Prayer Of The Sisterhood

The Prayer Of The Sisterhood

Sisters this is your long awaited wake-up call

It is time now to emerge from the long winter of universal seclusion

The Great Central Sun has risen so now we can teach in our own style

That this life is no more than an elaborate illusion.

The centuries in retreat and hiding are over now

There will be no more wondering if it is right

For us to emerge making our myths and legends public

We have journeyed together, sisters, through the dark shadow of the night.

We have reached the end of the major stage of the journey

We have worked, toiled, laughed and sighed

We have walked together and independently along the way

And as some of our friends were lost to the cause we cried and cried.

Now the depth of darkness is transformed into our mutual friend

It is bringing love and bright white light

It is pushing urgently through our bodies into every hidden crevice

Opening us to the knowledge and understanding of our might.

We welcome with arms open wide the Brotherhood

We acknowledge joyfully our Holy Alliance

The male community with whom we have been associated on this road

Who sometimes has brought out our feelings of defiance.

But now a time for extraordinary celebration is here

In the Garden of Eden, where Atlantis has risen

Flowers adorn every available open space

And now in every living thing there is no schism.

Suddenly three Phoenix fly across the sky as we watch

The five Russian dolls stand here too in their appointed place

The new archetypes are positive, extraordinary, illuminated and strong

They are reflected in the starry brilliance of each watching face.

We thank the Goddess, the Angelic Beings, the devas and the sprites

Who have helped us on our quest

They have carried us through the depth of the mire

Even when we cried out – ‘Please let us rest.’

They have whispered words of wisdom, support and guidance

Whenever we have faltered or seemed frail

They have never been critical or abrupt

Even when we asked ‘May we leave this trail?’

Our collective call to move forward is accompanied by music

Music from our soul, our essence and our own heart

It is time for acceptance by this world and all the others

Emerge from hiding now my sisters. Let us make this brand new start!

Copyright Cris Henderson

This poem is an integral component of the MAP Course – Money, Abundance and Prosperity.

I have had numerous instances of people reading it with a subsequent revival of memories. The poem is very familiar to them – Cris