The blending of the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose

At the time of the fall of Atlantis the Brothers and Sisters of the Rose left the shores of Atlantis in small groups, in pairs or alone to begin new lives, carrying with them the knowledge and wisdom of the Rose Energy.

Even though there had been trouble in Atlantis and the male and female energy had polarized, particularly at the time of the fall of Atlantis, survival plans had subsequently overcome disputes, placing together those who would later become One thereby healing polarity for all time.

There are still many gaps in the information we have received about the journey from Atlantis, however many of the experiences are expressed in sacred verses, which not only express the essence of the journeys, but which act as initiations for those interested in re-capturing the flavour of this era.


An initiation of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose

We walk confidently through the circle of imprisonment

Breaking it down

We shout Uwale – OPEN

We stand outside the system in our own power

We are free to be who we really are from this moment

This moment now manifests

And our door, our connecting door

Opens to the future

We are sealed in a temporary bond

To the Door itself and what lies Beyond

The room outside the circle

Blended in a solitary pocket of power

Potency and power encompassed

Fiasse we cry – BE

This is the command of creation

A summons conjuring substance

From the VOID

The circle flames and sinks

The sidelong beam of the lantern

Show walls of natural ancient Nature

Riven from the roots of Mother Earth

This Door is ready now

It appears before us in two perfect half circles

And before our eyes

It forms a natural circle of light and life and energy

It is in our power to open it

To reverse the Split

To integrate the male and female

To heal the circuits

And to bring forward

The totality of the energy

Of the supreme Goddess

As she walks with her God

And we do it right now

And our world changes in one instant

Our healing happens our connections are made

We are released from our temporary jail

And link in with those who support us

Everything is in divine order and divine flow

And a state of grace is imposed

Right now we feel the differences

Flowing in our lives and our daily round

We see the changes that we have made this day

We drive without fear into the future

We create the future with the wellspring we have released

On this remarkable day

And all is well in our world

And so it is.

Copyright Cris Henderson