Welcome to the new series of Advanced Rose Initiations – or Rose Sacred Journeys.  If you are reading this you may have travelled through the general rose initiation cycle on my rose alchemist web site ( and emerged on the other side – or perhaps your energy frequency is such that you have expanded your rose energy and are now looking for more delights and expansive changes – or indeed you may wish to just purchase one of the Advanced Rose Initiations directly from my website and simply be ready to move into its energetic vibration.

The concept behind the Advanced level initiations is that we no longer have to create from a base of problems – we no longer have to walk into the depth of pain of our past lives and find the source of those problems – we are in the process of freeing ourselves from all manner of restrictions and yes, by the way, karma no longer exists.

Moving through these initiations brings us to a space where the biblical phrase – ask and ye shall receive – shows up in our lives and we learn how to use that concept rather than creating from a cycle of on-going problems and pain circles.

These initiations do return to the past however it is only a fleeting visit – and one that finalises any wisps of energy that might still be floating around in your energetic field or in your Field of Dreams.  These journeys help to locate the wisps and remove them for all times.  However as well as this these initiations have a sense of pure magic about them – they take you to places you have been, help you to revisit them without pain and then bring you to a situation where you emerge from hiding, come out of your chrysalis – where finally after a long long time you stand up to be counted. 

At the end of this series you will well and truly be able to create from a sense of pure possibility – a new perspective at last – run your life and dominate your life – and then move on to creating.  And even if you decide to take only one or two of these exciting journeys – you will be aware that the choice you make will be just right for you at the time of choosing.

As you tune in to this new and exciting energetic vibration please ask yourself the following question. How many things have you not created in your life because of the problems you foresaw?  How many times have you waited too long because the energy was too combative? What opportunities do you feel you have missed?

Now as you travel this part of the Rose Road and incorporate the energy being made available to you through these initiations you will find out that that phase is over. Now we can start to enjoy being alive – we can have gratitude for everything in our lives – and we can create from a different time and space.  In this new world the world is not based on pain circles and distorted energy – it is based on genuine possibilities.  And so this is a different focus – it is a different way of looking at things – it is an exciting possibility and it brings us all forward into a different and more fulfilling perspective.


Each journey is $165.00.  Once you have paid through PayPal and downloaded the journey please contact me.  Please enjoy the journey.

Dr. Cris Henderson
Rose Alchemist