The Rose Records are the akashic records of mystery schools called the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose.

Members of these fraternities signed a sacred covenant in Sirius swearing that they would protect the rose energy until it was time for its release. Members of these mystery schools later resided in Atlantis. After the fall of Atlantis they migrated to different sites across the globe and incarnated through the centuries as guardians of the energy of the rose.

They were often severely punished for their beliefs and came together as a group to protect the knowledge and wisdom that they carried within their own personal essence and within their physical bodies.

It is now time for this energy and information to be released.

A reading of the rose records facilitates this change.

A reading of the rose records often reveals information for those who are close to the sisters, as well as for the sisters themselves.

The connection with the rose mothers, that is, the energy of the goddess is made as an integral part of these readings.

Such a reading is designed to assist in opening the rose energy within you, to help you to remember who you really are and to link in with your true family – the rose family.

(Each reading costs $290.00)

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