Rose Seichim


Seichim is the power of powers because it is a subtle journey of the soul. Learning ‘rose’ Seichim takes the recipient on a gentle journey, and a profound one.

This journey links the development of one’s soul with one’s soul purpose. If the soul is fractured, injured, or if it has been damaged in any way then the Seichim journey will make it whole.

We will cover three main aspects of our lives and introduce the symbols into those aspects of our lives.

Included are:

  • A release mechanism for any issues of the past still bothering you: this includes issues based on the family tree;
  • Some techniques for living in the here and now and applying a few of the profound teachings of Seichim to every day life.
  • Your own special symbol for the future. The purpose of this symbol is to help you to plan and to create what you want in your life – it helps you to create special sacred space.

Let us begin with the past.

Seichim is based on a profound body of knowledge. Its origins are said to be in ancient Egypt with Isis, the goddess of the Nile valley. Some of the sacred scrolls of Seichim were hidden in the city of Alexandria. Isis brought the influence of Africa and Egypt to the West throughout the Mediterranean into Italy, Spain and France and as far north as Germany, Switzerland, and even England.

She has been called ‘the Star of the Sea’ and ‘ the Queen of Heaven’.

Isis was renowned as a miracle worker and healer. Some scholars claim that some of the early statues of the Madonna and Child were actually Isis and Horus, renamed as Mary and Jesus. So there is an interconnection between Isis, the Madonna, and also a link has been found with Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy of the East, and Kwaneen, her equivalent from Japan.

One of the most wonderful books which explores the Black Madonna, Isis and other forms of the feminine is ‘Longing for Darkness’ by China Galland, and it is thoroughly recommended for an exploration of the depth of the feminine mystique.

Also recommended is Elisabeth Haich’s exquisite book ‘Initiation’.

The hieroglyphics on the tombs of Egypt also link directly to Seichim – quite often during the training a deep attraction to the tombs of Egypt emerges and our meditations often take us on subterranean journeys. Sightings of new symbols to add to the core symbols of Seichim are quite frequent.

But there are all sorts of sacred sites all over the world. It is my belief that those trained in Seichim will visit those sacred sites and heal them.

One student told me about her visit to Princess Grace’s rose garden in Monaco and how that brought tears to her eyes as she felt a deep affinity with it. It seemed to me that both she and the garden itself were healed.

The experience which I have had with Seichim personally, has been that it has linked me back with the Sisterhood of the Rose. The Sisterhood is an ancient order of women, partly myth and partly legend, but becoming more real to me as I become more attuned myself to the ancient learnings.

The series of sacred symbols meld into the patterning of past, present and future in an interesting way. The symbol most relevant to the past is the sacred triangle – use it to call in the Goddess.

Use this moment to go into a circle then see the circle move to a triangle as you go forward down the road of life – see the energy shift and change. In the triangle place anything in the past that is a problem to you. Let it go. Meet your guide in the form of the goddess and she gives you a sacred rose to welcome you to this session. Then see the beauty of the rose – inside the petals, check the colour – travel inside it in just a few moments, and then return to the room.

And now it is the time for a more intensive meditation – travel down the stairways of your mind to the underground passageways and go through a door with hieroglyphics on it. As you open that door observe you are travelling to a new dimension and then let yourself and your mind go free and see what you experience.


Very few people know about Seichim – remember to bring in the feminine energy and by learning Seichim to achieve total integration.

The key words here are alignment and integration.

Experiencing Seichim in the present means:

  • We can send some healing – wishing the person health, well being, protection, clarity, discernment, and a depth of understanding.
  • We can use an intermediary to send this healing, or go to the place where the person is situated.
  • Create an account in a healing bank for the person concerned
  • Use Seichim shortcuts e.g. the steering wheel of the car
  • Establish a Seichim daily routine
  • Establish a Seichim diary
  • Integrate Seichim with your affirmations
  • Use the Seichim symbols as part of writing your Lifescript
  • Use the symbols to open the new chakras above the head
  • Draw the symbols in a playbook and colour them in bright and different colours
  • Relate the symbols to the chakras


  • Seichim is based on the premise that one person can make a difference. If you do not really believe in the power of one then read Bryce Courtenay’s book of the same name and then read some spiritual biographies – Higher than Hope – the story of Nelson Mandella; or Jane Goodall – Reason for Hope.
  • What are the major issues that are present in your life now? Give me a few examples. One example could be Time – we say things like ‘Time waits for no man’, and ‘Killing Time’ or ‘Time Wasters’.
  • What are the issues surrounding time, or a similar type of issue, in your life? You can reshape the time factors in your life; money is another major issue; Seichim helps tune in to the money vibration, and Seichim symbols can be planted in your Field of Dreams (see Deeprak Chopra’s book, ‘Creating Affluence’).
    Other issues to remember are communication and relationships.

Where would you like to be in five years’ time?

To work with creating your future consider the following:

  • Create a healing diary
  • Become detached – be the observer
  • Notice the detail in your new life
  • Work with synchronicity – no efforting
  • Abundance will flow
  • Symbols will flow
  • Go out on the time-line – use sei hei ki and then mai yur ma – go out on the time line – connect with the lines of light.
  • Illustrate your Seichim story with symbols – draw the road and embed the symbols into the road as if they are signposts

Copyright Cris Henderson

And now, let us proceed with the learning!

Should you wish to take the ‘Gathering of the Goddess’ course in Rose Seichim Click Here.