Rose Consciousness



The energy of the sacred rose is changing its nature, form and texture as it becomes infinite. One technique that will facilitate this paradigm change is sacred journeying. Sacred rose journeys have been used by the members of the Inner Sanctum of the Sisterhood of the Rose for centuries to illuminate their own path and the path of others. They form a path of regeneration and a path of knowledge, which includes wisdom and joy.

Most particularly other aspects of the sacred geography of heaven are now opening to us and showing us the beauty of the sacred rose in all its elements.

Each soul journey covers a specific topic and each one builds upon the one before. This series of three is designed to open the energy of the participant from personal journeying to teaching the sacred journeying technique. Applying sacred journeying to one’s life is a potent way of ensuring that one’s life is well managed on the etheric level. Once this happens, the benefits flow on to the person in everyday life. The journeys are simple, straightforward yet deceptively powerful in their ROSE ORIENTATION.

This approach to Rose Consciousness is no ‘quick fix’ however it does provide a path that is totally supportive to the individual. ‘Rose Consciousness’ is a process that has been specifically developed in order to explain one way to move into these new energies, the new Rose Paradigm™. There are different aspects to the Rose Paradigm and these include Rose Consciousness, Rose Energy™, Rose Alchemy™ and the glorious Rose Paradigm itself. Each one contributes to the new Rose Energies in a slightly different way bringing us into wholeness.

By moving our life force into an engaged sacred journeying process it is possible to bring our life’s situations into perspective. The clarity of the mind and openness and compassion of the heart enables us to see what we need to see in an entirely different way – from a different point of view. We become vulnerable – now we have been taught never to be vulnerable – however within vulnerability is our greatest potency. The commitment we make to sacred journeying and the practice of it is a necessary component of its positive outcome. By linking our life force with sacred rose journeying, we are able to liberate our spiritual courage to meet the situations of our life with action based on several exciting components. I say exciting because it is the combination of these components that activates the sacred journeying in its own unique way.

Some of the components activated by sacred journeying include faith, gratitude, and generosity of spirit. When our rose force is committed to our sacred journeying practice, we release the full potency of our innate vitality, aliveness, caring, creativity, and wisdom within and on all the experiences of daily life. In this way, sacred journeying literally infuses our daily activities and experiences with the rose sacred breath. It then facilitates rose consciousness.

I support your ability to make the appropriate decision in relation to your own personal circumstances and encourage you to continue to activate your life force with sacred journeying as taught by the Inner Sanctum of the Sisterhood of the Rose. As you celebrate the positive results that emerge in your life remember that the sacred space that you are creating around you, wherever you go reflects the beauty of your own spiritual nature. The Inner Sanctum is waiting for the opportunity to express the energy of their special collective to you. The images will come at the most appropriate time and for the greatest good of all those in your personal Rose Circle.

Happy journeying!

There are three special initiations available to assist those who wish to return to this path for their own advancement and for the development of others. Each initiation costs $120USD and each brings with it one sacred journey together with the energy transmission of one sacred rose essence. Followup as the results manifest in the participant’s life is an essential part of each component.

Note: It is recommended that the client also purchase the Sacred Journeying Playbook which is available on this website. Many of these journeys have been used in practical circumstances and individual results have shown profound and positive effects. Sacred journeying is not meditation – its approach is entirely different. The integration of the rose energy is different again – it forms another energetic layer – and it brings with it a sense of freedom and expansion like no other in my experience to date.

Happy Rose Journeying!

Cris Henderson

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