Rose Playbooks

Rose Playbooks


This rose playbook consists of a series of powerful soul journeys, which take the reader on a personal adventure in self-development. Each journey covers a specific topic and each one builds upon the one before. The series is designed to provide a mechanism for personal development and stress relief, with the actual playbook easily used by the person concerned as her or his own personal workshop. This playbook is also a required component of the rose alchemy train the trainer.



Movement and change are in the air. Everywhere we look there is huge disruption and energy is changing course, intensifying and testing our resolve every single day.The Sacred Journeying techniques, as mentioned in Playbook 1, will link with the alchemical symbols of the rose. The two worked together make a powerful and invincible combination which will take the participants through to the sacred geography of heaven.
Enjoy the journeys!



There are many different ways to teach this amazing material – I say amazing because the more you teach it yourself, the more the energy will open to you and become an integrated part of you. As a master teacher you will be the energy wherever you go – you won’t have to think about it after a while – it will simply happen – and when it does – well for me anyway it is the greatest feeling in the world.

As a Master Teacher you are entitled to be able to see how the energy came to combine – what processes did I use to come to Rose Alchemy – and what involvement did the separate yet inter-related disciplines of Rose Reiki and Rose Seichim have in the process. Well as you proceed you will find that all are part of the one – all part of the whole and by integrating the male form of the energy – the male form being Reiki and the energy of the Brotherhood of the Rose – with the female form Seichim and the energy of the Sisterhood of the Rose – well then – the two become one whole energy system – one that you can learn to incorporate into your own body thereby changing your life for the better permanently.



There are many ways to transfer the energy of the Divine Feminine to those who seek it. One of the most extraordinary ways and the most potent is to teach ‘Rose’ Seichim.

It may be that the person requires Reiki and Seichim independently before the combination of pure Rose Alchemy is taught. In order to give you some suggestions I have included two playbooks here which I have used with different audiences to transfer the rose energy of the divine feminine – Rose Seichim.

They have always been a success. It is up to you, the trainer, to decide which combination is best. You will be guided by the warmth and splendour of the rose.