Rose Mentoring Program

Rose Consciousness is a term that I have coined specifically in order to support all of those in the Rose Family as collectively and independently we move forward into the new energies, the energies for which we have waited for so long! This is our time!

Our journey together will be a life-changing journey, however I also need to say that it will be a concentrated one. The rose mentoring programme is designed for intensive work from the deepest part of one’s being. It will be great fun and we will have lots of time to play, however this is not all rainbows and fairy beings! This is the deep work of the sacred rose and I invite all of you who are ready to incorporate these energies, who are ready to move to the next level to contact me for further information.

Before any rose mentoring programme is undertaken it is important to work out whether the person concerned has released the full aspect of the ‘Rose Covenant’ as this is the first of several stages of moving into Rose Consciousness.

And so the programme begins thus –
1. Rose Covenant removal – the generation of new levels of the rose as the old agreement reaches a total finale.
2. Healing of the Rose Wound which may indeed end up being the Rose Portal, or perhaps one of them!
3. Thorough dispersal of the original and on-going influence of the Velvet Rose Originally from Atlantis the Velvet Rose are a break-away group from the original sisters – they have some of the rose information – not all – and they often come into our current incarnation to provide an opportunity to continue our own growth.
4. Removal of the burr – or rose thorn that was placed in us in Atlantis – it is timed for activation now – this will clear the heart and our personal grids as well as contributing to the cleansing of the Atlantean grids.
5. Activate the rose energy in all its different forms – this will clear the ancient energy and its associations particularly the increasingly prevalent energy of Atlantis. This includes at least the Atlantean initiations – and the initiation aspect could extend depending upon the outcome from Atlantis itself.
6. Generate the rose energy and expand it into every avenue of life, body, mind and spirit.

Before a candidate is accepted into the programme the nature of their personal requirement is established – without understanding this from both sides – well the work would not be as productive as it might. So what do you require? What would you hope to achieve by taking such a programme? Where are you headed?

The work is intensive and its effects not always immediate or obvious – when you are in a rose mentoring programme you are supported energetically every moment of every day. This requires a great deal of energy – and this is contributed by both of us to achieve a successful rose outcome. It also requires a great deal of trust on the part of the candidate to move through the obstacles that may occur with grace and fortitude.

Should you decide to take such a programme our work interactively when we speak to one another can be once a fortnight or once a month depending on your personal priorities, or the timings can vary according to individual needs and my time.

Each fortnight or month we talk to one another by phone for one and a half hours – and later on that may be skype if preferred – in the first half hour or so we try to see what is happening in your life in an energetic sense and feed this into the next phase of the rose mentoring programme, which is why the items set out from 1-5 above are always subject to change.

The cost per session is USD$235.00. I do not charge for the support between sessions – that is my gift with the love of the rose to you.