Rose Artefacts


When last we met in Atlantis we were attendees at the Last Masked Ball of Atlantis.  It was at the Ball that many interactions which were later re-played in this lifetime were created.

Soon after the Ball and even during it the waters broke the city and shattered it – it drowned and many of its citizens drowned too.  If you are reading this then you may be one of the Atlantean citizens who made it to safety. 

You probably gathered on the beach to make the journey by boat to Avalon for rest and recuperation and more learning.  Or you may have taken the journey to Egypt where you trained with the great Goddess Isis on the River Nile. You may have agreed to carry some of the myths and legends of the rose within your body – and to release that information in this lifetime – and by now you would have begun and perhaps even completed this assignment. 

You may even have agreed to carry a Rose Artefact to safety – there were 12 Artefacts and the journey to find them is the rose journey that many of us are taking right now.  These are the sacred artefacts of the Great God Mary – when all the artefacts have been recovered they will come together in a glorious blaze of pure light – the like of which we have never before seen – and manifest as Mary’s Rose Crown. 

Each artefact will contribute to the reformation of Mary’s Rose Crown.

Once the elements of Mary’s Rose Crown have come to light she – Mother Mary – will wear it as she returns to Mother Earth – she will blaze light over this planet as the Phoenix fly together in a triple flight formation – a formation that is beyond what we see now in the single Phoenix – then she will ignite all the sacred elements of Mother Earth.  Everything that we have been doing to date have brought us to this moment in time.

This is the first time that the participants on this section of the Rose Journey have reunited since the time of the Blue Nuns in sixteenth century France. Since the time of the Blue Nuns we have tried to come together to fulfil our destiny – we have not achieved that until now when we have been given another chance to prepare Mother Earth to receive this magnificent energy.  We have begun this preparation with the opening of the Rose Lines of Light – we have begun to transform Mother Earth for what is to come.

I am most grateful for having your company on this magnificent journey.

Is it time for you to remember which is your artefact – which one will you bring into the light – which one will you contribute to the Rose Crown of Mother Mary?

The full journeys to find the individual artefacts are available on request.

Dr. Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist