Rod Stewart’s chorus in the song – They Can’t Stop Me Now – The World is Waiting – epitomises exactly what is happening to us right now – the lyrics say –

They can’t stop me now
The world is waiting
It’s my turn to stand out in the crowd
They can’t stop me now
The tide is turning
I’m gonna make you proud!

Well, ponder that for a minute – listen to the song – and feel the energy of the music taking us forward a few more steps as we now heat up, heal the remainder of the spots that are still tender, move from complaint to creativity and work more assiduously towards being the energy of Rose Consciousness.

The beat of the song is infectious – the words of the chorus prophetic – and really it is true – try as they might – whoever ‘they’ might be – they can’t stop us now!

Cris Henderson

Rose Sister, Linda, from Nottingham wrote the following –

The Final Obstacle

On the path of personal healing we may experience the cycle of “death and rebirth” many times, and it will continue until all that is fear is transformed, and all that remains is love.

Remember the story of Atlantis? Whether you believe it existed or not…. information was given to us in that legend and it holds a very important message for us all today. There is a lesson to learn from that story which may help us to understand what is going on within many of us now. The root cause which brought the fall of Atlantis was fear. All sorts of challenges are arising within us to help us open to our Divinity. Separation from Self, pain and hurt is not Love, it never was.
Fear is the final obstacle we need to overcome…

The Outer Journey

I had thought that the Rose Series was finished – well if it is, it is – and I don’t really know yet. However it is beginning to feel as if a book on Rose Consciousness is bubbling away there. Usually I connect with Mother Mary on 14th March – this is the time when I feel renewed, re-energised and re-invigorated – it is the anniversary of our meeting in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney all those years ago when I failed to recognise her until she had left – it is the day when we discuss the year ahead. I am still so grateful for the change that has become my life! As I create I bloom – and recently I wrote the following about our lives as we move into the next phase of understanding, loving and living the Rose as we all do.


The door is waiting

It stands before us

Shaped like an enticing rose

The petals rampaging with colour

As we watch them

Shimmer in the sunlight

Offering us a new reality

And we are here

A group of potent women

Waiting to move

Into the next level

Encompassing a new dimension

Daring to be different

Removing our chains

Breaking out of captivity after centuries

Into a new reality

No longer surviving now thriving

Some sisters are leaving at this point

Choosing to run

From the energetic changes that have reached us now

They cannot face their new being

Behind me

I feel you pull away

Choosing to remain in this reality

Harnessed by business or work or family

We bid you fond farewell

And those who remain link arms

Readying themselves to walk through the door

Those who remain

Understand the collective choice

Being made now

Along the way

We have given up ourselves

We believed in our sisterhood role

And we delivered

Now we are free and the choice is ours

As individuals and as a collective

Do we go on

Do we open the door

Or remain to repeat

Old patterns interminably

Those of us who stand together

Decide to move

The door sings to us

It is calling

Hear the song and open your heart

A golden feather finds us

It is the key to the kingdom

We will now once we enter

Be all that we can be

We will open to the true depths

Of our intensity

The tears flow

We join hands

We use the key

We enter

And we choose Rose Consciousness!!




When I purchased this book, it was so that I had a reference manual for the Rose energy work I had done thus far. Something to be pulled out when I had a query and then put away until the next query. ‘The Rose Revolution’ has other plans. From the first paragraph it took me by the hand and then the heart. This book is like no other – it is alive and its energy can be felt by your soul if you let it.

If this book is simply read from cover to cover the myriad opportunities for growth along the path to reunion will be missed. Let the Rose Revolution dictate the pace. Feel the vibration of each word. Journey as I did to the very essence of your being, to the ultimate discovery that you, the Rose and the Goddess are all one.

The journey is not straight forward and not for the faint hearted. I encountered many stops and diversions along the way – some pleasurable others not so much. I love the Rose deeply and by letting go of any resistance, accepting totally, in love and gratitude, the grace which is this book, I came to love myself.

The journey has not ended, I don’t know if it ever will. There are parts of the Rose Revolution that need to be read and experienced many times and each time a new gift, a new insight will make itself known to you.

I can’t begin to verbalise the gratitude I feel related to the Rose Revolution and her Author, Cris. This book has become part of me, like two very old friends in quiet communion – a blessing indeed.

Thank you for finding the multi layers in the book Janet – and for understanding the levels and for feeling this book’s energy in such a delightful way.

Some other exciting news from Mexico City where Monica is translating ‘Rose Alchemy’ – the book – into Spanish – this will mean it is able to reach many more people with its simple message of hope for us all – and with its tools that give us the opportunity to make our own decisions and to manage our own lives without allowing the interference that is rife right now to damage us in any way whatsoever. Thank you Monica.


And here at last is a full description of the Rose Series –


Hello – my name is Cris Henderson author of the Rose Series of books about the sacred rose energy.


My journey with the sacred rose has been incredible. It began with a physical visitation from Mother Mary. My realisation of the rose followed soon after. Truth to tell I had never noticed roses much before this turning point – I was a high-flyer – a corporate citizen – who lived in her head and not her heart. And so the journey began – and my life changed irrevocably. I began to teach and would rush from the corporate world to a little bookshop in my power suit and my high heels – and gradually the rose interactions became more and more meaningful.

And more recently came the beginning of the Rose Series of books – a series that I had been longing to write. The Rose Books are based on the Rose Manuscripts originally written at Ephesus under the guidance of Mother Mary and others of the Sisterhood of the Rose following the dark days of the crucifixion. Once the rose finds you – she whispers to you constantly – and some of those whispers and reminders are contained in the Rose Series.

The First Book is A Rose a Day – A Book of Rose Prayers which enlivens our daily life in many different ways – it can be opened at a particular page – or worked through over the period of a month – many of these poems have been used to bring practical help to their recipients.


The Second Book is entitled Rose Alchemy. ™ Rose Alchemy melds and unites Reiki and Seichim into one magically potent system of energy training which concentrates on integration and balance. Reiki and Seichim are both ancient energetic healing systems in their own right. This book explores their merger with the rose and how the beauty of this sacred combination creates a balanced potent indefinable Rose energy which can change any situation for the better. This book opens the energy of the Rose Codes and begins their download both internally to the recipient and externally to the world where they are expressed through the meditation centres known as Rose Pods.™[i]


Book Three is Rose Ceremonies™ which outlines a series of Rose Initiations. These can be read and integrated by an individual working alone or perhaps in a special group formed for the purpose. The initiations are keys or portals to different levels of the Rose Energy and take the recipient on a journey into Rose Consciousness. They cover many of the Rose past life memories and, when experienced, release and transform these echoes. Rose Consciousness is a term for the melding of all that is currently separate into One – into balance, into wholeness. Some traditions call this the I Am Who I Am. In Rose parlance it is Rose Consciousness™. And so Rose Ceremonies was born – the presence of this book enables individuals to make the change regardless of their geographical location.




The Rose Series includes four rose playbooks. These playbooks provide Rose Processes for those who wish to move into the vibration of the Sacred Rose as teachers of Rose Alchemy and as a Rose Master. They are also stand-alone books for the rose seeker of wisdom. In particular the Sacred Rose Journeys provides a template for the Rose Road – they take the rose seeker through a series of sacred journeys which become increasingly energetically expansive –these are meditations that can be used individually or as a series.

The playbooks are also stand-alone books for the rose seeker of wisdom.



Book Four is a magnificent download – the Rose Revolution. It contains all that I knew at the time of writing about the legends and wisdom of the rose. It is both a background to the rose and an incentive to work with her – it tells how to heal the Rose Wound, how to release the Rose Covenant and how to free ourselves in order to begin the final integrative move into Rose Consciousness. It begins to enliven the Rose Codes™. This larger sized book is beautifully illustrated with rose photographs and filled to the brim with this sacred knowledge – those who read it are able to work through the release of old patterns, contracts and unneeded energetic linkages to bring themselves into a new phase of living in preparation for the move into Rose Consciousness.


Following Book Four I became increasingly aware of the vast number of people who were embroiled in unhealthy situations – health, work, personal – that were holding them back and re-creating their individual pain circles – so I created something through the sacred rose to assist those who sought release from old patterning and something more rewarding in Book Five.

ROSES CHANGE YOUR WORLD: a companion to the Rose Miracle

This book’s essence is filled to the brim with the sacred rose. The easiest way to use it is by simply opening it – seemingly at random – as the reader finds the right spot within the book for that particular day the energy changes – it lightens – it expands – it gives the reader the greatest of all gifts – hope. Your imagination is yours and yours alone – as you enter into the realms of your own imagination and combine that with the spirit of the rose which thrives in this book – then your outer circumstances will change for the better.

Each day the reader is introduced to a different rose who will become a friend for life. Each day the rose becomes more familiar and more welcome into the reader’s life….

Roses Change your World is a partner for the Rose Miracle, the final volume in this series of Rose Books.

The Rose Miracle: Rose Codes and the Miracle Gene brings with it an opportunity for us all to open to a different layer of spiritual knowing within our intrinsic selves – reading it we recall the loss of our miracle gene – the day that we stopped believing in miracles. We recall how our Rose Codes were violated and our individual and collective fortunes misappropriated.

This is Book Six in the Rose Series and writing it changed my life. It brought me to something supremely sacred which I knew and practised in Atlantis – it helped me to remember a body of esoteric knowledge that inspired me and helped me to move beyond what I could physically perceive into the arena of Infinite Possibility – and here, in what is sometimes known as the Field of Dreams, again I was able to dream, recall and play with the restoration of my own sacred rose.

Not only does working with the energy embodied in this book open our DNA to change – it reactivates our Miracle Gene and the Rose Codes themselves – and it generates pure rose energy. Through the pages of this book the Rose Miracle is re-born and brings with her the infinite possibilities that we all seek. Through the pages of this book you are able to re-activate your own Rose Codes and join them with the Universal Rose Codes to create Rose Consciousness. And with this book I am able to complete the sacred promise I made to Mother Mary from my hospital bed all those years ago – to bring her Rose Manuscripts to life again.

So now I am privileged to share Mother Mary’s own Rose Manuscripts with you through the medium of these beautiful rose books.

The restoration of the rose within and the expansion of the Rose Codes – these are the secret keys to the universe and they are the theme of all the books in this Rose Series.


The rose is a symbol of energetic expansion; including her in our lives can lead to uplifting experiences that boost our energetic vibration and move us closer and closer to a new more joy-filled life.

Inviting the rose into our world does not have to be difficult – this Rose Series opens up new possibilities for the reader to expand their ‘rose’ relationships into the new and exciting realm of Rose Consciousness.

Happy rose journeying!

Cris Henderson

(All books and playbooks are Available from for immediate download. Within Australia available for purchase from the author – overseas from

‘’The Rose throughout history has been a time honoured symbol of strength, power and undeniable beauty. The sacredness of the Rose has been mystically revealed and portrayed throughout the centuries in sculpture and paintings and particularly in religious symbolism.

In ‘The Rose Revolution’ author Dr Cris Henderson tells us where and how her journey of awakening and remembrance began. It was her encounter with Mary who informed her that she was the one chosen to unfold the Rose. This entailed the gathering of the members of the Sisterhood of The Rose for a release of a covenant that the Sisters were entrusted with prior to the destruction of Atlantis.

There is an underlying urgency that the author is imparting to members of The Sisterhood of the Rose that they need to awaken to her message. She is adamant that now is the time to step forward out of the shadows, to remember and to release ancient knowledge and wisdoms for the sake of the Earth and all who dwell upon it. The energy of the Rose and all that it imparts to the beholder is what will draw their memories from the past into the present.”



The first transfer of Rose Consciousness energy has occurred. It happened a few weeks ago when I was disturbed at about 3a.m. and woke with a massive download which showed how the Rose Lines of Light were returning to me and to all of us – they came in a circular fashion – as they came back in towards me they opened the Rose Lines of Fortune – so the two became one. This is the start of the implementation phase of the opening of the Rose Lines and the download of the Rose Codes – we have come full circle. I felt the download begin and I was filled with euphoria – the beauty of the first rose wave expanded our hearts – some felt pain; some felt their computers misbehaving or stopping altogether; some felt their communications at all levels affected. Not long afterwards the Christchurch earthquake – a small one this time thank goodness – happened again. I am pleased to answer any questions about this as it is hard to describe.

The next download is due on 14th March. So be fully aware on this date and notice what happens in your corner of the world.

The words of the song with which we began remain relevant as we close – thanks to Rod Stewart and to his amazing song I saw through the hazards and my inner rose bloomed again!

They can’t stop me now
The world is waiting
It’s my turn to stand out in the crowd
They can’t stop me now
The tide is turning
I’m gonna make you proud!

Quoted with gratitude from Rod Stewart – You Can’t Stop Me Now!

Best wishes for your rose journey



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[1] The Rose Pods are rose meditation centres which will link the world of the Sacred Rose. The first Rose Pod opened in Helsinki with Rita in January 2016. Further information from