This issue of my blog is dedicated to my dear friend Annie who passed away Wednesday 6th May 2015. Safe journey dear friend. I know that you are fine and safe and happy. We miss you.

The new rose paradigm is one of profound beauty and sacredness. At the edges of the new paradigm there is a tinge of sadness too – we have seen an enormous amount as we have travelled this Rose Road – we have had experiences that almost defy description. And here we are – we have arrived on the edge of the most profound change for generations. The rose whispers to us and encourages us forward.
The rose energy has always been meaningful, gentle and extraordinary. The difference is that now we believe in ourselves. We are awake. We have chosen. We have become the goddess in all her forms. We are one and the same. The progression into full rose consciousness is at last fully underway.

Cris Henderson


It was a very special day at the Rose House on the 8th May – it was the occasion of our special rose reunion. Three wonderful rose women – Leslina, Robyn and Vivienne – travelled so that we could be all together here at the Rose House for one very special day. My husband, Hendo, a great rose supporter, arranged for a bouquet of roses to be available to each arrival and to me and handed the beautiful bunches to us, along with a glass of champagne, as the visitors arrived. The rose women came in a halo of rose energy – with more rose flowers and rose gifts accompanying them. The energy in the rose house expanded and vibrated.


During the day we talked, we planned, we shared and we meditated. We went in to a beautiful meditation under the guiding light of the rose window and as we did this together we felt the beautiful rose energy enter the room. This was an extraordinarily special day and one that I will always remember with immense gratitude. It felt as if this was a special celebration for the rose and showed that we had managed to come a long distance travelling on our own much of the time. Now that much of the pain of the past has been released we can be together again and enjoy the energy of the rose in all her brilliant manifestations.




Some years ago I was fortunate to spend some time at the sacred Mary site of Lourdes. This is of course a Catholic site and when I visited it there were many hundreds of pilgrims seeking healing and walking into the grotto. We stood outside the grotto watching all of this intently and revelling in the energy that was high with expectation and healing. All of a sudden a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky above us – it came down and touched just the two of us in the crowd, my husband and I, and we could hardly believe what was happening to us. People around us noticed too and looked at us, wondering who we were and why this experience was being granted to us.

Lourdes certainly was a landmark experience in my journey to rediscover the rose. Since that time if I have been in need of healing for myself or for others I have always contacted the sacred Lourdes site and known that Mother Mary would be looking out for the people on my list, sometimes myself included. I recommend this link to you for your own assistance should you ever require it. You can find the link on the Internet and sometimes you can even see on line your prayerful declaration or request being taken into the grotto – the service is free – however you can send a donation should you wish.

By now you will understand that the Rose Road is a journey of magnificent adventure. It is a pathway which you can adapt to your own requirements once you have the steps and understand its sacred geography. At the moment I am carrying out initiations with people in different parts of the world – this is so exciting as I envision the rose opening up in many places and increasing its potent energy of transformation as it links us all together. At the same time I feel the healing of Mother Earth continuing. The empowerment of the rose is in the words of the initiation itself. The Rose Muse often appears in meditation or dreams to take the recipient through the initiation. All of the initiations work on opening the rose within – they can be described as a gradual unfurling.

It is also possible to take the initiations without the study of rose alchemy – and some people elect to do this because they may be clearing a particular past life to which the initiation applies. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in the rose energy.

Rose Alchemy is being expanded as a knowledge system and receiving not only ancient wisdom in a more extensive form, it is combining new wisdom, which is being united to form an expansive new soul agenda. In other words, Seichim and Reiki are integrating just as we ourselves incorporate the new expansive energies. It is bringing together the old and the new knowledge. The result is a road of sacred gentleness, nurturing and support.

The Rose Sisters are travelling all over the globe and planting the rose energy in different parts of the world. Robyn, the original rose sister who wrote The Sisterhood of the Rose, has gone to Jordan. She is travelling for the Sisterhood.

And Alex wrote in from Kokosar, also called the Island of Kolocep, which is near Dubrovnik sending the most beautiful photos of roses which I am so delighted to have.


And in Finland Rita has painted these gorgeous paintings of the rose. Thank you Rita for anchoring the rose in Finland!!



My friend’s service was held on Friday May 15th in a serene setting – outside the chapel there was a beautiful rose garden. In my grief I forgot to take a photograph of it – however I did take a quick photo of the roses delivered in her memory. I managed the service quite well as I knew most of what it contained. Annie had the fortitude and the perseverance to plan it and she had talked to her family and some of her friends about it. She had said quite definitely that she would not be playing ‘The Rose’. I was admittedly disappointed however she is not a Rose Sister – a great friend and supporter to the Rose and a Sister of the Sacred Phoenix – so I said well that is ok.

She was certainly watching me from her vantage point in heaven as the second last song played was ‘The Rose.’ She was teasing me – she did not forget – she remembered the significance of that beautiful song.
Not long before she died she said to me – I wish I could have done more for you in this lifetime – it brought tears to my eyes and I mumbled a reply – she was the one who took me into a natural health universe that I loved – that universe was totally nurturing to my body in this lifetime – she had done exactly what I needed and at exactly the right time. I am sure we will be meeting again when the time is right!


As we move closer and closer to the expanded rose consciousness we seek it can get a little turbulent on the Rose Road. I just want to remind you of the existence of an amazing group of helpers – the Rose Army – this is how you summon them – if you have been reading the Rose books you will know all about them – just in case you do not know here is the summoning again.

I call them now
The Rose Army
The triple summoning
The clarion call
Echoes over the horizon
It brings immediate response
And from there
It galvanizes the rose energy
As this unusual army marches
On the hospital
You are tested
And tested again
However you are strong
Strengthened by prayers
And healing
Invincible and mighty
You sense the presence
Of the grand Rose Angels
You observe them
As a feather flutters
To the floor
Beside you
You leave it there
However much you want
To hold it
To reassure yourself
You know
Its presence will help
Those who follow behind you
Disappear now
Don’t look back
And be reassured
Of my love

The Rose Army provides assistance without interfering with the person’s choice.

Just a reminder that the Healing Fields of Heaven open to receive us every Sunday night at 9p.m. There are no special reminders – it just means that wherever you are in the world you can tune in to this beautiful sacred journey at your own local time. As the path along the Rose Road intensifies so does the sacred geography of heaven – this means that quite often during a visit you can see much more than on your previous stopover. I always appreciate feedback, so anything that changes or develops for you on this journey please do let me know. I look forward to meeting you there.

I have had cause to think again about the effects of pharmaceuticals on the rose body and on the bodies of those we could call ‘sensitive’. In my opinion it is part of a process to undermine us and to take our essential selves wherever possible. That is why I am so grateful that I was able to escape the medical system once again. Last Friday I heard and saw at first hand the effects of Prednisone on a gentle woman – it tried very hard to take her soul – because of the intervention of the rose energy this has not happened – however the drugs are definitely a dark instrument – yes, I know, sometimes we do need them – however if you need any further convincing please read

‘Misdiagnosed: one woman’s tour of – and escape from – healthcareland.’

If this book does not change your mind about frequent entry into the healthcare system then nothing will! It is by Jody Berger and she urges us through the power of her words to take control of our own health – to stop giving away our power and potency to the men in white coats – yes, we do have to use them – and as you know I did so myself recently with wonderful results. However please rose sisters use them advisedly and with the conscious intent of what you want to achieve – the journey into rose consciousness is not over yet – there are still some perils for us to navigate. As for Prednisone – we know that amongst its alarming side effects is that it suppresses the immune system – this is something that we cannot allow to happen – we all need our immune systems fully functioning for the next phase of our rose journey!

In the last issue of the blog I promised to talk more about the Rose Miracle. As you know Book 5 in the Rose Series is on this subject. As part of the support for the change I made an essence to restore the miracle gene. It has had profound results taking me to deeper and deeper rose levels within myself.
This is the story of how the Rose Miracle essence was made.

It is said that Mother Teresa healed one woman who was suffering from an acute disease immediately – she was healed on the spot. Mother Teresa did this by handing her a single rose – and so the rose continues her special work – she is the rose miracle. And so are you !


The greatest gift we can give anyone is the ability to restore their personal Miracle Gene. Everyone has such a gene however during our rose journeys we have often subdued it, changed it, downplayed it, altered it or removed it in order to remain safe and undetected. This has gone on for centuries and now is the time for the restoration of the miracle gene in all of us to take place. This is the moment.

Recently friends sent me some beautiful pink and yellow roses to aid my recovery – I could not resist – an essence had to be made.


My friend Firesun and I combined to birth this essence – when it was placed in the sacred bowl the first impression that I received was of a spiral playing over the waters and impressing itself on the waters in a curious pattern. The essence then developed a life and energy of its own. Firesun found the concept of complex change was emerging from the sacred waters as the essence expanded. And out of our enhanced ability to manage such complex change came the understanding of the different layers and elements involved in such change – the extremes of understanding – the need for love and the ability to remove disfunctionality.

The rose combination worked beautifully with other flowers previously received which linked me to my inner child.


The Rose Miracle essence helps to weather the storms of the changing energies and their increasing frequency – not just to weather them – to survive and thrive in them – to expand, and to walk victoriously into rose consciousness™ – to make a realm shift – and to become the rose miracle herself.

In other words this essence activates the rose miracle gene.

Miracles are possible. I have just experienced one for myself. I was told by several specialists that they could not operate on my arm as it was too dangerous and it was too near a major nerve that runs up to the brain (the radial nerve) which they were worried might be compromised – the energy of prayer and healing changed all that – I have found the combination is particularly powerful – the prayer plus the healing together – combined in one extraordinary energetic impulse – the doctor rushed in with the x-rays last visit – my friend Diana was there observing – he said this is the best result I have had!! So never give up hope!

The activation of the Rose Miracle gene will change your world view for the better. It will filter out the negative that is pounded into us over and over again – it will generate loving relationships, long-standing hopes and dreams will become a reality in this time and place and the power of rose healing will be enhanced. Enjoy your Rose Miracle!

Wishing you well on your journey with this beautiful Rose Essence. Should you wish to purchase a bottle please contact me directly.

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i This poem was written especially for Bill in May 2014.
ii The radial nerve travels from the neck along the arm to the finger tips. Along the way its interesting role is to communicate with different muscles and areas of skin to relay signals for muscles to contract and send sensory signals back to the brain. Should this nerve been snipped then it may well have led to distinct patterns of disability. When the arm was opened it was found that the nerves, including the radial nerve itself, were wrapped around the muscles.