Legend has it that Rose Sacred Poetry as an art form and as a Declaration of Intention was first used by the Sisterhood of the Rose in Atlantis.

Rose Sacred poetry can be described as an intimate expression of personal religion. In its revived form its purpose remains the same – to link individuals using it to a special rose ray of energy allied with an intensity of feeling so that they remember their true origins and reclaim their immense potency. When this direct conjunction takes place the energy often changes for the better, particularly when the poems are used as requests which help to reclaim all aspects of our essential selves – sometimes even lost or scattered parts of our soul. The poems stir up old memories – memories of lives lived before or concurrently – memories of interactions carried out in a different time and space. Sacred poetry is active affirmation and each person will react to it differently.

If you would like a special rose poem created for you or for another as a self contained unit of sacredness please contact me. Each poem costs $65.00 in US or Australian dollars.

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