The Tree of Knowledge

From the very beginning of time all the members of the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Brotherhood of the Rose have loved trees.

The Tree of Knowledge held some, but not all, of the secrets of the inner sanctum of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose.

And then one night, I was taken on a special journey to discover the Tree of Knowledge.

I would like to share this journey with you. THIS IS A QUANTUM LEAP

And now we join together from different points on the globe sitting comfortably in our chairs with our arms and feet uncrossed and the palms of our hands facing upwards. We know that this journey is very special.

We already know that everyone has their own unique tree, which contains our own blueprint, our essence, and a close up picture of our true selves.

We know too that if there is anything that we wish to change for the better in our lives, it could be done by accessing the knowledge contained in our special tree.

But this journey is different, because the Tree of Knowledge contained the group hologram of the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose.

Travelling to this tree may remind us of our origins and bring out our early knowledge, some of which has lain idle up until this time.

We take in and expel five slow deep breaths. As we count to five, we go deeper and deeper and deeper. As we reach our fifth breath we feel a friendly presence in our personal space.

These are the Tree Angels, our own special angels of destiny, who are with us, wherever we were.

We know by the very presence of the Tree Angel that once we have established this link we can, as a group or as individuals, return to our tree whenever we need its help.

We relax and take hold of the angels’ arms. We are on our way to the amazing continent of South America and the Amazon Jungle. Here we know we will find some of the most incredible trees in the world.

And now that we are flying so freely we look down at the expanse of ocean lying below and see whether we can see a yacht, or an ocean going liner.

If we could we would fly down and circle the people on deck, and give them quite a surprise to see the shining ones flying through the air. They would say next day that they had all had a wonderful dream!

It does not take long before we are there – flying happily over the wilds of South America – looking down at the landscape below us which is different to anything that we have ever experienced before.

The jungle suddenly looms large directly in front of us, but with our guides we land softly in an open glade.

There is a strange whispering in the background and we know that we are in another land, a land of magic, creativity and imagination. Our souls stir with a sense of wonder and expectation.

And all of a sudden there is our tree, the tree of the Sisterhood of the Rose, the Reds, and the inner sanctum. This is our special tree, the tree that holds our blueprint, and all our secrets.

There it is, right in front of us, reaching up to the sky. We had all imagined this tree in our dreams, but seeing it and touching it was a very different matter. We run towards the tree embracing it unashamedly. It is so big that we can only see cloud at its top, and the trunk is so large that we can only reach about one third of the way around the trunk as we hug and embrace it.

We do this quietly for a few moments whilst our privacy is preserved, and, after we have had our private time with the tree, we come back slowly into the glade and realize that there are other people watching us quietly and respectfully.

The first thing we notice is that there is a group of lovely rainbow fairies standing at a distance observing us. As we move away from the tree the beautiful rainbow fairies come closer.

They encircle us, and then, from off to the left come the Tree Angels, our special Angels of Destiny have brought us to this incredible place.

One of the fairies stands taller and looks more regal than the others. We realize that we are looking at the Fairy Queen.

One of the Tree Angels, whose name happens to be Thomas, introduces us to the Fairy Queen, Titanium, who moves forward regally as her name is mentioned and regards us in a friendly way. And next to her acting as her assistant is the Green Man. I had not seen him for many years. He is the little man I saw when I was four in the vegetable patch, and here he is now, acting as Titanium’s helper.

Re-meeting the Green Man made me feel very much at home. ‘Please remember’, Titanium instructs us, ‘that my name is Titanium, and not Titania, as I have been called in some writings of recent times.’ Of course we immediately agree to honour her wishes, and tell her that we are delighted to comply with her request.

And then, all at once her beautiful face opens in a smile, and we look into her eyes, and know that after a very long journey we have finally arrived home.

As this happens the other fairies dance around us looking at us with delight in their eyes. They are always happy when someone new comes to this place.

It is always a wonderful time for everyone when this happens! As the fairies dance they create a special rainbow which makes the whole atmosphere of the area vibrate in an extraordinary way.

During this dance we feel our auras vibrating. We know that if our auras have been filled with holes over the past weeks, and there has been any feeling of energy draining, then the rainbow fairies have mended the auras now.

They approach us and dance around us spinning their rainbows from themselves to us, much as if we are some sort of extraordinary human maypoles. Instinctively we know that any time we feel our energy depleting, we can come back to this place and meet with the rainbow fairies.

They will always make us feel better, even if we choose to do nothing else but this short yet powerful dance with them.

The fairies also make our mended aura self sustaining. It will last for at least a month before it needs further revitalization.

Titanium approaches us at the end of the dance. She asks if we are ready for the descent underground and a visit to the Contracts Room.

We reply ‘yes, we are ready!’

Quietly she moves over until she can speak to each of us individually. She asks us to promise her that we will check the strength and durability of our auras on a regular basis, and whether we will agree to return to discuss any problems we may experience with our auras.

As we agree she steps back smiling, delighted that we understand the importance of integrating this expanded practice into our daily lives from now on as an integral part of our spiritual routine.

Out of the jungle then, as if on a special signal, come all manner of folk. They are the representatives of the Holy Alliance. There are gnomes, elves, more fairies, more tree angels, pixies, and devas, and all of whom now help us to connect with our special tree.

Once the ceremony is complete we move off with Titanium, through a trapdoor and down into the very roots of the tree. We are going now to access the contracts in the Contracts Room.

We know that this part of the journey will be an amazing surprise for all of the members of the inner sanctum. And we know that when we have completed this secret ritual we can return home, and, on wakening in our beds tomorrow we will at last be able to remember every detail of what has happened here tonight.

But that was then and this was now – now we access the tree just with a poem – such as the following:

My Tree of Life

My Tree of Life

Is replanted now

Beneath my sacred site, my home

It revels in the levels of intense spirituality

That has guided us here

It transforms any pockets of trapped energy

Into light and life filled cumulus clouds

Of sanctity, love and good fortune.

It reflects outwards and deflects mal intent

It reflects inward and shines the DNA of the house

Until it sparkles with its own effervescence

And all who come here leave untroubled.

It creates the ambience necessary

To meld all possible futures into one.

The fortune finds me and I inherit now

This fortune is my friend and ally.

It releases the abundance within

Through its roots I connect with

My new Holy Alliance family

The Goddess/God linkages are forged

The River of Life flows forward

My blood family transforms

New close friends emerge

And find us

And we are as one

With our Tree of Life

But then the journey continues

Into unknown places

Places closed to us before this time.

We link our Tree of Life

With the New World Tree

And we claim our rightful inheritance

Of health, wealth, and total joy.

And as we say it

Our world transforms to reflect

The inner transmutation and our ultimate external transformation

As this happens the three Phoenix

Circle the World Tree

Dipping their wings in salute

For they know as we do

That all is well in our world.

But we are to extend this journey. An extraordinary time is before us as we meet this day. We are going to the source, the world tree, and the home of the group soul.

The World Tree is the tree that stands in the center of the world and that is the axis running up from the nine levels of the underworld, through the world as we know it, and up through the thirteen levels of the heavens.

The group soul moves and changes as it takes into account everything that is happening in the world. Our access has been made possible because recently we cleared the rose portal.

We have open access to the New World Tree.

We take this opportunity to link our Tree of Life to the New World tree.

This will happen as we take the journey marked out below. So be it.

The scene opens and we are standing on a wild sea.

The wind blows away the fog, which represents the fog of our fears. As the trees thin out, the wind pulls our hair into tangles.

The ocean roars, and the beach is flat and grey.

Pull on some warm clothing and walk right to the edge of the waves where they suck and crash on the sand.

Look along the beach to the north and the south.

It is empty, vast and empty.

Where the sand ends, the rocks take over.

No one can land anything here a boat of any kind.

Watch the wild waves and feel relief

You have come to the end of a long road and our deliverance is near.

We really are alone in the vase incomprehensible space of existence.

Take your time to receive your special messages then turn and walk away into the forest.

The World Tree is a three hour trek west from here, across the plains and through the thick pines, winding further and further into the drenched mountain passes and across the plateau of grey volcanic rock where only hardy tufts of yellow grass grow.

Keep walking and notice the silent sentinels that support the work – view the rock people, the tree people and the cloud people who are all here to help us on our journey of life and love to the heart of the matter, the World Tree.

In time you can see it, an ancient sentinel rising from the next valley – a vast ash tree, half a mile high, with twisted black branches that send shadows out all over the land that surrounds it. The tree’s leafless branches bend to the wind and its labyrinthine roots snake in and out of the earth as though injecting it with poison.

And now stand on the grassy verge and take a breath or two or three even

This is a sight you have not seen before

The opening of the rose portal and its balancing has revealed the source of everything to us at long last.

You may feel very tired at this point of the journey and, if you do, sit for a moment and enjoy the soft grass and the sunshine

This is etheric land and so you can sit on the grass and get up easily – there will be no strained limbs here!

There are 333 steps that lead down to the base of the tree. You wonder for a quick moment how you will get up the stairs at the end – but please, do not worry!

The tree is ancient and eternal – above us the giant branches sway dimming the sunlight and making shadows. Between two of the enormous black roots you will see a tiny opening where we can enter the tree and leave the pale sky behind.

We descend into a dark underground maze and our eyes need to adjust to the absence of light. Once they do there is little to see just twisting passages woven amongst the roots, the earth and stone and plant matter. The passage has no consistent height or width; sometimes it narrows so tight that you have to turn sideways to fit, sometimes it is so low that you have to walk bent and your back almost aches. How long does this journey take I hear you ask? As long as you want it to take is the answer that comes out of the bowels of the tree. However it is important as we wind through the dim passages to never falter on the route – it is burnt into your mind for future times as you proceed.

Eventually a faint glimmer of light greets our eyes.

We enter a chamber of light where a sage is ready to speak to us about the meaning of the World Tree.

This Tree of Life, or World Tree, she says, generates new and strong integrated masculine and feminine energies. These powers serve to balance the creation field that has dominated this planet ever since the First Father raised the old World Tree on June 17, 3115 BC.

The World Tree raised by the First Father created the polarity that favored the Western Hemisphere of the planet. Through holographic resonance this polarity then favored the left halves of our brains and because of the unequal distribution of light between the two hemispheres a world of patriarchal dominance emerged. As a result of this polarized yin/yang field ruling the world organized warfare emerged as a means of establishing and securing dominance. As the energies shifted the relationships between various powers, dynasties and nations would also periodically shift resulting in the process that we usually call human history.

The very phenomena of patriarchal dominance and organized warfare came about as the result of a shift in the consciousness field of the Earth that was established as the First Father raised the World Tree (often called the Tree of Knowledge because of its link to left brain thinking). The Biblical metaphor for this is that humans were expelled from the Garden of Eden, and as is often depicted in medieval paintings, the Tree of Knowledge came to separate the primordial members of the two genders, Adam and Eve.

On January 5, 1999 the First Mother raised a New World Tree. This Tree of Life created an inverse polarity, which favored the Eastern Hemisphere and the right brain half, in principle increasing the role of the intuitive powers of people all over the world, especially its women.

And now the two creation fields generated by the two different World Trees are superimposed on each other and merged there and the results are absolutely spectacular.

We thank the sage for this learning, some of which may be new to us.

However her way of expressing it has shown us the trees growing and being superimposed as she reflected these energies into our brains.

It certainly made it like a wonderful movie and something we could follow in energetic terms as the colours moved and blended.

And now, as we understand everything, we are allowed to move into the grotto where the guardians of the World Tree are at home.

The room is dim, lit only by the glimmering threads with which they spin and weave. The guardians are identical triplets. They can only be distinguished by the work that they are doing.

Closest to the door is Skuld, who with a distaff clamped between her knees, pulls the thread from the ground and spins it. Next is Verda, who picks up Skuld’s threads and weaves them onto a loom. Furthest away is Urd who unties the cloth at the crossbeam of Verda’s loom, unravels it and casts the thread hand over hand into the gloom beyond their cave.

The thread is black until one of the three touches it when it becomes dazzlingly rainbow bright. In the thread are the fates of all human kind. Skuld works the future, Verda the present and Urd the past.

After the greetings are over Verda reaches into her pocket and brings out a round brooch of rock crystal set in silver.

Gazing into it we can see our past, present and our future. And then when we have seen one of the Sisterhood gives us a piece of the glittering rainbow thread from our lifeline.It pulses and moves with light and love.

We then sit with it and breathe into the changes we request be made for the greatest good of all concerned.

We then return the piece of thread to the sister and she integrates it with our fate. We watch as it bubbles up and down and moves around

As we come away from the tree we slowly loose sight of it.

The dying embers of the day glow around the three phoenixes, our special sign, soar overhead on the way to their warm nests.

We have a sense now that everything that we wanted to have happened has occurred. We understand the role we have played to bring our true destiny into play.

All the little bits and pieces that have been out of synchronization and now ‘in sinc’ and the inheritance that we have been promised is at this very moment being prepared to be delivered to us.

Our friendships will glow and develop more strongly.

Our interrelationships with people and at wonderful events will happen without trying now.

Our money will increase to a level to enable us to relax and to enjoy life in all its wonderful aspects and to make our contractual contribution.

Our homes will reflect the glory of the link with the world tree.

All is well in our physical world as it is in the world from which we have just come.

And now it is time to slowly, slowly, slowly wake up and return to our daily lives.

Copyright Cris Henderson