The Rose Records are the akashic records of an ancient mystery school called the Sisterhood of the Rose. Members of the rose fraternity came from Sirius originally and later resided in Atlantis. After the fall of Atlantis they travelled to different sites across the globe and incarnated through the centuries as guardians of the Sacred Energy of the Rose. This task was onerous and governed by a contract called the ‘Rose Covenant.’ In this lifetime members of the Sisterhood of the Rose are remembering their true origins. A reading of the Rose Records often reveals information for those who are fascinated by the rose, as well as for the members of the rose family themselves.

Such a reading does not try to predict what will happen in the future – it is designed to help an individual to grow spiritually and to form a sacred relationship with one’s rose essence self. The reading often looks at the past lives that have been lived as a member of the sacred fraternity of the rose to help explain those with whom one is in relationship now. It describes the patterning of current events so that the future can be designed without impediment. I have found that this understanding often opens new doors and pathways for the recipients of the reading. Sometimes the reading takes several weeks to complete – it all depends on the rose and the way she wishes the information to be revealed.

Recently my relocation to live on a rose portal has meant that some people who have already experienced a rose reading are deciding to look again in more detail and depth at their rose ancestry. The rose portal has new information, particularly on the role of money in the life of the sisterhood, which has never before been fully released.

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You are able to use PayPal to pay $175.00 in Australian or U.S. dollars and the work will begin immediately on your behalf.

With rose blessings.

From Cris Henderson