Rose Pods



The rose is extending her reach and her wisdom.  She is helping us with major life transformations both internally and externally. When we work with the sacred rose we extend our own capacity in wondrous ways and we bring miracles into our lives and into the lives of others. 

To open the rose in the individual and collective heart is the next generative phase of the Rose Journey.  As our rose heart emerges from obscurity the Rose Lines of Light that have been securely hidden within the framework of Mother Earth open to bring a greater life force to our beautiful planet.  At the same time the collective heart shimmers and shines and expands her range of sacred influence.

To facilitate this expansive opening aware individuals are gathering in esoteric groups to form Rose Pods – these Rose Pods are physically new – yet energetically ancient and well versed in memories of the sacred rose wisdom. 

The Rose Pods open the energy to remind us of our sacred rose within – and to remind us of who we really are.  The power of the Rose Pod lies in the power of co-operative intention. Numbers may vary – they may begin with just two people who decide they are ready to make a difference. With a shared intention these two people can make a remarkable positive impact as they bring forth the Rose Lines of Light.

Twelve is often chosen to reinforce the potency and power of intention. Twelve was the number of the original mystery school formations of the Sisterhood of the Rose in earlier incarnations. The group may open to receive more or less people according to its intent – the energy is never closed or prescriptive – it is always open and flowing.

In a Rose Pod we enable sharing of the mystical energy of the rose – which is the source energy – the energy of love – the energy of the God and Goddess – the sublime energy – and activating a Rose Pod can create a pathway of light that not only brings these energies to you and to your group and those whom you touch in ways that we can only begin to imagine – it awakens the Rose Lines of Light throughout the world. 

This is the wake-up call for the rose community. 

The Rose Pods are being re-activated to enliven countries, cities and towns, to reach in to homes and to businesses and to make a real difference to daily life on this planet. 

Once activated this intense light gambols across the forests and meadows, the lakes and rivers, the oceans and skies and every part of Mother Earth as it awakens the Rose Lines of Light. The energetic matrix that is the rose reveals herself in a glorious show of light and sound energy. 

As this happens the planet lightens, the darkness diminishes and we ourselves expand further into Rose Consciousness.

Opening the Rose Lines of Light brings us into the vibration of Rose Consciousness. It changes everything. The Rose Pods facilitate this amazing change collectively – and their presence in your life may well encourage you to open your heart further and to expand upon your personal rose potency and power.

In a Rose Pod members meditate weekly with the sacred intention of enhancing the lines of light which flow from the sacred rose – the Rose Lines of Light. As new Rose Pods are formed they all link together thus sending the Rose Lines out over the entire planet and consequently uplifting the vibration of Mother Earth whilst transforming dark into light.

Once it is established and once the lines of light are re-opened the members of the pod may decide to send the energy of the sacred rose to those within the group or beyond who need uplifting and expansion individually. There are many other possibilities. Rose energy may be directed to a city or town that needs assistance or to a group of people, a situation, a mass healing – anything is possible. It is not about ‘sending’ it is about ‘expansion’ – expanding the light energies – opening up what is already there – what is already done – what is simply awaiting our signal and our recognition to activate pure rose light which is the light of love.

Each group is encouraged to select its own special rose as a symbol – and it is up to each group to develop its own intention for each meditation following the initial activation.

There is a group leader who is responsible for inviting members and for establishing the group. That person subsequently works with everyone in that group to bring forward ideas and infinite possibilities – particular colours often draw individuals together in the first instance. There is often a rose angel, archangel of deva who over lights the project. These divine rose beings may well reveal themselves to the members of the group at an appropriate time.

My role is to act as overall co-ordinator for the groups worldwide which put simply means providing the original activation and subsequent assistance and support as and if required.

Mediation is instigated at the same time locally with people sitting in a reflective state and meditating on the power and sanctity of the sacred rose. Experience has shown that the power of intention will facilitate the link worldwide if each person tunes in at, for example, 9p.m. local time – the link will be made – it is the power of the plan.

Each group will develop its own range of intentions and its own unique way of bringing the rose energy to the world.  However the individual Rose Pod remains linked with the centre of the sacred rose vibration which is the activation link of harmonious liaison – and the one will be linked to all others thus expanding the Rose Lines of Light in extraordinary ways in these extraordinary times.

To open your own Rose Pod please contact me for further information on the generative possibilities of expanding the energy of the sacred rose through a Rose Pod patterning…  Rose Pods are co-ordinated with the flow of a sacred intention going out through all the roses around the world and bringing health, healing and most important energising the pure light of the rose – the Lines of Rose Light are opening to further expansion now. 

Now is the time.

Will you join me in this Rose Experience to further the influence of the rose in the world?

Please contact me and let the party begin.

The Rose Pod Initiative has been created by Dr. Cris Henderson.

For additional information on the Rose Lines of Light and how they were originally released please see my book – Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop – available through my web site.


“I just love Mr. Paddy.  He is truly a being of magic.  In his role as the manager of a secret rose light mapping project which is opening rose lines of light in the city of London he absolutely excels.  My feelings about him run very deep as I can often feel his actual presence. I first met Mr. Paddy in Hong Kong where I found him in an antique shop in Wanchai in the physical. I knew he was important to the rose energies. Then he relocated to London and I found him again years later in a bookshop which I later called ‘Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop.’ Mr. Paddy instigates the rose light project in London with the help of other beautiful beings.  As the rose lights project expands in London the dark parts of the city become pure light and love – and with this magic comes the reactivation of the sacred rose in all her glory.”