Rose Healing Fields Meditation

The Rose Healing Fields are part of a sacred landscape of heaven in which colourful healing tents are attended by special and powerful healers..

Within each tent, a person in need of healing rests while a Rose Archangel, Goddess, or perhaps a Rose Angel works on the energy body of the recipient. This particular dimension of heaven is revealing more and more of its sacred space as we work together so that venturing to the Healing Fields is always exciting and revealing.

If you have any experiences in the Healing Fields that you would like to share please contact me.


The view of the Healing Fields as we enter for our healing meditation is constantly changing. The landscape of Heaven seems to be revealing itself to us until by now we have a fuller understanding of where the Healing Fields are situated. They open themselves to us and to those who are the healing recipients through different entrance ways and through different portals. In accessing these portals we open the passageway for those who follow us – we are, each time we access heaven, opening it further so that people can more easily follow us – and so they can find their own passageway, their own path into this sacred space.

Why would we want to enter this space? Well it is here in the Healing Fields of Heaven that the new Paradigm of the Rose is being revealed to us. Not only are the Healing Tents the places we can bring those for whom we care, those whom we wish to have special healing help – in the Sacred Heart of Jesus we find the answers we so desperately seek. Here in the Sacred Heart which sits in the midst of the tents is the most beautiful point of grace and hope and help that I have ever found. In moving into this space we have the calm energy of the Christ energy – and here anything is possible. If you have not entered this space previously, perhaps now is the time.

There is a difference between creation and invention – we are creating here – we are leading to more possibilities – there is no place for the energy to stop – we are opening to these areas of infinite possibility – we are not inventing – we are creating.

What if you truly could help to create a world beyond judgement? Every time a judgement tries to enter your daily world please create the energy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the judgements will dissipate.

What if you are an integral piece of the grand plan?

What if you were truly able to live beyond judgement and create the new paradigm of the Rose?