Through the new Rose Portal the links with the Tapestry of Heaven and the Healing Fields of Heaven are made.

The Order of the Rose, for the first time in centuries, has reached the point where as a group and as individuals they can declare the effects of any past life contracts over and finished forever. Once this stage is reached the path to rose consciousness is unlocked and then these questions become relevant – the new four module course ‘The Rose Tapestry’ works with all of this information and is relevant to the rose family and to friends of the rose. You do not need to be a Sister or Brother of the Rose to participate.

Here are some of the questions the course will answer…
• What beneficial changes may I make to my DNA?
• What are the magical secrets of the Sisterhood of the Rose?
• How can I create my own Sisterhood essences?
• How can I remove the effects of generational curses?
• Can I reset my Money Monitor and be willing to receive more prosperity into my life than ever before?
• How do I become more conscious?
• Will the path of the rose lead me to consciousness?

If you are attracted by this information please contact me