When the rose summons you it is wise to listen. It is important to stop the run around on Mother Earth that you may be using as an avoidance strategy. It is important to ‘find the Rose’ and once having found her to express her in your own unique way in this world. She will change this world – she just needs you as part of the Rose Collective to answer to her insistent call. Once she has loved and located you she will never ever leave your side. She will admonish you if you are slow to act. She does not come to you – she draws you into her! That is why the rose practitioners are often quieter than most. They are waiting for you to arrive. The Rose has found you for a particular reason. Yes, you have a particular role to play in the Rose Universe and if you do not know what it is and if you are not expressing it – then I advise you to do so quickly. Time is ticking away and those of us who are not listening will find out that the Rose means business. Rose Consciousness is almost upon us.

Yes there is a Ruthless Rose too – and she will push you to the limit. I should know I have just been with her. She drove me until I surrendered and it was only at the point of surrender that my life began to bloom like a beautiful rose once again.

Cris Henderson, Rose Alchemist

Once upon a time a series of oaths and commitments in the sacred halls of Atlantis led a group of gentle women to come together to share an enormous body of arcane knowledge. I have written a great deal about these women – the Sisterhood of the Rose – over many years. And now I am happy to say that the rose women are increasing their level of personal and public activity – we are all on the move – together and individually we are coming out of our shells and beginning to look about ourselves and to find a more expansive way.

As part of the awakening of the rose we also find that the Rose Tapestry of Heaven, our very own Web of Life, is currently being re-woven. It is incorporating our new choices and re-framing our lives on Mother Earth. It is embodying our choices – choice by choice – day by day into our actual experiences. Nothing is foretold – the past is cleared – it is our daily choices that determine our world.

Recently someone wrote to me and told me that she could feel the life in my book the ‘Rose Revolution.’ Another Rose said that when she read the chapter headings she began to cry. These comments touched me and helped me to see where my priorities are – I knew I had to continue to create – I had thought that the Rose Series was finalised – I knew when I read these heartfelt notes that I was not finished at all – in fact it was as if I had just begun.

This is what was said about the life in the book – and sadly I did not record who it was who wrote these words – so if you are out there and you read this – please get in touch so that proper acknowledgement can be made.

What I have found is that this book is alive. If I have missed some small gem it makes me stop and go back. I have so many pink stickies marking things I want to go back to that the book looks like it’s fringed! Please be patient with me. Reading this through diligently is important for me as is the timing. I keep feeling “slowly but surely”!!

People often write to me about what is happening in their lives when they are reaching into the rose energy experience – and in this most recent period whilst I have been in retreat for several months now preparing my body to relate to the new planetary energies – there have been many bonuses – as I have been more of an observer than an actual participant.

I have still, during my energetic retreat, been able to work with the initiations – particularly the intense and personal ones – the ones designed for individuals rather than the collective – and even I have been amazed at the results of being with a person’s energy for an extended period of time. It is as if during this unexpected relationship we have the opportunity to strip back the energy to look for the depth and to find the real reason for living – the actual purpose that the person has on Mother Earth – once this is found other events seem to come into balance and the inner and outer worlds themselves are in tune as an end result. I cannot express this any better.

A word of caution, however – as this is not an easy process – it is one where the candidate really needs to be advanced in their knowledge and love of the rose – and able to reveal that which has been hidden for centuries without imposing too much strain on the physical body.

I can tell you that during the course of such energetic initiatory links with the rose women I have been totally humbled by their resilience and by their candour, their bravery and the strength of their inner core.

In addition I have also had the opportunity to watch the scattering, the running, almost the panic that may set in when people begin to realise the enormity and the space of the rose energy. The strength of the rose is enormous and its energy can appear in disguise to open your understanding to the possibility of immense change. The disguise will usually be something that you recognise – it may appear initially to be another form of energy training – or a variation on the theme of Reiki or of Seichim – it is none of these things.

It is a radical revolution – that is why the book and its associated course are called ‘The Rose Revolution.’ It is not play time – it is real time – a total change of the energetic vibration for ourselves and for Mother Earth.

As individuals begin to understand then they may run – creating diversions wherever they can – and that this is to prevent the process of going within – and so, if there is a health issue involved, the process I call ‘finding the source’ – is essential to a permanent change or cure. Within all of us lie the buried fears and the memories of what led to this pain circle in the first place – our current health experiences have evolved from this particular source point. And so I reiterate – without finding the source – is it possible to remove the pain and heal the condition for all times? My point of view is that this source point is a necessary part of the release – the rose journey within to the true source of our essential selves.

How do we find it? How do we locate the source point?

The journey is different for everyone – and everyone finds the source point in a different way – one of the starting points may be a Rose Reading – that often opens the way and takes off many of our unwanted energetic layers – or to begin to tune in for yourself and write a Rose Diary – this has been of immense benefit to many people as they take up the search. And there are many many more ways.

During the search for the source point an individual may feel that they will fall apart if they go inside themselves in too much depth – and yes, this can certainly happen. Usually it is because going within is so painful the person cannot manage the inner rose journey alone – this is understandable and it is not a criticism. It is fascinating and something that I cannot really describe any more accurately.

Sometimes an ordered body of study provides the platform for change that is required in this situation – and this is where the course ‘The Rose Revolution’ comes in – this is the basis for what may be needed to change such a situation – in a way it is a Rose Road Map. It is rather different to Rose Alchemy – which is designed to incorporate and combine into one gorgeous energetic interplay – the union of the male and female energies!

However the Rose Revolution is for people who really do desire change – it shakes things up – it stirs the pot – it takes us out of complacency into a new level of understanding of the nature and form of the sacred rose.

Both of these rose courses are available and can be taken individually or together – one does not exclude the other – in fact one compliments the other. It all depends upon personal choice.

There is no need to go back over what we have been experiencing of late as the rose women have been pretty much in the same place just seeing the situation from different angles – always remember as you go into the depths though that we are infinite beings and capable of expansion into realms which we may only dimly remember. There is no need to retreat into this circular pattern of avoidance – we can get through this individually and collectively – I have no doubt of this.

Recently I was at a coffee shop trying to enjoy some quiet time when the owner came out and began to talk and talk and talk. I don’t think anyone was impressed. A man seated on his own at another table said to her – ‘Oh, you are a yacker!’ He actually sounded disgusted so I began to be more observant and to hear what she was saying. At that moment I began to see the essence of the words, their energy, floating past me and it gave me rather a start. The energy of these words was lodging into the auras of those who listened – quite extraordinary. Sometimes they did not stay there – they simply dissolved – however in others they often they began to build up a body of quite unpleasant energy.

This began my looking and listening at group conversations I happened to be in and what I saw amazed me. I saw the words in an energetic pattern. This is the first time this has happened to me. I have heard words, listened to them, observed their cadence – however this is the first time that I have seen them in action!

As I have watched this pattern emerge and continue I have been amazed at the use of words and terminology to describe health conditions, the individual and others, thereby unwittingly contributing to setting in stone the energetic vibration of that disease – both by naming the disease as well as by discussing both in public and private situations what is occurring for themselves and others.

This is not the way of the rose.

As I said I have been more in an observer status of late and my observation is that I can ‘see’ these words latch on to the auric vibration of the person so described. I do not know exactly what has happened to give me this inner sight other than the coffee shop incident – however it is quite extraordinary to look at how the words strike the aura and if there are enough of them – how they imprint that aura – and finally penetrate it.

This simply alerts all of us to be increasingly aware of the energetic connotations of words – and as we are we may find that a collective understanding of what is happening to someone can definitely affect their energy – and if the word is repeated and repeated this may not result in a positive outcome.

Taking the opposite point of view what would happen to the collective and individual energy of the person under discussion if the thought form was – every day in every way I see my friend getting better and better – would that have the opposite effect I wonder? I believe it would.

There is also a need to be more aware of the choices we are making – some amazing opportunities are being presented to all the rose women at this time. They are not always being taken up because some of us seem to be hard wired to a particular reference point. We have to get out of these circles – and please listen to yourself and your own body as well as to the practitioner or anyone else – we are coming out of the fear based circle and this is what is relevant right now to all of us, myself included.

I have finally broken out of mine after three months of intensive inner work – I feel a sense of pure relief and joy now – and a time for celebration will become quite evident soon – and do I intend to celebrate! Watch this space!

Recently I have been in touch with an amazing Rose sister who lives in Raleigh in North Carolina. She has been doing some delicious work to clear long-standing energies that invaded her shop – called beautifully ‘The Holy Rose.’ As we discussed the possible ways to clear and enhance the energy of the shop we came upon the idea of her making a special essence to gift to Mother Earth. The intention was to release the pain entrenched in the fabric of the premises and present there from old slavery times.

The ‘how to make rose essences’ pieces in The Rose Miracle book were applied in the most delightful and individual way to produce an outstanding result.

To create this fabulous essence Rose sat with the water for two or three hours. She connected with the Deva of her city for assistance and found that the Deva was very weary as she has been working, as have all the Rose Devas, to clear and cleanse the cities and towns for which they are responsible. So to provide extra energy she called on the Oak Trees of the City, some of which she told me were 300 or 400 years old. The city also has beautiful white roses and the White Rose volunteered herself for the programming of the essences.

Other stunning additions were made and then Rose sat in the sun and drew in the energies to the bowl to create her mix. This is the part I really loved too – she used her Rose Quartz tower and heart – a Lumerian quartz sat in the bowl on a Rose Quartz slab and was surrounded with rose quartz, quartz and selenite to keep the vibrations clear and high. It was a most wonderful and successful creation – and here is a photo that Rose is happy to share of her creative design for producing the essence.

Rose finished her e-mail with these words –

I feel so incredibly blessed and at home within the Rose Road. I am so happy I found you…and in the process myself as well.
Much rose love – Rose

What a wonderful rose creation!


Because of the lock-in of the rose knowledge which occurred originally with the signing of the Rose Covenant – we seem to revert immediately to what seems to be safe and what seems to be known. So if you are feeling these stirrings within you please act on them – don’t reject out of hand even what seems totally impossible – be adventurous – be unusual – be extraordinary – strike out into unknown territory and know that many other brave sisters are doing the same – for those who are running away from themselves there are at least as many going on the inner rose journey – and moving steadily beyond the known to contribute their unique rose journeys to the whole. We are now recognising one another more and gradually, ever so gradually we are finding strength in our numbers.

As we journey – and sometimes this occurs as a first stage of finding the rose – the energy may become very muddled – you will notice that this is happening when the energy swirls around you instead of flowing – it takes on this circular motion and everything seems to become unbalanced. This situation is not helped if some who are keen to proceed with the rose continue to work with the old energies with which they are perhaps more familiar. These energies have had their place however now I suggest this is not their time – it is time for the new and the old to come together, it is time for the integration.

Rose searchers are often given well-meaning advice by friends who use other forms of energy training, valuable in their own right, yet sometimes not as expansive as the true energy of pure possibility of the genuine Rose. This advice, although it may be well-meaning, is rarely what is genuinely needed.

Others may continue to mix and match other energetic modalities with the rose – sometimes that can work however the rose is not an energetic modality as such – it is so much more than this – so much more – and just at this stage of the rose journey I would urge caution – the rose if her essence is not honoured begins to wander into the land of competition vying for your attention – and this is often not the best way to proceed. In other words the rose often wants your undivided attention – at least until you are at a certain stage of familiarity with her sacred self and her exquisite range of infinite possibilities.

All that is required when you find yourself in a position of uncertainty is to make a different choice.

And whilst you are making choices be very aware that sharing what you are doing with others does not always work with the rose – in fact it may dissipate the energy in ways that are not always immediately obvious. I do not mean talking to colleagues about your findings about the beauty of the rose way and your rose adventures. I mean talking to those outside the rose fraternity who may have only a glimmer of the spread and influence of the rose – and who may simply advise you without any level of real understanding.

Be aware! All is not as it seems!


Many of you know of the famous living Bridge which takes us into the rose section of Heaven – and which amplifies our understanding of the rose connections and her sacred geography. I was fortunate enough to take this journey as a guide to someone recently and could not help being struck by the vivid nature of the encounters on the Bridge – as well as the new ambience and colours that were shown to me as we journeyed.

It was – to put it mildly – sensational. This sacred journey takes the participant through the rose portal and it is the first in a series of initiatory journeys which help the recipient to remember the rose in all her glory! It can result in a series of potent dreams and gentle change once the connection is made.

Please contact me for further details.


Robyn Adams author of the book ‘The Sisterhood of the Rose’ (available on Amazon) has recently been moving around the world as part of her wonderful work in cleaning the grids and raising vibrations and she has met two sisters in two different countries on her amazing journey.

Linda is working with the energy of the Black Rose and if you are interested you can ask me for the link to her fascinating blog.

In Helsinki Robyn met rose sister Rita (The link to Rita’s rose web page is Here they are together with the cathedral in the background.


Robyn also sent me this link – and although I knew of this festival I had not thought of it in a long while – and looking at the glory of the roses inspired me once more.

Perhaps some of you intend to make this journey! It certainly looks like a remarkable festival to attend in Morocco. If you do ever go there please write something for the blog and send some photos – we would all love to know more about this!

Robyn also visited Crete where she visited several sacred sites performing reactivation rites at these ancient goddess sites.


At the moment we are experiencing a “revitalization of the rose” an energy of transition that is resonating for many of us in various places the world over.

This force is particularly potent as spring opens up in the northern hemisphere and the many buds and blossoms remind us that everything is cyclic including change. During the month of May, dedicated to Mary, there are so many roses flowering here in Italy, each with a unique energy of its own.

My rosebush here at La Fiora is flourishing. This beauty appeared the other day and I have christened her the “Rose of Reflection” and I dedicate her to all Rose Sisters who are riding this wave of realignment with the current energies.

The Rose Sisters’ Oracle is a gentle tool to assist us as we evolve and renew our allegiance to the Rose. Readings are available with Leslina Fanelli, the creator of this deck. Contact or


The deck can also be purchased direct from Leslina.


Recently I received a wonderful phone call from Colorado where a friend of mine – one of the first sisters I trained in Rose Alchemy – lives. It was such a wonderful connection and my heart was filled with joy to hear her voice after a long time when we had lost touch with one another. She gave me an extraordinary message for which I am truly grateful and which will result in another sacred journey and an opening of the vista of the Rose Healing Fields to another dimension – and perhaps even more. Thank you dear Ricki!


As from May 1st 2017 I am suspending all one to one personal training. In particular I am referring to personal day training with individuals – and also to private meditations and journeying with individuals and groups.

There is such a demand now for the rose training that I have chosen to put my efforts into the expansion of the rose and this means that one to one or small personal groups just won’t work for me at this time. I have been given several major writing roles – I am very excited about these and must work with this enlivening energy as much as possible so that I can continue to surf the energies and present my research outcomes to the rose community.

I am not going to alter the web site at the moment – and as you know I am always happy to work with individuals over the web and at a distance – the courses, initiations, individual poems for people and readings will continue unabated – we are mid coursework in many countries and this certainly will not be affected – however the one to one including personal visualizations and meditations are suspended as of now until further notice.

Please contact me if you have any enquiries.


Avalon is our primary motive and our source of inspiration and future well-being. Avalon is the Sacred Tree itself – they are one and the same. Without understanding this concept, that the two are one, Avalon and the Sacred Tree, then much of the rose legend that we are all unveiling may make no sense.

For the last three or four months I have been on a journey within to find my own Avalon. For me this means that I am strengthening my inner rose. I can say without a doubt that this has been one of the most perilous inner and outer journeys that I have ever undertaken. It began suddenly after a fun trip to Melbourne with a slight rash on the ankle diagnosed as an insect bite which in fact appeared to be shingles, although this was never confirmed.

I fell into a fever and thought that this time I was certainly delirious – and yet I struggled on without really realising the momentous nature of what I was facing. I tried to continue my own rose work and I could not. I simply had to stop everything and go within. It felt also like an attack was in progress and the link between my painful feet and past lives was reinforced again and again as I dreamt and slept my way through the battering. My internal landscape became bleak and seemingly meaningless and yet throughout the worst of the storms it still remained infinite and I was able – with the help of the rose women – to prevent contraction.

As the storm continued I found more and more information being released that had not come to the fore previously. And all through it I continued to receive feedback and information from many of you concerning your own inner journeys.

The visions seen by the rose women are unequivocal in their strength of purpose – one sister saw us at the crucifixion – a place which I continue to visit in my dreams especially during the recent Easter season. She saw us there wearing cloaks the colour of the Burgundy rose. I had never seen this aspect before however its message was enveloped in my dreams and opened me up to more of the same. Our relationship with the Roman soldiers is of interest to explore – and some of you may feel drawn to do this – sometimes the bonds between the two camps were close and meaningful – and in others they simply continued to abuse the sisters in mean and horrific ways – and to try to evict us from the crucifixion site – however we simply did not go – we would not leave. We remained there unflinching, determined and watching the growth of the moss rose rising from His sacred blood. None of us who were there will ever forget this – and as the energy opens more – we will remember more.

I learnt an interesting lesson – one among many during this time – and it was this – always listen to your own guidance and do not be influenced by others no matter who the person is – or however close you may be to them. You are the author of your own choices – the biggest lesson of all times for me!

Interestingly enough I had written in my diary the month before the possible shingles appeared in my body the following words –

‘Looking to see if we need to have a preventative for shingles – it has come up so I will ask.’

And so I actually knew – I was aware of the presence of shingles in my auric field – and yet I did nothing – I left to go to Melbourne and did not give it another thought. Well, why did I do that? I now have the answer – by the way I certainly would not have had the vaccination mainly because of the ongoing anecdotal effects of shingles vaccinations in the adult population – however I could have used a homeopathic preventative and all the pain and suffering which was embedded in my feet – well perhaps it may not have been as necessary – I really don’t know however I am certainly happy with the overall outcome as I could never have cleared the layers of protection that were solid in my body. When it came to clear them I could feel them and they were just that – secure and solid! They were ripped out through the pain I suffered – and now they have gone forever!

The outcome of all this has been incredible. It is the reason why I have been quieter than usual! I realised that my body needed a lot of nurturing to incorporate the new energies that are coming into the planet now – faster and faster they come – and more and more people are choosing to leave rather than work with and absorb them. For myself, I decided to stay – I would not miss this period in our history for anything. To do this I knew I had to keep on going deeper and deeper to ensure my physical body could actually take the change – and it is a long and lonely journey sometimes particularly when you cannot discuss it!

I have found that I have had a virus that keeps on turning up in my system – this has been going on for many years – and I have been totally aware of it and just not too sure of how to deal with it other than through vitamin therapy and food and gut support and other natural therapies – I just thought I should share it with you so you listen to the wise you – the inner voice who actually knows what is happening in your life. So the hunt was on for the virus – and I found it – and the cause of its presence in my body. The major thing that facilitated this surprise discovery was the confirmation of my purpose on earth – I had thought I knew it – I really had no idea!

Once I located this purpose dimensions shifted and things changed and moved and opened.

So without the shingles the layers would have been much harder to shift and the understandings slower to come – in addition I felt the presence of the Velvet Rose haunting me in my fevers. The Velvet Rose is turning up again and again and looking for our weak spots – be aware of this and read if you can the Velvet Rose story which is on my website – it is better to be prepared than to shut your eyes to the energetic implications of what is happening.

Just as an interesting aside you would be surprised at the number of well-meaning friends who have said – I bet you are sorry you did not have the vaccination now – I try to moderate my reply so as not to upset them. In my universe all links with on-going disease patterns were being stalked, opened up and released and inhibiting my immune system by injecting into it was not my idea of certain release; however to say this to someone who has chosen the vaccination only sets up doubt in their minds – and this won’t help anyone.

During this time the worst part of the disease was my choice to take pharmaceuticals for the incredible pain – any of you who have read what I write about pharmaceuticals would know that I cannot abide them in my body. This was a salutary experience and when I tried to come off them contrary to all advice I went ‘cold turkey.’ Goodness half the population must be addicted to pharmaceuticals – they have their place sure – however to feel what they did to my body as I came to release them was nothing short of incredible.

And so my journey continued …

The presence of the rose in one’s life strengthens one’s life force – of that there is no doubt. And there are so many factors lined up to diminish our life force we now need the rose in our lives more than ever.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist


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