The art and design of sacred poetry brings illumination into the areas with which we struggle.

It lifts the vibration of all concerned and helps to clarify intention.

Legend has it that sacred poetry as an art form was used by the Sisterhood of the Rose in Atlantis. It can be described as an intimate expression of personal religion.

In its revived form its purpose remains the same – to link individuals using it to a special ray of energy allied with an intensity of feeling.

When this conjunction takes place the energy changes for the better.

Sacred poetry is active affirmation and each person will react to it differently.

If you would like a unique poem created for your personal needs as a self contained unit of sacredness please contact me.

This poetry can be given as a gift to others, it can be used to celebrate special occasions or to facilitate your own personal change programme.

Should you wish me to prepare a sacred poem for you please email me with the details.

Each poem costs $55.00

It is now possible to enhance the sacred poetry with a visual image painted especially for you by a visionary artist. Please watch my blog for further information.

Cris Henderson