Rose Alchemy




The roses jostle for a place
Within your space
They crowd around you
In your dreams
They gentle you into a state
Of pure happiness
The Rose Revolution is here!

The Rose Academy has reorganised its course offerings. Previously the Reiki Master’s qualification or the Seichim Master’s qualification was required before progressing to Rose Alchemy. However the energy has changed so dramatically that I too have had to make further changes in the coursework approach to the Rose Energy. Interestingly now the standard Master’s approach i.e. Reiki or Seichim seems inapplicable – the Rose Energy is moving so quickly we need to move with it – almost to surf it – and above all to be adaptable to those changes.

And so I am proposing the following to help those who are genuinely dedicated to the work of the Sacred Rose.

The description ‘rose’ has been linked with ‘reiki/seichim’ because of the connection with the mythical rose mystery schools which began in the legendary city of Atlantis. The Sisterhood of the Rose used ‘Rose’ Seichim as their primary healing tool, accompanied by herbal lore and wisdom. The Brotherhood of the Rose used ‘Rose’ Reiki as part of their base of healing, knowledge and wisdom. ‘Rose’ Seichim was and still is ‘the’ language of the Goddess. ‘Rose’ Reiki is ‘the’ language of the God. Information concerning the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose has been kept totally secret within the Rose Mystery Schools. This course is part of the opening up of the teachings in order to benefit individuals, both women and men, who are drawn to it. Reiki and Seichim have been taught in many forms to many people. This form, the Rose Alchemy form, the union of the male and female energy training disciplines, will attract those who remember it perhaps from their own earlier personal experience.

Rose Alchemy can be selected as the first course undertaken by those wishing to ‘find the rose’ – and this can be done in one of three ways – perhaps even more combinations will emerge!

Rose Alchemy has been taken out of the Rose Revolution course to stand alone. It is a shorter more intense course which will enable aware individuals to find their inner rose and to be initiated into its potent and expansive energies.


This is the full course in module form supplied by e-mail, with my complete support and accompanied by the appropriate Initiations. This option has all the elements of what is set out in Option 2; however it is longer, more intense, more expansive and more expensive.

There are four modules and each module is $275.00 and includes the appropriate initiation.

Rose Alchemy Course – Module One

Rose Alchemy Course – Module Two

Rose Alchemy Course – Module Three

Rose Alchemy Course – Module Four

FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT TEACHING ROSE ALCHEMY AND BECOMING A ROSE MASTER (free download when you purchase Rose Alchemy Course – Module Four above)

There is no initiation for Module 4 however this module includes the final compulsory assignment.

The total cost of this option is $1100.00 payable in Australian or US dollars. However payment can be made on a module by module basis.



The Rose Alchemy book which is part of the Rose Series and available through my web site contains all the important elements to train in the integrated form of Rose Energy™, i.e. Rose Alchemy. By purchasing the book and self pacing your own learning, particularly if you have trained in Reiki or Seichim before, then all you require is the initiations as well as positive support through the change and expansion of your vibration that occur as a result.

There are three major initiations and these can be done anywhere in the world at a pre-arranged time with my support.

The cost is US or AUD $175.00 per initiation, plus the separate cost of buying the book.

In addition, there is an assignment which must be completed as part of this method of studying Rose Alchemy. Accreditation through the successful completion and passing of this assignment is $125.00. Such accreditation enables the teaching of Rose Alchemy under the auspices of the Rose Academy. The total cost of this option is $640.00.

Should the assignment not be approved then accreditation will not be given.

Accreditation brings with it the qualification to teach others and to charge appropriate fees for the training and initiations in Rose Alchemy. It also enables the use of Rose Alchemy for general well-being, healing and to raise one’s awareness and one’s level of Rose Consciousness.


Rose Alchemy training can be undertaken in person on a one to one basis for one full day. All initiations are given on this special day. The cost for one full day is $875.00.

Should you be interested in taking any of the Rose Alchemy courses please get in touch with me for any further information.

Rose wishes,
Cris Henderson