ROSE SEICHIM in Practice

Seichim is a practical process to open people to a path of profound change. Energy is so valuable – so much so that its intrinsic value is hardly ever known – and we sometimes tend to squander and waste it simply because we feel stressed.

By attending a Seichim treatment a client can expect the restoration of some of that wasted energy. Many people use Seichim treatments simply as a method of stress reduction. It promotes a feeling of relaxation, health and well-being. The client is helped to move away from any past negative patterning, which might be contributing to the stress factors. Regular treatments will help the restoration of the client’s own unique energy patterning. To do this the client is directly connected to universal energy. Seichim provides the client with a direct line to the source. Whatever healing and renewal is available to the client at this time often happens spontaneously. The person feels renewed and re-invigorated, sometimes sleepy and rested and certainly happier and more balanced within themselves.

Seichim is ‘given’ to the client in much the same way as Reiki – the client can sit in a chair, lie on a massage table, or indeed be in some other location. The client experiences the energy at close range whatever method is chosen. Sometimes the practitioner places the hands above the body, and sometimes, if there is a particular need, directly onto the body. Symbols are used to ‘conduct’ the energy to the person receiving the treatment.

Experiencing Seichim on a regular basis often leads to individuals wanting to learn Seichim for themselves. When Seichim is taught the person learns how to preserve, redevelop, change and renew the energetic patterns of the body. We can renew and re-invigorate ourselves at any time we choose once we have this knowledge. What a wonderful way to practice self-renewal! Should you decide to learn the Seichim taught by the Sisterhood of the Rose please browse this site to find your preference – there are many different ways of experiencing the energy of the rose – all of them transforming and fulfilling.

Cris Henderson