Rose Lines of Light


The intention of the rose pod community is to raise and enhance the rose lines of light – they, the rose lines of light are the wonder-filled ley lines of the great God Mary.  The magic of the rose lines of light was first alluded to in my book Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop  – it is a young adult book for adults – it shows the magical origins of the rose lines of light and how they were first revitalised.

Reading Mr. Paddy (which is downloadable from my website or purchasable in hard copy within Australia) activates the magic within the lines of light and can be a great introduction to the process. However it is a matter of choice and this may not be appropriate for everyone.

The Mary energy has strong similarities to the vibration of Quan Yin, Durgha, Lakshmi, Kwaneen, Great Buffalo Calf Woman, Isis, Sekhmet, Moneta and other great goddesses. My particular link is with Mary’s energy is connected quite simply with the sacred rose energy and to me this connection seems to make her vibration even more expansive, brighter and lighter – her presence activates thousands of rose angelic beings who are joining in this enterprise with us – and who are travelling in through the other dimensions to reach out their helping hands to all who call. She – Mother Mary – also has a special relationship with the great Archangel Michael.  Your relationship may be with Mary – or with any of the goddesses mentioned above – with another form of the divine feminine or the divine masculine – or with all of the above – each of us is different – and each one of us is walking the rose path together!

For me I will refer to Mother Mary – however please feel free to bring in your own divine goddess and god to help on this remarkable rose journey.

Mother Mary is more than a symbol – she is more than the sum of all the goddesses or the divine feminine.  She may even be beyond all that we have known and understood – she is certainly full of surprises – to see her originally in the flesh in my hospital room is a scene that has never left me. She embodies the male and female energy evenly and stands before us now as the Great God Mary – the pure energy of source.

Her arms are open wide waiting to receive us.

In linking in with Mary’s energy you may notice that it is more profound, expansive, light-filled and generative than ever before – it is not religious – it is vibrational – and she not only brings us into balance she reminds us of who we really are – she is the universal source energy – she touches our soul – she brings back the lost fragments – she is rose source consciousness. She gives us infinite permission to release and transform the density that we have experienced on Mother Earth. And as we release the darkness, bless it and send it on its way she aligns us with the Great Earth Mother in rose source consciousness and source light, source energy and source love.  She helps us to become infinite.

Mary and the divine feminine and the divine masculine are all calling to us to rework her Rose Lines of Light. 

She is alive, present on earth and reminding all of us here assembled that she wants her rose lines reactivated. In fact she demands this of those of us who are gathered – those who have heard the call.  The truth is that these rose lines of light were once imbued with her energy and the energy of her symbol – the blue rose. Under pressure they went into hiding and were no longer seen remembered or indeed understood.  The rose lines of light have been hidden or subjugated for eons in fact since the days of Atlantis.

And so Mary is now calling for them to re-emerge.  Whilst they have been called ley lines, song lines or lines of light they have a difference.  They are imbued with the pure energy of the sacred blue rose which brings with her divine feminine and the divine masculine in equal light proportions.  Mother Mary has the beautiful blue rose as her emblem. These rose lines of light are her personal lines of light and they contain and are imbued with her divine energies.  Of course they happily liaise with and work with the other lines of light that are being sung back into existence so potently.   They do however continue to stand alone in their own pure energy with the Great God Mary as their sponsor.

Your individual goddess (or god) – the one that you know and love so intimately – will bring you untold sharing and joy.  She will guide you to new portals and whisper her guidance in your dreams.  She will be the guide to new adventures as you travel reinforced with the energy of the Mary creator.

Each rose pod uses a different rose and brings the energy and essence of that rose to bear on the geographical situation, city or country that they have chosen.

Each pod is individual and goes about their meditative business in their own way and in their own style  – some pods contain very advanced meditators who do not need guidance – others have people who are beginning –  what matters is the expression of the divine intention. 9pm in your place of origin is the time chosen – the group alignment is done before the rose lines of light meditations are attempted.  The alignment links to the global group.

Please sit in meditation and send your rose emblem out to the geographical area you have chosen.

Do this as often as you wish.

As a result the rose lines are cleared.

They – the rose lines – open – they emerge into this world from where they have been hiding and hidden.

There is joy and laughter and magic as they reform. They overcome the areas of dark as we increase the quotient of light on the planet.

The rose joy is incredible – you can see when you travel into the rose lines what is happening and how the changes are coming – you can experience the infinite colours, the infinite light and the infinite love. 

And now we say together. I see you Mary.  We see you Mary. Rainbow lights surround you now.  We are with you.  We are standing shoulder to shoulder with you, the Great God Mary.

Note: We meditate as a group once a month – usually on a date such as a 5.5. – and a 6.6.-  9p.m. your local time that day wherever you are in the world – and you simply express your divine intention that the time is the same everywhere and the link up pure.

Much love and joy and please contact me if you would like to join.


*  * Please note the terms ‘Rose Revolution’ and ‘Rose Pods’ are copyright to the author.