The Wild Rose of Atlantis

To Freya

Through the Rose Portal they come
Tumbling down the Rose Ladder
Towards us
The Atlanteans have returned
The giant race is amongst us
Standing next to us
Eating with us
Walking beside us
Asking us to revisit
In our dreams
The original times
And now at last
The Black Panther
Is guiding us home
She escorts us to the Atlantean circus
Tail swishing
Amazing Grace has re-emerged
In her original form
Lythe, strong, independent
Filled with courage
And free!

She is the signal
She is the sign
To let the dreams begin!
The Ringmaster enters
Cracking his whip
And the rose women
And the rose men
Caught between worlds
Have no idea
Of where to go or what to do
They begin to perform
As the ringmaster
Herds them into the central point
To the crack of his mighty whip

They cavort and turn
Twist and twirl
They swing and smile
Laughing falsely
Suddenly Amazing Grace is there

She bites the whip in half
Strong and wild
She ignores all threats
It is time for her
And for us
She has given the signal now
It is time for us
To be free!

The Wild Rose of Atlantis is a journey to freedom – it is filled with the generative energy of intent – we take the Atlantean route to find the truth behind our dreams – we link our souls with the soul of the universe – and we move beyond this reality into rose the dimensions.

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