Rose Energy Playbooks

This series of playbooks available for immediate download will take the recipient on an individual Rose Journey into consciousness. This is self paced learning in action.

This series of introductory playbooks provide a learning base for Rose Reiki, Rose Seichim and for Money, Abundance and Prosperity (The MAP journey).

For more advanced energy students there are other alternatives. If you wish to take the full Rose Road course please use the playbook entitled ‘The Rose Records’. The ‘Rose Records’ takes the recipient through all levels of the rose energy and, together with the initiations which can be downloaded separately, provides the appropriate education for the master’s qualifications in both Rose Reiki and Rose Seichim. To complete the qualifications and to receive the appropriate certificates it is necessary for the candidate to be in touch with me.

The two most recent playbooks have a different focus. They are entitled ‘The Rose Covenant’ and ‘The Tapestry of Heaven.’ The Rose Covenant is designed for those who wish to experience the very latest in rose energy. The Rose Covenant playbook covers the signing of the Rose Covenant by the members of the Order of the Rose and, together with ‘The Tapestry of Heaven’ opens the way to full Rose Consciousness. These two playbooks are only for the advanced student of energy as they work in the energy of the new rose paradigm. ‘The Rose Covenant’ also provides, together with the appropriate initiations, a Master’s qualification in Rose Reiki and Rose Seichim.

Please contact me for further information.

Happy journeying

Cris Henderson