to allow the body to heal. They offer opportunities to strengthen your personal empowerment.


Ph: +61 2 4021 1696   0R   +61 425 217 570


My published credits include ‘A Work of Faith’ the history of The Glennie School, Toowoomba, Australia, which traces the history of the school and women’s education in Queensland; this was followed by ‘100 Years of Friendship’ which is the hardback updated version of the school history to which I was a major contributor.

‘Cancer Help’ published by Simon and Schuster in two editions emerged from my mother’s illness. Following her death I became interested in a more spiritual approach. ‘Mini Meditations’ were first published on an occasional basis in ‘Insight’ and ‘Holistic Bliss’ magazines and in New Zealand in ‘In Touch Magazine’ and ‘Rainbow News’. I lived in Hong Kong for nearly eight years and became fascinated by its war-time history. Consequently I became a major contributor to the story of Arthur May, unsung hero of the Second World War entitled ‘The Arthur May Story – Hong Kong 1941-45.’

The subject of my latest books, the Rose series, which is a collective of seven books and four playbooks, is the re-emergence of the knowledge and wisdom of the esoteric rose energy. (

These books have an element of self-help however they also reflect the inspiration gleaned from ancient myths and legends gathered on my world-wide travels.

My Body Loves Me is the latest in the rose series.

Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop was mostly written in London where I saw the characters in the streets and could not resist writing about them. It also has an underlying rose theme.  It was illustrated by Maggie Coombes another Bribie Island resident.

I hope you may be able to see your way clear to purchasing both books particularly ‘Mr. Paddy’ – he is by far my favourite.  Mr. Paddy in limited signed edition is $50.00 and My Body Loves Me also in limited signed edition is $30.00. Both books were published by Victory Press.



The above rose relates particularly to the Rose Seichim Intensive – it is given as the playbook opens its energy to bring to you its energy and expansiveness.  I hope you like this rose and that she stirs some of your ancient memories – you can go into the centre of her in your Rose Journeying – you can absorb her into your essence – you can make an essence with her as an integral part of your journey as described in my book ‘Rose Alchemy’.  The Rose Recipes from that book will help to facilitate this part of your rose journey in any number of ways. You are only limited by the power of your imagination.

The opening prayer that I outline is one that I bring to your attention to show you something that you can use on a daily basis that will reinforce your Rose Journey – you do not have to use this of course – it is entirely up to you.  And the poem I have included here is one from the Rose Prayers book that has shown up just for you!

With rose wishes for your journey from Cris



Recently my body gave me a strong signal that it was time for me to leave what was happening in the world out there – let it happen in the world without my physical intervention, without my thoughts on it and without my judgement.  I found this very hard to do as I was witnessing things that I would prefer not to know about some of which were happening in an aged care facility quite close to me to someone I dearly love – a special Rose Mother – I can feel the moribund energy as I enter the facility to visit her – it is so bad that it is close to an abusive situation – and I feel the grief in that institution and from those human beings reflected in my body in all sorts of ways.  The signals from my body worsened recently and I had to let go for a time and I could not visit – even so I grieved for not being able to be with her, just to sit with her and to see her – she is just so close to me – and so I wrote her a story which I have yet to take to her. 

Thanks to the Rose Mother I decided to go into rose retreat – so I designed a virtual rose retreat – the first day of course is dedicated to her as she inspired it – I had been going to undertake a spiritual retreat with Caroline Myss – however I realised that it was not right for me – so I turned inward – just in time I think as my body went in to super turmoil especially when the results of our Royal Commission into aging came out – and I created a rose version of a spiritual retreat. Just to go to the Commission for a brief moment – the results are devastating in the physical – and in the emotional and in the spiritual they rattled me – that we can be so cruel to the aged is beyond my comprehension – and I had to work very hard on myself to make sure that I was not judging that I was actually observing and noticing and that overall it was my awareness that was showing me the nuances of this situation.

I tell you this because if it is happening to me it is surely happening to you too. The effects of the madness of the world is such now that it has a real and sudden impact on us and our bodies – we have to listen with so much more care now – we have to hear the details of what the universe is telling us.  We have to do everything we can to move into the changing paradigm – only then will we be able to bring the change to those who may need it the most – including ourselves.

The rose retreat is six days in length – and it does not have to be six days one by one – it can be done at anytime, anywhere and in any place or circumstances.  It is too precious to go on my website for general consumption – however I am willing to talk to any of you who have an interest in this, my latest creation.


As I went through my Rose Retreat I became increasingly aware of the grief within me and the grief within the world – both simultaneously sometimes which makes my body so extraordinarily sad – and yet there is no obvious reasons for this sadness. My life is mostly filled with great happiness and joy.  And yet I can feel the grief within my own body as great lumps of lard – stuck in places that I could never imagine would experience anything like this.  I believe it is part of the shift we are undertaking that nothing can be hidden and that what I am experiencing will indeed be common to the experience of many others. 

It facilitated a new book in the body series – book two is now underway – entitled ‘My body won’t lie’ it asks the question as to whether grief is the source of more issues for our bodies than we have ever contemplated.

As the grief intensified I turned once again to my creation of sacred water – not sure if my placing of the bowl on my balcony would bring my favourite friend Cawfield Crow – some of you will know the story of some sacred water I was creating a few months ago – I looked out at my table – at the crystals and the pattern I had created with them and there amongst it all was Cawfield happily drinking the sacred water – and playing with the sacred objects – he knew it was really for him and not for me! Nevertheless I have continued and now he just watches – he must have had his fill on the first round!



I am still fascinated by the Blue Nuns group who existed in France in the 16th century and to which many of us belonged.  I wrote about them as follows when I was thinking through what to put on paper about my experiences with them – dreamt imaginary or real – who knows!

Perhaps if we look into the way a group of amazing nuns in sixteenth century France coped with change in their lifetimes – how they changed the song in their DNA and their genes – so that it might inspire us to know what to do in our current situations.

And so we know that as part of this massive process of change the bloodlines are being cleared out – amongst these bloodlines are those that relate specifically to Mother Mary. Mary has always had strong women with her in many different groups and formations over numerous centuries.  These women used to guard their identity and to be secret – they are secret no more.  And as I introduce the topic of Mary’s Daughters I touch wings with you all – one by one – as at last you have the opportunity to find your true self.

(To be continued as the book takes form)

If you have any experiences with the Blue Nuns that you would like to share with me – please do get in touch!  I continue to have this feeling that the Blue Nuns can teach all of us a great deal and that their experiences somehow link in with the experiences we are having at this time.

Although I have said this before – I will end this blog by saying it again!

The sacred rose energy is a sublime symbolic energy based on the nature, form and scent of the rose flower. The rose is a living entity in her own right.  Symbolically she represents peace, generosity of spirit and gratitude in all their myriad forms. The rose makes a perfect best friend. Her energy is closely linked with the divine feminine and the magnificence of the rose energy comes into one’s life when least expected – especially at a time when help may be needed.  The rose is a hidden treasure – she is eternal mystery – she is big magic – she is part of many esoteric traditions – and in each one in different ways finding the rose means you find the texture of your essential self- the one you have been hiding away from the world for all this time.

Happy Journeying

From Dr. Cris