Ceremonies and Initiations of the Sisterhood of the Rose

Ceremonies and Initiations of the Sisterhood of the Rose

The secrets are revealed, the energy moves gently yet surely through the landscape of power that is born as we stand all together, the Sisters of the Rose, reunited in this age in order to distribute the information and knowledge of the group that has been kept secret and separate for centuries.

This is the first reunion, yes the very first, and the reunion is yielding a positive result for us all.

I am now authorised to reveal the knowledge, wisdom, secret ceremonies and initiations of the Sisters of the Rose, those that were brought with us from Sirius in the very beginning.

There are seven initiations, each initiation is available separately so that the ones that specifically appeal may be ordered.

The initiations are: The Bridge, Atlantis, Avalon, France, Auschwitz, The Twin Flame and Sirius.

The Initiations are  available for immediate download.

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A separate yet related group of initiations cover the Sisterhood’s special links to
Money, Abundance and Prosperity.

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The major component of the Money, Abundance and Prosperity – the MAP training encompasses the initiations and symbol therapy.

Initiations are being released now so that this arcane knowledge is not being retained by a mystery school as it has been over many centuries.

To initiate a person is to assist them to reach a different level of energetic vibration.

Actual initiations must be accompanied by a full understanding of the implications of energetic change in the daily life of the person concerned.  DNA changes usually result and to incorporate new energy into the DNA requires proper process.

And so, coupled with the initiations comes some suggested procedures to assist in this integration. Symbol therapy is the core of the practice and it assists contact with Higher Consciousness, which is the spiritual core of both the individual and the universe.

The symbol therapy is included in both the MAP Playbook – available from this site – and the MAP Distance Education course. This Higher Consciousness has many names – it has been called God, the Goddess, the Buddha, or the Source.

Using symbol therapy means that the Higher Consciousness is perceived as simply that part of the mind which is loving and wise and which already knows the solution to all problems.

It is time to open to the energy of the MAP – Money, Abundance and Prosperity and to accept your heritage.  These initiations will help you to remember your ancestry and they will open you to a new energetic vibration.

They are best worked together with the material in the MAP playbook.

Each money initiation is available now for you to download.

Enjoy the journey

Cris Henderson

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