This issue of my blog is dedicated to my dear friend Altea who came when I was in need, when my body was really hurting. Altea showed me how to really commune with her, with my body. I thought I was fully in touch with my body – how foolish – I had no idea what she really required to help me to bring in Rose Consciousness. Thanks to the beauty of Altea’s work I have opened myself to be more in tune with my body and for this I am indeed grateful! Perhaps she is the human angel described below!


We begin with white, pure, sacred, splendid white.

There are no thoughts as we begin – just a curious stillness – a waiting. The waiting is not heavy – it is light. It is not happy either – it just is. In the stillness you feel and then see a figure approach you. An angel walks silently into your room – she is not robust, pushy or loud – she is quiet, thoughtful, elegant and gentle. Who is this angel – yes she is someone you know – a human angel – generous and kind she touches your hurt with the edge of her wing. Your tears fall purifying you and opening your closed heart. Now is the time –she whispers – it is your time, you have been waiting for centuries for the world to change – little did you know it is you who will change – you are the change – you are its depth and its strength – and yes the cosmic joke is on you – you gentle your essential self now and observe the angel now in all her glory. Her eyes are grey. You had never thought before about the colour of angelic eyes, their shading, their depth, their spirit, their luminosity. They mesmerise you. You think about her eyes now and look back again feeling your pain dissipate. Nothing else is said – nothing to say really – any more needed is exchanged unspoken. She is the White ROSE. This is your day of the White Rose.


As you begin to commune with the different aspects of the rose you commune with the different aspects of your essential self so for the next little while, perhaps until we meet again, commune with the glory of the white rose sent to me by one of the rose sisters!

The above extract is from a forthcoming book – it is a companion book to the Rose Book number 5 which I have written about before – The Rose Miracle is the main book – and this extract is from Roses Change your World: a companion to the Rose Miracle. Should you wish to know more about the ability of roses to change your world for the better please contact me. And if you have a rose to share that can be one of the roses of the day – then please will you send her to me?


I am now transmitting the energy of Rose Consciousness twice a week to help boost those working with the rose energy. The second transmission is at 8p.m. on Monday nights, Brisbane time. We won’t issue reminders – just take it as happening regularly now – Sunday night 9p.m. and Monday 8p.m.

Thank you to all those who have been writing to me and describing the wonderful experiences that they have been having in the Rose Fields – the synchronicity is there in all our lives even if we cannot see it quite yet. Many of our friends and relatives and many of us are still experiencing periods of deep and piercing pain – and understanding and support will flow to you with all our love and in concert with the divine essence of the rose.

Should you need particular help please contact me.

I am happy to take any special requests especially for those who wish to take a special journey into the Rose Healing Fields. I have mentioned this before however I must say it again. Since I have discovered the Sacred Heart of Jesus sitting directly in the middle of the Healing Fields it has boosted my access and links to the sacred geography of Heaven – it has amazed even me and I have been here on many occasions before. There is something changing in the Healing Fields that I am really noticing and that is that the texture of the colours and the dimensions are changing – when I look at it now it is as if I am looking through those special 3-D glasses we all had for Avatar – the healing that flows from the Healing Fields is magnificent – it seems to be a rare combination of gratitude, grace and generosity of spirit. During my last journey there I took a friend with me who is gravely ill in hospital – she was totally immersed in the Sacred Heart and I left her there to take in the direct healing available to her. It was an enormous boost of energy like lightning that went through me when I saw her in the Sacred Heart and I am so grateful that her load has been lessened – I have no doubt that this experience was special to her.

For the same person I recently found a Rose Cup – it is gorgeous – just a small coffee cup totally emblazoned with roses – covered with them – so this went to her hospital room too – and when she drinks from it the roses will energise her and dissipate the influence of the pharmaceutical drugs that are causing her so much distress.

And so to those of you on the Rose Journey into consciousness I send my warmest rose wishes and my special thoughts until we meet again in the Rose Healing Fields of Heaven. Many of you have this sequence however it is so important I am sending it through to you again.



The view of the Rose Healing Fields as we enter for our healing meditation is constantly changing. The Rose Fields open themselves to us and to those who are the healing recipients through different entrance ways and portals. In accessing these portals we open the passageway for those who come behind – we are, each time we access heaven, opening it further so that people can more easily follow us – and so they can find their own passageway, their own path into this sacred space.

Why would we want to enter this space? Well it is here in the Rose Healing Fields of Heaven that the new Paradigm of the Rose is forming and flourishing. Not only are the Healing Tents the places we can bring those for whom we care, those whom we wish to have special healing help – in the Sacred Heart of Jesus we find the answers we so desperately seek.


To travel to the Rose Healing Fields simply relax and open to a vision of a field of heaven that contains a scattering of colourful healing tents. Walk into the Field yourself or with your companions. If you are bringing someone here for healing you will no doubt introduce them to a Rose angel or Rose archangel – there will be someone special waiting here for you. Quite often Mother Theresa will be available to guide you to the appropriate tent – the tents are of course covered in roses and you or your friend(s) will choose the colour that most appeals. Inside the tents are the greatest healers of all time – you and/or your friend(s) will be in safe hands here in the Field. Simply let go, enter the tent if you are going to enter and see what transpires inside. This experience will be totally private to you.


To the Rose Fields you come
Guided by Rose angels
Supporting you
Loving you
Gentling you
Your energy field
Expands easily
As your feet
Touch this holy ground
There are rainbow lights
Dispelling all the gloom
That lies around you
Gone now and forever
Like an earnest puff of wind
The healing tent
Is covered
In yellow roses
Inside and out
You enter
And the greatest healers
In the universe
Surround your couch
Your soul opens
And you relax trustingly
The pain expelled
Into the healing atmosphere
Yellow roses live
In the ceiling
They drop rose oil drops
Upon your open wounds
Time passes
Your generative energy levels
Are enhanced
And soon the yellow rose enters your heart
And you are – at last
Totally healed!


In the Sacred Heart which sits in the midst of the tents is the most beautiful point of grace and hope and help that I have ever found. By moving into this space we experience the calm force of the Christ energy – and here anything is possible. If you have not entered this space previously, perhaps now is the time. The Sacred Heart is in the middle of the Rose Labyrinth. The labyrinth floats beyond the rose gate – walk into the labyrinth with me now. When you do you find yourself almost floating in a sea of ecstasy. Here we have the ability to hear what we need to hear clearly and directly. Here we experience a walking prayer, a dance of delight to bring any disparate elements of ourselves into one beautiful whole. In the rose labyrinth we regain any elements of our legendary wisdom that we have been missing. Our labyrinth is a miraculous hybrid of remembrance of the wisdom principles of the sacred rose.
The rounded centre culminates in a six petals and here is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, one with the other, inextricably linked.

rose44This beautiful painting of Jesus embodies part of what I see when I go to the centre of the Fields – this was painted by someone who was only 8 years old at the time! It is called Prince of Peace by Arkiane. It is simply beautiful and I encourage you to look at her other works of art and I acknowledge this beautiful painting with gratitude.

In the Rose Healing Fields we are opening to areas of infinite possibility. What if you are an integral piece of the grand plan? What if you were truly able to live expansively and create the new paradigm of the Rose?

We can put aside all our limiting concepts in the Rose Healing Fields. In the Fields it is possible to change the contracts of the soul – and to remove the imprint of these contracts permanently. Should you wish to do so you can ask the Rose Archangels to assist with this momentous healing process. This will lead to finding the sacred rose within your essential self. Once you have done this you are in the new Rose Paradigm, no more subjected to limiting beliefs, no more held by the Rose Covenant that you signed so long ago – at last free to be your full rose self.

Miracles definitely occur in the Fields – there is a sensation of wonder that comes when the impossible occurs. When you facilitate these energies you are not just assisting one person’s healing, you are helping usher in an activation of the sacred rose within each and every one of us as well as an overall transformation of a magnitude heretofore unknown.

Once you have finished in the Field you can simply return to Earth down the Bridge of Living Angels and back into your own home. Enjoy the journey!


Recently I had the very good fortune to find the Blue Healing Fields of Mother Mary. They form another layer of the Healing Fields of Heaven – and yes, you are able to access them too – should you wish to know how please contact me And yes these fields are all in the most brilliant blue – ever single aspect of the Blue Healing Fields are as their name suggests – bright gleaming blue!


The three Rose Mothers, Mothers Hilda, Beryl and Mona, are all having some health issues. I particularly ask for rose healing thoughts for Mother Hilda who undergoes a serious operation next Wednesday.

Mother Beryl recently had to have a toe removed however she is now recovering.



My apologies that this Blog is so late – I have been receiving huge downloads on the subject of Atlantis – all of which are contributing to our walk into Rose Consciousness – so for some time I have had little choice but to walk through the various phases of Atlantis and transform them so that we are not held up for too long on our journey along the Rose Road.

One aspect of these downloads has related to the slave issue – one Rose sister reminded me that there are more slaves in the world now than there ever were before – so perhaps lifting the source of the slave mentality in Atlantis may help this situation too – I do hope so! And once again if you think that you may have been infected by the slave virus – it came to us through infected water in Atlantis – then please contact me so that I can tell you how to remove it. The clearing of the Rose Covenant, the Rose Wound and the slave mentality – all these three go together to clean our physical vessel so that we are able to receive the new energies with an increasing level of ease.


Rose Binding is only used in extreme circumstances. Having said that I have had occasion to use it myself on behalf of a rose sister recently – and to give it to one or two others. Often the Binding is needed for the intrusion of a Velvet Rose into our current situation – you may remember the story of the Velvet Rose which is outlined in Book 4 in the Rose Series – The Rose Revolution. A Velvet Rose not only intrudes into the current situation – she can intrude into your energy field if you are not very careful. Once you understand about the existence of the Velvet Rose – well you cannot really miss them. I am happy to talk to you about their presence in our lives – individually is probably best.


During the past weeks I have endured what I call the rose volcano – my body turned into an oasis of pain and as I brought through not only the changes in Atlantis – the Rose Miracle book was being birthed too – my body – well it shook, it shuddered, it reacted and it let me know every piece of what was happening in no uncertain terms. The Rose Miracle book is about changing our DNA – so everything I write I have experienced – all of it – the good, the bad and ugly. I knew I could not continue this work no matter how important it is to change the world for the better and to pursue Rose Consciousness. I just had to change.

My body just said no more – so I changed my point of view with the help of good friends who counselled me when I came to them for help! I prepared it more thoroughly to receive the new light vibrations. So the message is – never be too proud to seek help – my body reaction was so severe I thought I was leaving Mother Earth – doctors were called and pharmaceuticals were taken albeit within my own time-frame – what I mean is for a defined period only with the help of homeopathics to dissipate any side effects.

So the help can come from many different sources.

And let me make this quite clear – just because I experienced these growing pains – it does not mean that you will have the same experience. Each of us is an individual and each of us has prepared in his or her own way.

You all know my view about pharmaceuticals. What you may not know is that the last blog I wrote was 15 pages long and it was mostly about statins and the experience I was having with someone close to me and getting him off these dreadful drugs. I was watching the person concerned die in front of me and I could not countenance it any more so I went into action and fronted the medical profession with what I knew about the statins. Finally someone listened and the energy changed and he is now recovering.

The blog was one of the best pieces I have ever written – and guess what – I turned on my new computer one day and it was not there anymore. It vanished into cyberspace – well it was more than that of course – the key words – as one of my sisters rightly pointed out – had come up on someone’s radar and they were not going to countenance its publication. Remember if you will that the United States of America is considering including statins in the water supply – I know that is hard to believe – however it is true – and remember that the first case against Lipitor is coming to the US courts in November this year – not so far away – and a case I will be following closely.


Many of the Rose Women are currently on the move – many are just home from overseas adventures. Robyn Adams – the original rose sister has just returned from an amazing journey in the Middle East – and this is her story in the form of a poem – enjoy!

Robyn Adams 18-6-15

Pilgrims come from many lands
To traipse across the ancient sands.
They feel the air, and breathe in sounds,
From times long gone but still abounds.

Jerash, a ruined Roman city, once so fine,
Dotted with temples to the Gods divine,
Now tumbled into chaotic blocks of marble,
Some partially rebuilt to recreate past fable.

Petra, the rose-red city half as old as time,
Lit by a thousand candles in an atmosphere sublime,
To walk its Siq under a starry sky
Gives rise to a wonder one cannot deny.

Hewn from a sheer rockface by Nabatean masons,
Temples and water channels with a myriad of basins,
Soaring columns capped by Greek-style capitols,
Cool caves made into dwellings became adaptable.

Wadi Rum, stark landscape of Bedu nomad fame
Dry and parched through lack of rain.
To sleep in stuffy tents of woven camel hair
A million star resort surrounded by rocks so bare.

The Dead Sea levels sink each year
But it’s fun to swim in without fear
The buoyant water steeped in salt so thick
Makes it impossible for swimmers to sink.

Flying to Iran over an arid, desolate land
Nothing below but many miles of sand,
How could a major civilisation flourish
When water is scarce, with few crops to nourish.

Tehran, a thriving bustling metropolis
Millions of people, friendly and accomplished,
Traffic chaotic, but seems to flow
Around foreign pedestrians afraid to go.

Yazd, a city from far ancient times
Full of tiled mosques and ornate shrines,
Showed off its crumbling mud-brick places
Once home to such a myriad of races.

Kerman, older still, near the mud-brick Citadel Rayan,
Now visited instead of earthquake ridden Bam,
Where ancient trade routes traversed this way,
And pleasure gardens invited travellers to stay.

Shiraz, of cultural and carpet fame,
Really lived up to its name,
Home to mystics, poets and shahs
Persian gardens and vast bazaars.

Great Persepolis built by Darius in 518 BC
Has long been on my list of ruins to see,
Burnt to the ground by Alexander the Great,
Even it could not prevent such a fate.

Close to Persepolis stands Naqash-e Rostan,
Rock hewn tombs of Darius and his son-in-law
Mighty Xerxes, famous in both deed and word
Now silently watching, no longer the lord.

Grand Parsgadae, built by Cyrus the Great
Has little to show now but columns that wait
For skilled archaeologists to reveal the plan
Of a vast city once built and destroyed by man.

Esfahan, guarded by the Koran Gate,
With grand tree-lined boulevards that make
Wandering this city and finding its treasures
A reminder of times gone, with days full of pleasures.

The enormous Imam square, second only to one
Built by Shah Abbas, with a polo field under the sun,
With its huge spice-scented alcoved bazaar
Surrounding the square, full of goods from afar.

Next on to traditional Abyaneh set high in the mountains,
Adorned with mud brick walls and glorious fountains,
Life is slow and simple here, but the locals are old,
For most young have long fled the confines of the fold.

Ancient Kashan, full of old mansions once proud,
Home to rich merchants who traversed the Silk Road,
Tile adorned mosques, serene in their way,
The fine Garden of Fin invites visitors to stay.

Return to the traffic and chaos of Tehran,
Last minute shopping, sights and sounds of Iran,
Mahdi, our guide, invited me to his weekend retreat,
To spend time with his family, near the Caspian Sea.

Iran is a land of welcome and smiles,
Long distances covered as our bus ate up the miles,
Travellers who visit will get a pleasant surprise,
And gain understanding of this land that the world vilifies.

The ancient Goddesses who once fertilised this land
Are deeply asleep with no where to stand.
Few worship them now with garlands and flowers
In valleys or temples with rose-covered bowers.

Soon they will awaken, for the time has arrived
When again the Divine Feminine will reign side by side
With the masculine world so powerful and strong
Who will realise that they have gone so dreadfully wrong.

Robyn Adams lives in the Northern Rivers area of NSW, and has been travelling the world for most of her adulthood, experiencing life and learning from spiritual teachers. The Sisterhood of the Rose, published in 2009, is the result of her experiences so far. As a qualified Naturopath, she learned herbal lore and spiritual healing techniques. She was co-founder in establishing a well-known Spiritual Retreat in he Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. She also holds a degree in Archaeology and loves exploring ancient sites and cultures. She is also a member of the local poetry group and has achieved a little recognition for her poetry.
Robyn’s second novel, The Golden Disc: the healing bomb, has recently been published by Balboa Press and is available from them or Booktopia in both paperback and eBook.


Best of rose wishes to all

From Cris



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i This poem was written for my brother Bill in May 2014 as part of his healing experience.
ii Should you need a copy of the Bridge of Living Angels please do not hesitate to let me know