Rose Reunification



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The Rose Triangle brings together the Brotherhood of the Rose and the Sisterhood of the Rose and reunites the nature and form of their particular knowledge, wisdom and depth of understanding of the rose.  The two mystery schools become one. And as they become one then the energy they represent also becomes one – this is what we are seeking as part of our exciting journey into Rose Consciousness – the energy of Rose Reunification.

The key to Rose Reunification is the Sacred Rose Triangle – whatever you are creating may be set within the energy of this Sacred Triangle.  The ancient symbol for the Rose Triangle is such that it embodies the essence, the potency and the magic of the rose in all her glory.  The foundations of the Rose Triangle are strong and they are embedded in the wisdom and ancient energy of the Rose.  The sacred triangle represents grace and gratitude – we have all needed grace as we have travelled this Rose Road of ours – we have all needed to be strong and resilient – and to do this gracefully and with kindness for others – this is a special key.  With the triangle as the symbol of the blending, well then the pressure that comes cannot break it – just like the pressure that has come onto us – in this life and in many others – the Sisters of the Rose – it cannot ever break us.

So the triangle shimmers when you begin to create the integration – see her in your mind’s eye and notice the interesting emanations that come from her.  You can simply imagine her presence or you can draw a representation of the Rose Triangle.  The Triangle’s three sides are all made of roses so you could create one from drawings, photos, or paintings – or simply draw an outline and envision the roses working the three sides – it is entirely up to you – you know the key now – you can develop great changes by using your own imagination in the company of the Rose Triangle.

The Rose Triangle provides a secure foundation for us enabling us to vibrate within the Triangle to create our own personal changes. We can use her in every circumstance in which we find ourselves to keep our foundations strong and to bring forth the melding – the  blending – the integration – the move into wholeness. For further information please contact me.

Dr. Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist

From Pinterest