As the Season of Christmas draws nearer I invite you to consider the changes in the energy that have taken place during this momentous year of 2016. Review the changes – and be grateful for them. Select the three major changes and developments that have come up in your life and write them down – and then write the immortal phrase – thank you – underneath it – three times. And open up your Rosie New Year embedded with the twin divine energies of grace and gratitude!

I send you all Rose Wishes, Rose Thanks for your presence in my life and I wish you special Rose Delights for 2017

Cris Henderson – Rose Alchemist



We are on the boat leaving Atlantis now. The night is lit with fire and the fires are extraordinary. Look around and see the fireworks’ display and remember the colours – they are colours that you will never ever see today although you can always imagine them – they are rich and extraordinary and vibrant – they hum and wheel and dance in the night sky over our burning city. I kept trying to stay. I kept trying to go back. I did not want to get on the boat. One of my best friends was still up on the cliff and I could see her trying to get down the path to the beach from which the boats were leaving. I could not imagine how she was ever going to make it and to this day I am still not sure. Mother Mary was on the beach that night directing traffic. She took me by the arm and pushed me towards a boat where two of my friends in this were waiting to take me to Avalon. I remember the depth of cold in the water. My feet began to freeze and I can still feel the depth and penetration of the cold. I wondered why and when I asked them this is what they showed me.

They revealed the sacred energy of Sacred Rose Water Initiations.

Thank you dainty feet!

Experiencing the energy of the Sacred Rose will open the participant up to new levels of Rose Consciousness. It may help the experience of life to flow free of control and manipulation. It will generate more ease with the body. We are moving, we are changing and we are at last becoming who we really are – free of all constraints we stand tall in our own beingness. We are walking the road of Infinite Possibility and Oneness, the one we call the Rose Road, with all the glorious potency that is involved. We are making choices now where previously we thought we had no real opportunity to choose. The energy expands – you are the One!

Cris Henderson

The initiations of the Sisterhood of the Rose unfurl the sacred rose within and activate all the elements of Infinite Possibility. So if you wish to expand your rose experience it may help to take the initiations as a special group energy one by one now – at this time. Why and how is this possible?

These are the same initiations that were used when the Mystery School itself was first inaugurated in the ancient civilization of Atlantis. The whole process is called unfurling the rose [i] because the initiations open a special part of the essential self that we have successfully hidden for centuries. We have carried out the terms of the Rose Covenant. ™ The Rose Covenant was a very restrictive contract and we have only now become aware of the nature and form of its contents. The Rose Covenant was signed on Sirius as we agreed to intricate responsibilities as the custodians of the wisdom of the Rose. We secured this knowledge in our physical bodies until it was safe to release it once more. We have guarded and protected the wisdom during those centuries when we were tortured, threatened, beaten and killed.

We have done our work well – and now it is time to change.

One of the ways to manage this change is to pursue the initiations as a discreet body of work – this may be something that appeals to you if you do not wish to train as a Rose Alchemist yet you want to receive the energy of the Rose in its purest form.

And, most excitingly of all, it is now possible to apply for a personalised Rose Initiation just for you – and for your current needs. There is more information on this exciting new development on my web site under the tab Rose Initiations.

Or to discuss how this would work for you please contact me on

One particular form of torture endured has explained much and that was the torture of being hung upside down and crucified– now when that was I am not sure, however being able to release that feeling of vertigo has been such a relief in my life. And I know many rose sisters have been experiencing this sensation in their present day life which may be an indication that their sense of energy is being heightened and expanded – and perhaps it means that they are ready for Rose Initiations to give them the ability to hear more clearly the inner messages that are rising rapidly to the surface these days.

Another especially tasty form of torture has affected many of the members of the Sisterhood and that is the use of the pricker. This occurred in the witching times and was an especial favourite of Matthew Hopkins’ acolytes. Pricking the private parts of women was an effective torture. Hopkins sat and watched and wrote notes whilst the nail was thrust in and the woman screamed. The tool had an ability to retract the nail and when it was subsequently thrust in to a particular spot the woman did not scream and so was declared a witch!

What effects on our etheric being might this have in our present day lives?

We were often originally also part of the Cult of the Virgin and we suffered accordingly. Why do you think we often experience the effects of Candida in this life? Isn’t the connection obvious? Well it is to me – a female dominated cult dedicated to virginity and now a culture that makes one feel one wants to be a virgin! There are a lot of commitments, alignments and agreements to this cult and many of the offshoots such as the Candida I have mentioned were actually imprinted on us to take our strength and to keep us separate from the Brotherhood of the Rose – in other words to prevent us from finding our rose twin. This work was the work of the Sisters of the Velvet Rose, some of whom may well have followed down the timeline to this incarnation.

Look around – see what is happening in your own life – and see if there is a shadow preventing the full unfurling of the rose within you. Taking these initiations will certainly move this energy!

We have been so successful that we have not always known when enough is enough. We should be complete now. We should be done. The past lives should be over. That part of our journey is finalised. However there may just be the hint of a shadow. Sometimes as we release in such depth – a depth like no other we have known for many centuries occurred during this year – the shadow comes back to show us what we have experienced – it lingers and taunts us until we recognise and release it ceremonially.

All that is necessary is for us to remember and release and we can do that in years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes or in a single second. It is entirely our choice. By remembering the past we are able to reach new levels of consciousness secure in the knowledge of who we really are. We honour our heritage. We revel in our ability to complete the Rose Covenant of the Sisterhood of the Rose. We greet one another secure in our past, present and future abilities as goddesses, oracles and healers. We release the past fully and then we can create our future by operating entirely from the present moment. We embody the energy of pure potency in our everyday lives.

Should there still appear to be a blockage at this point it is wise to ask

How much am I destroying my life and my body, before I can have change?

Keeping in the question will open the energy and give you the power to change.

To skip this step of remembering and acknowledging who we really are is to remain ignorant of our essential selves. It ignores our real blood line. In my opinion- and this is just my point of view – we must know, if we are going to step up to the demands of present day living, about our proud lineage, our true family history – our Rose inheritance.

This acknowledgement of our real family will have no negative impacts on our birth family, in fact quite the opposite. The more we work to expand our Rose Consciousness the more the changes are reflected in all with whom we have an on-going connection and with 350,000 unknown people as well. How does it get any better than this?

We are so used to shielding ourselves and the sister’s knowledge from prying strangers that we sometimes find it challenging to continue with the initiations. Remember how successful we were and glory in it and then acknowledge it is time to change. Reaching this point enables us to embody the energy of pure potency in our everyday lives. Taking the initiations of the Sisterhood of the Rose helps an individual to become his or her full powerful and glorious self once again. You may be feeling as if you do not want to move forward just now– you may be in a pleasant space and not want to be disturbed. The exact opposite may be true. You may feel uncomfortable, unfulfilled and unclear about your true origins. You may even feel unwell.

The question you could ask yourself if you are willing is –

What would it take for me to step up to the intensity of the glorious rose today?


As you do this please gently expand your energy body – feel it getting larger and more extensive – billow it out over the whole world and beyond as you receive and expand the energy of the rose.

We all have the obligation to be the fullest expression of the person we truly are – not simply someone’s wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, son, manager, employee, grandmother, grandfather, friend or lover – the full possibility of our essential selves is lacking in such definitions.

The feminine energy is demanding that it be reborn – you and I are responsible for this rebirth. The rebirth activates the goddess within, unfurls the rose and brings us to a remembrance of our full selves. It changes us. It changes the world. It moves us to oneness, a space where everything is and nothing is judged.

The initiations may also have the effect of recreating our lives as playful. Playful energy replaces the energy that is heavy and serious and filled with all the problems we can create – if this feels light to you then yes the rose initiations are definitely for you. Remember that sometimes when you get to the threshold of changing something permanently you almost want to run in the opposite direction.

Understand your essential self well enough to know when this is happening.

Another fascinating aspect of this path concerns the reunification of the soul fragments at a universal and at an individual level. Over long periods of time parts of the soul have been separated from the physical body. This has happened when the physical body experiences deep trauma. Such trauma has been inflicted on our physical bodies for centuries however such is the nature of our sensitivity to energy now, we can feel this trauma embedded in the very vibration of our Mother Earth.

This trauma in Mother Earth is affecting our daily living patterns and it is being extended out into the food chain, relationships between animate and inanimate objects and indeed into every aspect of our daily lives. I am particularly aware of the impingement upon our water world-wide. I am being drawn more and more into writing about this topic – even though I have resisted it for so long it is there waiting in the wings for me.

As I wrote on Facebook I have joined ‘Lock the Gate’ as I believe working with a coalition like this I can assist in bringing together the spiritual and the practical aspects of my beliefs and therefore do some immediate practical good on this planet. And the more I talk to the people I meet on my earth walk about this topic the more widespread – and the more damaging the impingement on our water supply – the more it appears to be.

However, in a positive sense the collective intention of our spiritual work is not only helping us. It is working to have a beautiful and positive effect of graceful reunification of the soul fragments of Mother Earth, especially in this time of rapid earth changes.

One of the most exciting things about the Sisterhood’s initiations is that they break repetitive cycles for all time. In so doing they contribute to our well-being and help to make the world a better place.

It is important to complete all the initiations. Your own wisdom will definitely prevail on that score as the initiations themselves are life changing and may need to be experienced over time. You will know what is best for you!

We usually find as we work through the initiations and as we remember who we really are our lives change for the better. Working through all the initiations brings us to total remembrance. The initiations can also change your point of view – and our point of view determines our reality and our present and future lives. Because the change process continues without further obstruction it is usually important for the person to receive a level of continuing support in order to move through the changes easily and gently – the lack of obstruction opens the energy and creates a clean and pure channel of transcendence. Because past lives have been so important in the history of the rose it is important now to release and transform that energy.

And so the sacred rose of the Sisterhood of the Rose’s mystery school is gradually unfurled within as the initiations are performed one by one and the participants – both the master and those seeking to remember the original knowledge are changed forever.




25th May to 2nd June 2017

The Rose Goddess Initiation Retreat tour facilitated by Leslina Fanelli and Marilyn Daniels offers insight and sharing of the sacred wisdom from the Mystery School of the Sisters of the Rose.

The Rose Sisters were ‘adepts’ of mystical knowledge: Intuition, Clairvoyance and Creativity. Skills that will be developed during our time together, enabling an opportunity to reconnect with the ancient rose wisdom – Rose Consciousness; which can offer personal change and empowerment.

We visit various and wondrous sites and experience the divine energy of Crete.

We use various approaches and forms of practice to enhance your experience, including doTERRA essential oils.

Our accommodation and workshop venue is provided by Bicorna; picturesque, quiet and relaxing; located in the small traditional village of Plaka, within the Apokoronas region and prefecture of Chania; the Venetian harbour city, 23km away.

For further details please email:

“A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose – Gertrude Stein”


I highly recommend this Rose Retreat – it will open doors within and without that have perhaps previously been closed for centuries – it will create a new dawn for the Rose and for this I amongst many others am truly grateful.

Rose wishes to all involved in this major event in the Rose Calendar.




The energy of the body weaves into patterns of beauty and substance. We often use colour in the rose energy by bringing in the colour of a particular rose – and this changes the energy of all of the body systems – we may call it something different to other healing modalities however basically we are all talking about the internal grid – the energy grid of our own body. This grid matches up to the external grid – the rose lines – the grids around Mother Earth – that in our form of healing takes on a rose format.

The spiral which we use in Rose Alchemy is in the form of the Cho Ku Rei – in Rose Alchemy it is formed differently to bring the magnificence of the rose into the healing process. The grid brings energy systems together and creates a rose resonance between them all – hence the term ‘rose resonance’™ – this is what is meant by the title of my web site ‘rose resonance.’

We are all weavers – and we weave the essence of the energy together through this esoteric grid system. Your entire energetic structure is held together in this way. You can see this by imagining and really looking into the body – a series of patters are found everywhere in the body too – they generate a unique patter in a force field designed for the person and for that particular body.

When your grid is in balance it brings a wonderful humming sensation to the body – it opens us up to really regenerate and resonate in our own body – you remember what it was like when you truly felt alive and were able to imagine how extraordinarily capable and energetic you were feeling. Well that is how it should be all the time!

When you weave the rose patterns into the grid the body is re-generated. So the pattern of the weaving will be different for everyone. It may be that you finish a treatment by weaving all the fields together using the Cho Ku Rei rose symbol or you may begin your session in this way – you will know instinctively what to do.

There are other ways of restoring the grid

1. Balance your chakras – keeping these balanced helps an automatic repair of the basic grid. If the chakras are out of balance then it would be pretty well impossible to generate the balancing of the grid.

2. Meditation, sacred journeying and inner peace

3. Weaving the web internally – i.e. restoring the normal grid function.

And so the functions of Rose Alchemy are many and varied – and the generative energy it produces is beyond all expectations.

Once again best wishes for the wonder of Christmas and the rose glory of 2017 approaching fast now!

Rose wishes,

Cris Henderson – Rose Alchemist



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[i] This phrase is copyrighted to Cris Henderson