Your home is your citadel, your fortress, your shelter and a safe harbour for you and yours. Yet often we forget that our homes – and all of our buildings – absorb our energies, they remember tantrums, upsets, shouting matches. They remember love, generosity of spirit, a prayerful presence and kindness too. They respond to worship, meditation and gratitude. They record in their very fabric the story of us – and of anyone else who may live there now – or who once may have lived there at any point at all in the past – in this lifetime or any other. They are a subtle combination of us and all our predecessors! They are special portals to other dimensions. They are totally alive – and yet often unresponsive and unaware we continue to inhabit them – to sleep, eat, love and hate within the walls where we live out our lives – and we rarely fully acknowledge the sacred abilities of these buildings – their feelings – their hopes and dreams – their aspirations – their desire to be filled with love and to contribute to our lives in a positive sense! It is time to communicate with our buildings regularly and respectfully and to designate all of them – each and every one of them – as sacred space! It is time to meet the Rose of Sacred Space!

Cris Henderson

This blog is dedicated to Annie – who left us this time last year – and was laid to rest on 15th May 2015. I feel your presence Annie – and seem to miss you more as each day passes! I continue to visit the Rose Valley and meet you there – and this meeting place always glows with golden light when we are together.

Thank you for helping me to find this sacred space in heaven where we can be together – and where we can change the energy of places on earth so that everyone reaps the benefit!


Our houses can help us to heal disease, clear our minds, cleanse toxins and open to Rose Consciousness. They can rebalance our emotions, help us release our addictions and expand our vision. If we relate to our buildings, particularly our homes, with an expansive and vital sense of curiosity, humility and reverence, they can teach us a great deal about ourselves, the art of sacred living and our connection to each other and to everything. They can awaken us to a sense of Rose Consciousness that spans centuries – if we ask them to be our special supporters and friends – they will. If we ask them to be a tool of revelation – they will. I am not saying that the rose family does not understand this concept as I am aware of our classical practices – our sacred rituals and the acknowledgement that the rose-related do give to their homes with the benefit of meditative practice and prayers. We all understand the art and science of their special vibrations. I am saying that OVERALL we are taking our buildings for granted and that there are other levels of this awareness. As the energy expands so do the infinite possibilities of communicating with our buildings. Once we designated sacred space for churches, temples and places of collective worship. Now our homes and all the other buildings which we inhabit need the very same attention.

As we acknowledge the presence of the Rose of Sacred Space in our lives she will help us journey into this ever expanding arena.


All of our buildings are tired of being inhabited without acknowledgement, of being used without a response from us, of being dirty and untidy and filled with clutter. They are tired and angry sometimes. They have been bought and sold without their permission. We wonder why they don’t sell when we decide we want to move on. We wonder why we cannot sleep when we decide it is time for us to rest. We wonder why our beautifully prepared organic meals do not reduce our levels of toxicity. When we begin to tune in to their energy in a more expansive manner by using the Rose of Sacred Space we may wonder why we have not done this in such depth before. We begin to recall the rituals we used in Atlantis and beyond as they are there inside of all of us just waiting to be remembered. We may spray the walls of our buildings or smudge them – or as I often do run through quickly saying – you are cleansed – we may have the best of intentions in this regard and we may think we have purified our homes and our cars and other buildings.

This is only a small part of the overall story. They – all the buildings we have ever inhabited or used – in whatever time or place – are part of the rose story. And now they demand that their presence be acknowledged. They demand recognition as sacred space.

Our buildings can reboot our energy, restore our health and open a deeper spiritual unity with all of life. If we ask them any question at all we will get an answer – all we need to do is to express our divine intention. If we contemplate fully engaging with our buildings our lives will change for the better. If we take our awareness to a different level and recognise the sacred texture of their creation and give them the acknowledgement and gratitude that they crave – then what else will be possible in our lives?

Once I went to view a house in the Blue Mountains near Sydney – we had the thought to purchase this house. I walked in and within ten seconds I was gone – I was collected some distance down the road – I had made it my business to distance myself from that house as quickly as I could – when I returned to the car I asked the Real Estate agent – why didn’t you tell me someone had died in that living room? He blanched and swerved the car and then settled down and confessed that someone had been murdered there – right there where I had been standing – he was obliged by law to tell us and he had not done so – the ghosts had certainly lingered – however it was more even than that – the house itself had a sickly sweet smell of immense sadness embedded in its bricks and mortar. It would have been impossible to live there without a full clearing – and then I would not have wanted to be anywhere within range anyway. I don’t know who purchased the house – and how they got on – I do know I am grateful it was not me!

The house, or the space concerned, absorbs these energies and then repeats the pattern – it simply lives out the energetic score or script that it is given. The house and all the buildings we inhabit every day are the same. They are not inanimate – far from it – they are living breathing entities. They are alive!

And as for work space – well we live there for much of our lives and we absorb into our essential selves the vibration of those who are working there now with all their highs and lows and their intrinsic sadness – we may even be aware of this and yet not know what to do about it.

However we rarely stop to think of the accumulated energies of past inhabitants and what may have gone on in their working lives – the workplace too has a vivid memory – I suggest much more vivid than we may previously have realised – the workplace is alive with memories and it is not the uninvolved inanimate place that we imagine it to be.

Many work places feel like prisons to me – they seem to harness the best of the person and suck it out of them – leaving nothing except a shell to take home again. The current trend to bullying staff members which has been brought to my attention by more than one person of late is a trend that is being exacerbated by the accumulated energies present in the workplace. Receptive people respond in various ways to these influences and energies. A negative person who has power over others seems to expand their negativity base and become even more difficult and unapproachable. A positive person has to fight hard against these influences which is where the Rose Cloak always comes in handy. Even going to work becomes a dreaded time for some who are sensitive – and for those who are connected to the rose – well it is hardly bearable.

I am now recommending to those who talk to me about this issue the use of the Rose Armour as well – should you in your particular situation need the Rose Armour please get in touch with me for further information. I have also found that sometimes a Rose Poem can turn the tide – it seems to work differently to what I might have expected – it brushes the energy with its lightness and turns back the negative tide – when I write a Rose Poem for someone who is in a difficult situation – it seems to walk up to the negativity and challenge it – it might not remove all of the negative energy at once – what it does is create a different possibility – as if a rose door – previously unknown – suddenly opens. I cannot explain it any better than this!

An interesting thing happened to me when I went back to a major university to take what I thought would be a wonderful position – I ran a big department of over 100 people yet every time I sat in my office I felt it – sadness bordering on absolute despair really. When I carefully asked around I found other people knew it too – accumulated despair had made that place of work so very sad – always unhappy – the fascinating part was that the people who were there knew why they felt sick, often seriously ill, why they were sad, how they did not want to come to work that day – and yet they kept going there – turning up day after day, week after week, month after month, and yes, dare I say it – year after year. I only lasted nine months in the position and then I simply had to leave.

The twin roses of Sacred Space you see here will help to overcome the burdens of any workplace – they will enliven the space – they will transform it over time – and it will become a place where people want to work – where they are happy to turn up – and where they feel they can make a genuine contribution.


In that university space – well the people in that workplace felt that they had no other choice – that they had to go there to receive payment for their present and future needs – and often they were sacrificing themselves for the sake of family – not realising what they were doing to their bodies, minds and to their spirits. They felt like prisoners and they behaved in the same way – they contributed to a system that was fatally flawed, and as far as I know, still is. They embellished the system with their own pain – they made it worse – they thought they were doing the right thing – well that is a matter of conjecture and personal understanding really – whether contributing to a flawed system is the right thing to do ethically or not – and yet in truth they were not doing what was right for them – and years later we wonder why the accumulated effects of such a prison sentence turn up in the person’s body and express themselves there – so easy to see it now from a distance – so hard at the time.

Planting the twin roses hypothetically into the fabric of the building alleviates any embodied emotions – and a specially dedicated spray filled with the fragrance of essences helps as well! Married of course with the power of pure intention! Placing a sacred rose object on your desk may alleviate local tensions. I have spoken to many people recently too about placing a hypothetical rose in their shower nozzle before they begin their day – mine seems to change colours and give me a different experience each day – and then as you have your shower be very aware of this – and feel the change in energy as the rose contributes to the water supply which takes any negativity out of your system and empties it into the drain.

Imagine if we had imaginary twin roses in the nozzles of all the hospital showers what a difference that would make – hospitals – well that is just another story in itself in terms of sacred space. Perhaps next time you are called to visit a hospital you can do this service for the patient and all that follow – once installed the rose will not go away – she will remain there forever doing her special work!

In recent years friends and relatives seem to have landed into hospital situations with amazing regularity. I always send in the Rose Army when this happens – I had fun with this experience at a hospital in Brisbane – I could feel the accumulated negativity so strongly when I tuned in that I could hardly bear it. Anyway to alleviate this I asked the Rose Army to go in – I could feel them marching through the corridors and going up in the lift – and scattering feathers as they did – I ‘saw’ the next morning the cleaners coming through and finding the feathers in unusual places – and I ‘heard’ the cleaners talking about it – I laughed in my meditation as it was so very real – and interestingly what I can tell you is that it did make a very real difference to the person concerned. It changed the texture of the building – it placed the roses in there permanently – as I said – they will never go away – they will continue to work there forever.

So always think of the Rose Army in terms of hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ surgeries, treatment rooms – that kind of thing. They do a superb job! They release the cumulative effect of all that pain, sorrow, suffering, fear and the negative aspects of death and dying as well.

It is our awareness that will help us with these situations – supermarkets are another place where we can feel without trying the accumulated energies of the conglomerate. When I lived in the city we used to call going to the supermarket – the supermarket waltz. However it was not pleasant. People seemed to flounce about feeling angry and rushed – they pushed their trolleys with a vehemence that meant – I do not want to be here – I did not know why until I became more conversant with the concept of sacred space and pain circles.

And recently I had a couple of experiences that reinforced my understanding of this form of energy. I was on a small bus when the passengers witnessed an accident. Luckily or unluckily for me I was on the other side of the bus so I did not actually see the person run down. A girl ran directly into the path of an on-coming truck – she bounced twice – and I heard the noise of the impact and the bouncing. When I looked out she had come to rest on the roadway. The people on the bus were almost hysterical – the ones who were witness to the accident – and our driver had the shakes. I immediately texted friends and asked for their prayers and support. Then I brought in the Rose Army to the site – where the people were waiting and waiting and waiting for an ambulance – and anger was mounting. The boyfriend of the girl who had been run down got into the cab of the truck and beat up the driver – the situation was unhealthy – it was bad. Finally the rose overcame the negative and the energy calmed. That hot spot would have become a pain circle had I not used the rose to remove the essence of what had happened there – so if you are ever confronted by anything similar – this is just one approach that you could use.

Following on from this experience I had occasion to ring a compounding chemist. Each time I ring this chemist my script is lost – and each time I have to continue to ring and almost to beg for my natural tablets – this last time I really was rather cross about the whole thing – and the pharmacist who answered my call and who was supposed to ring me back two days ago really was incensed that I dared to ask and wondered why he had not rung back at the appointed time. I quietly resolved to find a new pharmacist and when he called me ‘dear’ that was really the end of the line! I wondered what was happening energetically and then I perceived a great circle of pain circles ringing the pharmacist and the pharmacy itself – unwittingly by trying to get the script and begin to use it I had tapped into this enormous conglomerate of pain circles. I still did not know how to get out of it because I could not help wondering about the effects on my tablets – they did not want to be made up by someone who was in a pain circle. And so once again the Rose Army entered the premises, released my tablets and calmed the circles – I do not know that they are permanently removed – that depends on the energy of others – what I do know is that they will never bother me again!

Many people use the harmony of Feng Shui to set up their homes and offices in a way that is conducive to positive energy flow. Feng Shui practitioners are easily found. I learnt about this wonderful modality when I lived in Hong Kong – and I think its potency is remarkable. Amongst many other things, including meeting the goddess Quan Yin for the first time, I also learnt about Chinese New Year and how seriously it was observed – the cleansing, the finalisation of the old and the beginning of the new, the relationships – all done with the greatest of care and attention. Although I have never used Feng Shui in its purest form, I have combined it with other techniques that I use automatically in my home and car and in any other space where I spend time. I think that now with the changes that are occurring on Mother Earth we need to be even more aware of what is happening and how these pockets of energy seemingly become stuck – we may even have unwittingly created a series of pain circles within our own environment – particularly if we are dealing with questions of serious emotional pain. And, as you know, I have often talked about the interesting challenges in removing pain circles on a permanent basis. I have now begun to be aware of pain circles in more detail – their formation – and their presence within our daily lives – and I am finding there are different forms of pain circles and different ways of healing them.

Let us just take an example – a house where there are problems – arguments, unhappiness or discord of any kind develops its own series of pain circles – when this happens it needs consistent attention to dissipate these – and to remove them permanently. It is not enough to simply use one method – we need to be aware of what the house requires – and we need to do as it asks – so when you become aware of the energetic dimensions of your home then ask the house – house what do you require to dissipate this energy permanently – the house will tell you – what I have been trying to come to here is to emphasise that your house and other spaces that you occupy are living, breathing organisms – ones that exists in their own right – and yes it is a conglomerate of who have occupied these spaces over however many years – and yes it will keep on adding to its emotional body unless you pay it attention and take the time to work with the energy of dissipation and transformation.

Other methods of space clearing have existed since time began – including bell clearing, essential oils, drumming and feathers. Investigate these methods too if they happen to resonate with you – develop your own style – perhaps you already have – and, most of all bring it to bear on opening and framing an increasingly expansive approach to your home and living.

Remember your home is a portal in its own right – a sacred intersection between heaven and earth – and it deserves our fullest attention.

So why am I worrying about sacred space at this particular time? What are the ramifications of what has been said above? We do not live in a stable static universe as we were once told – we now recognise scientifically and spiritually a seething mass of subatomic particles – the universe portrays enormous energy and we are just one point within this enormous and wonder filled complexity.

It is so important for each of us to take responsibility for our own space because we are contributing to Rose Consciousness – we always have – however I simply have this sense of needing to be even more aware than we have been – needing to understand the ramifications of the potency and aliveness of our structures wherever we are in the world – this is the essence of what I want to say.

And now returning to the subject of group energy for a moment – and the places of immense pain which still exist on this planet. You have no doubt read about my experience of Auschwitz which was, in itself, extreme. It was filled with pain circles which intersected and expanded – and at the time of my visit I did not realise the extent of them. I did not know about the Rose Armour, the Rose Cloak or the Rose Orb either. Fortunately for me I was aware enough and I did listen to my intuition. This is what saved the day and had me place the rescue remedy on the souls of my shoes so that I was dissipating the pain circles, as much as I could anyway, as I walked around.

Visitors can see the carefully presented evidence of what happened there – I stared at the large pile of suitcases on display and handbags too – carried there in all innocence by those who were to be killed. And for me as the size of the pile is so horrifying I had to find a way of dealing with it. And so I picked on one case – one individual who had special characteristics and I gave her a name – Anna – and I spoke to her personally to try to deal with the critical mass of hell – the pile is huge yet so much smaller than anything that could represent the truth.

And in our current world climate there are critical masses of hell perpetuating all over the planet. It is up to each and every one of us to transform hell into heaven – and we do know how to do this. If we all contribute then the hell will change into heaven – of this I am totally convinced.

And now is the perfect time. As we activate our personal Rose Codes, we download the Rose Codes of Mother Earth – I have written about how to do this in my new book The Rose Miracle – which is now readily available from Amazon – from my web site and from Inspiration Nation at

Please enjoy the experience of the Rose Miracle if you do decide to work with her and her content. And for your further interest there are downloadable pieces on my web site which will take you further into the possibilities of extending our healing framework for Mother Earth – look under Rose Legends on and download from there.

The restoration of the rose within and the expansion of the Rose Codes – these are the secret keys to the universe and they are the theme of all the books in this Rose Series.


(All books and playbooks are Available from for immediate download. Within Australia available for purchase from the author –and from Inspiration Nation – overseas from

So let us join together to cleanse and purify Mother Earth and to enliven the download of the Rose Codes of Mother Earth as an integral part of our meditative enterprise – and as a sacred intention.

I would like to continue our conversation about sacred space in the next edition of my blog. And I would like to know of your experiences with sacred space. Please write to me by the end of this month, May 2016, and send in your way of enhancing sacred space coupled with any experiences you may have had in this particular arena which you would like to share and which you feel will contribute to Rose Consciousness. I will gift a sacred Rose Poem for the best contribution received. Remember the date is the 31st May.


This piece for the Rose Blog was written by a Rose Sister, Alex, of Sydney. Thank you Alex.

I was delighted when I got gifted a trip to Hong Kong from a very good friend Robert.

Intuition encouraged me to place an excited call to Cris , as I was aware Cris spent many years earlier living in HK . I felt I was being guided and my trip was gifted , so I was present in HK , trusting the guidance of the roses staying present and trusting where ever I was guided too was absolutely PERFECT!

After speaking to Cris , I was made aware of St John’s Cathedral Hong Kong and a book shop called Reflections. My idea was to look out for labyrinths and the connection with Roses. I realise that in Hong Kong most of the labyrinths were made on canvas and were only placed in the cathedral on special occasions.


Arriving at St John’s Cathedral was spectacular , just peaceful I got guided to a private meditation room and holding selenite /Lemurian crystals meditated for over an hour ! At the altar was a beautiful arrangement with a combination of pale pink flowers ( roses as part of this arrangement ) I walked around the grounds looking at all the colours and beautiful trees !

After leaving the cathedral I started to walk through the streets of HK, jumped in a cab and went to Central to meet a friend for dinner .

I had free time, so I decided to look around the shops and low and behold , I found a beautiful French chain of stores called Agnes B !

Looking around in the store I found the most divine Silk rose scarf for myself.

Attached to Agnes B was Agnes Fleuriste just full of imported roses wow. The one I walked into was ‘one of a kind’ Agnes Roses Fleuriste ! Just roses , just roses , just glorious roses ! What a surprise in the middle of Hong Kong the only one of the concept stores full of roses.


This is what Agnes B wrote about the Flower and the only concept store in Hong Kong .

‘Flower, a symbol of innocence and serenity, also a unique art interpretation, resonate the clean & simple design philosophy of Agnès b. Inspired by Agnès’ passion in flowers, Hong Kong has welcomed the birth of Agnes B . FLEURISTE, the only city in the world to find Agnès b. Fleuriste

Amidst the ambience of tranquillity and peacefulness, Agnès b. FLEURISTE epitomizes the beauty of wildness that enlightens you a relaxed & carefree mood in the hustle & bustle city.’

My next adventure was to find Reflections which much to my surprise! ‘Like Magic’ two minutes walk from where I was staying ..

Ruby Ong the proprietor was such a delight to be with an amazing inner kindness . I spent the whole day with Ruby , Reflections was now more a small healing centre with international visiting speaking from all over the world . The book shop had actually closed and though there was a selection of books it was very limited .

Next to Ruby Ong , was a beautiful Garden full of Chinese herbs dedicated to Shennong the father of Chinese Medicine


What a magical city Hong Kong is full of wonderful surprises, though after being of the journey of the Rose, nothing is a surprise

I believe our purpose is to be present and a conscious conduit, having a ripple effect to shift and trigger, awakening in others.

Hong Kong is the inspiring example of where East meets West, showing that we are all ONE on this amazing journey!

Love of the Roses

Alex xxx

Thank you Alex! Happy sacred journeying!


And the Rose Angels continue to remind us of their sacred presence – and their ability to enhance our sacred space!


Question for you – here is a question for you now – is there anyone out there who is working with the star crystal – Moldavite – if so, could you please contact me? Thank you!


This is an absolutely new class – I have only just developed it – it is the next stage on from the Rose Miracle. It is a very powerful journey of manifestation and healing – and it takes us into the next stage of our journey into full Rose Consciousness. It opens us to the magic of living – to the real miracles that are available in our everyday life if only we would free ourselves from our current pain circles where we are going round and round in this reality, so much so that many of us are accepting this reality – and the pain circle itself – as the real thing.

Rose Redefinition is a journey of true exploration – it includes working one to one with the creation of the Rose Mask – and this is the first time that the amazing Rose Mask has been made public – the energy just was not right for this previously.

I am ready to talk to people who may wish to undertake this new phase. Please contact me on for a personal discussion on how the journey of Rose Redefinition can help you move beyond this reality so that you can express your own greatness, your true rose self, in the world.

Best wishes for your Rose Journey




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