Past Life Perspective


During the course of our current incarnation on Mother Earth those who feel an affinity with the ancient mystery school of the Sisterhood of the Rose have often been called to examine arcane contracts and commitments.

Many of these contracts and commitments are part of the past life perspective of the Sisterhood.

It is now an appropriate time for any residual memories of these past lives to be transformed and moved into the light of our current day existence.

Nothing should be holding us back now!

This renewed level of understanding may bring with it the fascinating ability to change our perspective on some aspects of our current lives.

As we do so it brings us to a renewed state of expansion and awareness.

Some of these contracts and commitments are related to the knowledge that has in many cases been embedded in our physical bodies.

After all we agreed in past times to nurture and protect this knowledge until the time to release it was appropriate. This is that time.

Should you feel that you need a special programme to assist with this transformation one is immediately available.

Please contact me directly for further details.