The Rose Reiki Road – An Initiation Guidebook

Beginning Your Quest:

Everyone is born with the capacity to heal however the sad truth is that most people live their entire lives without developing or realising this innate ability.

Rose Reiki gives a form or structure for relearning these skills. Everything you are about to study here you will know deep within yourself.

Once it emerges and begins to resonate in your life then you will understand your own innate marvellous capacity.

It is, of course, the initiation process that sets reiki and seichim apart from the majority of other energy methods.

The initiation empowers the recipient to activate and assist the healing process whenever the hands are placed on oneself or on another – what a marvellous thought!

Initiations sensitize the hands of the recipient, making them more able to conduct energy, somewhat like a lightening rod.

It is the connection of reiki and other forms of energy with the Energetic Field, which I call the Web of Life or sometimes the Field of Dreams that I find the most fascinating.

The Energetic Field is an area that scientists are now discovering and discussing.

The initiation helps to tune a person in to the existence and range of activities of the Energetic Field.

And so the Rose Reiki quest is one that sets the framework to new experiences.

Please come with me on this exciting journey and enjoy the positive changes that enter your life.

“Rose Reiki Playbook” is an eBook and available for immediate download.