Seichim can be described as a practical process to open people to a path of profound change.

Energy is so valuable – so much so that its intrinsic value is hardly ever known – that we tend to squander and waste it.

Seichim can teach us how to preserve, redevelop, change and renew our energetic patterns. It can show us how to move away from past negative patterning and into a unique patterning which connects directly to universal energy. Seichim gives us a direct and unimpeded line to the source.

We can renew and re-invigorate ourselves at any time we choose once we have this knowledge.

Often learning Seichim brings back many memories of the use of this system of energy training in past life situations.

The difference between Reiki and Seichim is subtle.

Often it seems as if Reiki is the more masculine type of energy whilst Seichim is its feminine counterpart.

This form of energy training which incorporates the energy of the rose is the secret energy system that was developed in Atlantis by the ancient mystery school of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Reiki was used by the Brotherhood of the Rose.

Those who are drawn to learn it were often members of this fraternity.

The “SEICHIM INTENSIVE WORKBOOK” is an eBook and available for immediate download.