The Rose is becoming an increasingly expansive energy. She is on her own path now and nothing will ever stop her again. No more hiding! No more need to run to preserve our knowledge! Now is our time!

This is, as you know, the most powerful period in our history. We, the members of the rose community, are travelling the Rose Road at great speed now. As we walk, or sometimes almost run, these uncharted roads – finding the new and remembering the old – we need to be able to generate our own levels of healing help so that we are completely independent and able to increase our energetic vibration at will. There may be occasions when we will be temporarily separated from one another in the future. During such times we must be ready to work alone and not to shrink from anything – simply to continue on our path of expansion. One way of achieving greater independence even though we will always be co-operatively linked with our own rose community is by opening our energy to embody the Rose Codes. Whilst we may feel that the world is falling down around us – and in some senses it is – now is the time for energetic expansion for the rose community.

Energetic expansion no matter what is the key to everything now.

During the time of the Lion’s Gate I redeveloped the original link that the Sisterhood of the Rose had with Sirius – I opened the Rose Portal and travelled through it to pave the way for all of us to enter that divine space. Of course that does not mean that you have not been exploring yourselves in your own way. The opening of the portal simply just happened and so I received the energy gratefully.

I went on from there to work on the Rose Codes in some detail. To support all of our changes I have developed a series of Rose Code Initiations which start with the link with Sirius and then gradually bring in, embody and maintain the Rose Codes. The Rose Codes are zinging through the atmosphere towards us so if you have an interest please let me know. Every person may decide to make the embodiment in a different way – and there are many opportunities. And of course it is all a matter of choice.

Will you take the next rose step and receive the Rose Codes into your body and into your life?[i]

Cris Henderson



The Rose Codes will soon be available as a set of special Rose Initiations which, as indicated above, begin in Atlantis and move to the blue energy of Sirius.

This is just one way of bringing in and integrating your personal rose codes.

I am able to work with you individually to open your personal Rose Codes if you would like a special one to one approach to this exciting new phase of the Sacred Rose.


Another way of bringing in the Rose Codes is to absorb the ancient art of Rose Alchemy. The Rose Sisters were well versed in Rose Alchemy in Atlantis. Rose Alchemy embodies a way for you to remember your own concealed knowledge and to reactivate it. This is the essence of true Rose Alchemy – revitalisation of your own rose memories and your personal rose resources.

Rose Alchemy embodies both the male and female in perfect balance – divinely integrated. The male energy is represented by Rose Reiki and the female by Rose Seichim. Bringing these two potent forms of healing together generates a form of pure rose energy which seems to be increasing and expanding in its scope.

One of the symbols of Rose Alchemy is the Rose Spiral – the spiral is used in many other alchemical systems too – however the nature and form of the spiral in Rose Alchemy embodies the sacred rose and links in with the Rose Labyrinth – and as many of you know the sacred labyrinth is part of the secret history of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

I was reminded of the power of the spiral recently when I received a number of beautiful photos of a labyrinth which has been designed, nurtured and loved by a friend of mine – a Rose Sister. In the creation of her labyrinth you can literally feel the expansion of consciousness and the ability when you stand within the labyrinth of its power of infinite generation. I really felt when I stood in this labyrinth myself, albeit some time back now, that I was able to change anything if I was willing to absorb the energy of the labyrinth and move further and further along in my spiritual journey.

Here are some recent photos to inspire and delight you.

Imagine as you view them the energy flowing from your heart to the heart of the labyrinth and returning enhanced. This flow of energy will help all of us to cope with the ramifications of the changes now in full force!

The spiral also links to sacred water. Working closely with this element and bringing to it and merging other alchemical creations with sacred water brings in an amazing level of rose energy. The spiral of water makes the sign of creation. If you look at the spiral and play with it you will continue to create new universes, new possibilities and new tools with which to play and expand.

I don’t want to give away all the secrets of the rose spiral. You can choose to take the Rose Sacred Water initiations to meld with her. Suffice to say that the DNA in the centre of our cells is a spiral. Linking to the DNA is an important part of any Rose Code activation.

The other Rose Alchemy symbol that is frequently used in activating the Rose Codes is the glorious flowing energetic Figure Eight.

I recently had occasion to use the Figure Eight in my eyes. My sight felt a little fuzzy in my left eye. I knew it was related to seeing the new energies as they literally were pouring through my body. So I ran the Figure Eight in both eyes linking them to the sacred water in the body and seeing them as sacred lakes. The change that came into my eyes and came so swiftly was just remarkable.

Should you be drawn to the integration of your personal Rose Codes – please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss the best way for this to happen – as you can see from what I have written here there are many ways to achieve this activation. Rose Alchemy, personal rose initiations, Rose sacred water initiations – these are just three of a smorgasbord of energetic possibilities.

Even though these initiations are in the development phase you may still like to indicate an interest.


A Rose Sister has helped me to create my own Rose Youtube channel.

This means that the Rose on Youtube that I have created in four parts will play consecutively – and now the way is open for me to create other Rose presentations. One of the positive outcomes has been being able to play the rose in the background when working on the computer – I always find that my energy is totally uplifted when I remember to do this.

Thank you Rose Sister.

Here is the link – please give it a try. And if you could like it on Youtube that would be wonderful and it would ensure that you are updated when the next one is created and released!


You will have heard of the weather disruption brought in by Hurricane Harvey in the USA and now massive floods on the subcontinent and other extreme weather events.

The Yellow Rose of Texas made herself known at the time of the initial onslaught. And now Irma is making her way towards Cuba and southern Florida. As I was writing this blog an earthquake occurred just near to Mexico. I urge you when you have the time to work with the Yellow Rose to help curb the danger of these situations and to provide a lifeline for those who are in trouble.

The Yellow Rose of Texas is just the rose to use to bring healing balm to all those awaiting impact, particularly in Cuba and southern Florida at this time – and to minimise the pain of what has already happened. She, the Yellow Rose herself, has reformed and revitalised the possibility of what can be done to help. Please work with the energy of regeneration and the Yellow Rose of Texas should she draw you to her side.

There is something enormously powerful about Mother Ganges. She is a part of our ROSE fables – flowing almost majestically riding through India as she does – bringing with her all manner of energy as she heals and kills – both sometimes simultaneously.

Is there something that Mother Ganges can do that we cannot – well I am sure there are many energetic lessons we can learn from Mother Ganges. And if we invite her into our lives – well who knows what will be possible.

I feel her energy in connection with that of the Rose Mothers and I wonder if her toxicity and her cleansing is part of our story in some way?

I have been immensely saddened in recent times by the fate of our elderly and I have had occasion to be present in some hospitals and nursing homes, where frankly I would have preferred not to be. I was obviously linked closely to the person whom I was visiting however I began immediately to have my antenna up to see what was happening to the elderly fraternity at large. It is not a pretty sight. It is almost overwhelming in the depth of its sadness. There is nothing there at all for me to be proud about – for a long time I ignored their existence until I was forced to enter on behalf of a friend. In fact what I saw and experienced was and is a disgrace. More than a disgrace it is quite despicable.

What I felt was the energy of total despair.

These delightful human beings were now shells – filled up with pharmaceuticals – kept quiet whilst their essential selves departed this life and only their bodies remain. Whilst politicians bumble about wasting money whining and carping about nothing beautiful people at the end of their lives are forced to live in disgraceful and disgusting circumstances all mixed up together – those who have dementia with those who do not – the well with the very ill. The bright spot is the presence of the staff – those whom I have seen have been simply amazing managing to keep happy in distressing circumstances and striving to do their very best.

Today I happened to meet up with a Diversional Therapist – someone I met quite some years ago. He actually remembered me – and when we got talking I could see that despite the circumstances in which he worked every day he remained totally convinced and energised about what he could do to help. I loved seeing him and knowing that he was here doing what he obviously loved every day. His energy was uplifting and he obviously knew how to keep himself balanced energetically.

In general terms I wondered who cares for the carers? Well we may ask – how do these amazing people who bear the brunt of the crisis of care for the elderly cope – funds are being cut back continuously – so how do they feel when they leave and go home at the end of the day? It is these people who hold the institutions together. What do they think when they know that funding could at least mean that the facilities could be improved exponentially? Have they hardened their hearts? Are they still able to care – or will their caring bring them down in the end?

My observations disturbed me and so I knew I had to ask the energy for revelations. And so I began to link in to the wild energy of Mother Ganges and as I did I asked her to pulse through the situation which I was experiencing with my friend. I asked Mother Ganges to bring her energy and verve to expand the sacred force and blow through with me the essence and energy of the divine rose. And interestingly that is just what she did – she became alive when I spoke with her – well she is always alive however she moved steadily and relentlessly through what I had deemed an impossible situation. She showed me that nothing is impossible with the glory of the rose. She cleaned out the situation and then she calmed and steadied it – it was as if my friend was given an open ticket to revitalise her life – and so we went from there. What an experience it has been for me and what a revelation of the nature and form of the possibilities of pure energetic transformation with the use of the sacred rose.

Do you wish to have your own situation transformed in any way? If so please do get in touch with me – there is an individual unique passage way for everything and everyone. And a special rose passage may well open into your own personal rose portal – and take you further and further on your rose journey.

Yes there is a new possibility – a personal Rose Portal just for you. More information is available – please contact me on my email address


Egypt 23rd April to 4th May 2018

Return of the Ancients——The call of Egypt is very strong. Mary has facilitated 17 journeys to Egypt and thought that was enough, however when Mark Anns asked her to join him in facilitating this special journey on a 5 star Private Yacht “The Afandina” how could she refuse ! Sailing as the Ancients did, exploring the Nile in a way the larger Cruise boats can’t. Relaxing, Meditating, taking part in stimulating discussions and much more.

The journey is limited to 16 people and the tour company Quest Egypt is the best in Egypt.

Feel tempted ? Ring Mark 041 051 8017 Mary 040 500 3233


Mary Shaw is an experienced Energy Master and facilitator. She has 40 years (plus) experience working on all Dimensional levels and has the ability to create a safe environment for your expansion. Mary has successfully conducted many tours to Egypt over the last 16 years.

Mark Anns is a professional psychologist and an experienced energy facilitator and has toured Egypt on many occasions with Mary. On this occasion Mark will be leading the tour.

Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist


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[i] If you are interested in receiving your Rose Codes please contact me on At this stage I am taking expressions of interest.